This Week’s Extras

On Monday, the Akishinos visited the Imperial Musashino Cemetery in Hachioji. Princess Kiko wore a black silk bumper hat.
Prince Charles in a white kippah on Tuesday for a visit to the Nidhe Israel synagogue in Bridgetown, Barbados
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On Wednesday, a concert by music university graduates held at the Imperial Palace was enjoyed by several members of the Japanese royal family. Crown Princess Masako and Princess Kiko repeated bumper hats in oyster beige and pale blue; Princess Mako wore a navy cuffed calot with pointed sides and Princess Kako, a pale blue silk bowler hat. Princess Akiko repeated a pistachio green brimmed hat and Princess Yoko, a black design with square crown and short kettle brim edged in trim.

Yesterday, Queen Mathilde attended the funeral of Cardinal Godfried Danneels in her black calot wrapped in overlaid wide stripes of textured black woven fabric and trimmed with a large looped rosette on the side.
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During this week’s Danish state visit to Argentina, Crown Prince Frederik gained a bird’s eye view of a wind farm development (wind turbines from designed and built by a Danish company) near the city of Bahia Blanca. The Danish monarchy also shared photographs taken in northern Argentina after the official visit that show Queen Margrethe in what looks like a new, flat crowned, red brimmed hat 

Congratulations to Princess Kako who is graduating from the International Christian University in Tokyo. She took part in the graduation ceremony yesterday  in a gown and mortarboard hat.
Casual hats for Peter Phillips and Princess Anne today, cheering on Zara Tindall who is competing at the Gatcombe Horse Trials held on the grounds of Princess Anne’s estate.
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The following new millinery designs caught my eye this week:
Statement gold freeform percher with butterflies by New York brand Suzanne Couture Millinery
Purple feather covered pillbox percher from Melbourne brand Jill & Jack Millinery
Sharp stylized cream felt trilby with black floral trim from Russian milliner Denis Gulyaev
Adore the colour contrast on this large copper straw disk with blue feathers from Irish milliner Aiofe Harrison
Vibrant purple straw button percher with pink flower and feather spray from US brand Fascinate Designs
Wonderful vintage print on this navy and cream pillbox by Australian milliner Chris Mullane
Blush straw saucer with light-as-air tulle pompom trim from British milliner Sarah Cant
Sculptural and beautifully draped red felt headpiece from American brand ChuChu NY
For our dear gents, this very elegant black beaver felt fedora from Danish brand Hornskov København
In a time when the need for recycling only increases in importance, Kenya-based milliner Chloe Mitchell
trimmed this charming ecru and grey floral embellished percher entirely out of felt scraps

And from British milliner Marisa Groom, this cream straw beret percher with ivory, ecru and pink organza ruffles.

Those sweet royal twins in Monaco don’t miss a holiday, do they?! So sweet

Photos from Getty and social media as indicated

12 thoughts on “This Week’s Extras

  1. Queen Elizabeth attended Sunday Church Service at The Royal Chapel of All Saints in Windsor on March 24:,_windsor

    Bad photos, but she repeated this hat
    Embed from Getty Images

  2. So Queen Margrethe did spring for a new hat for her state visit, after all. Very snappy! Could we call it a gaucho hat, in honor of her host country, or am I reading too much into it? In any case, she and CP Frederik look very enthusiastic and engaged.

    Beautiful use of feathers on the purple Jack and Jill pillbox. The Chloe Mitchell percher is lovely — I wouldn’t have guessed those were scraps.

    I sometimes check out HatQueen’s blogroll and found that Mode Koningin Maxima has recently posted some hat inventories (perhaps inspired by our HQ’s?) They don’t seem to be as comprehensive as HQ’s, but there are a few I’ve never seen before. Check out #16 in the green !

  3. Queen Margrethe in a new hat! just as I’d given up all hope of a new hat for this queen, along comes this winner… modern, stylish, a flattering shape and a fantastic colour for her. I hope we see a lot more of it.

    • I agree, this new hat looks great on her, both in style and color, and if the past is any indication, we can look forward to seeing it many times going forward!

  4. The cream felt trilby with black floral trim from Denis Gulyaev is so gorgeous. I think CP Mary, the Duchess of Sussex, Princess Haya, Zara Tindall, Autum Phillips or Princess Eugenie would look great in it.
    The copper Aiofe Harrison is stunning. Princess Beatrice needs to take it for a spin.
    Wow! I really like the Chris Mullane pillbox. Maybe the Duchess of Cambridge?
    The red felt headpiece from American brand ChuChu NY is wonderful. Princess Haya could pull it off.
    The black beaver felt fedora from Danish brand Hornskov København is a stunner! Mike Tindall or King Carl Gustaf
    I really like the recycled Chloe Mitchell percher. Beautiful colors!

    And Crown Princess Masako looks beautiful in her outfit. Love the color on her!

  5. Does anyone else think Marisa Groom’s ruffled hat resembles a Portuguese Man-o-War jellyfish? And Princess Anne’s hat makes me think of a teddy bear my dog once had (and chewed)! Thank goodness for Queen Mathilde’s elegant hat as well as the chic new red hat for Queen Margrethe!

    • I had to look up an image of these creatures, Glitter Girl, but I can see the resemblance! Milliners truly find inspiration everywhere.

    • Yes! now that you’ve said it, Marisa Groom’s hat does have a distinct resemblance to what we in Australia know as the bluebottle (because it’s blue and translucent and floats), and very nasty its sting is, too. I’m glad the hat is not blue, and doesn’t look too literal – no way would I wish to wear a representation of a jellyfish on my head.
      That “teddybear pelt” Anne is wearing on her head is something which I want to forget immediately. Especially since Anne has just got to have at least one smart tweed newsboy cap in her wardrobe, somewhere!

  6. so love the wine hat autumn phillips wore recently to cheltenham….but i cant afford the price. [cant bring up the make but seem to remember it cost $275.] any ideas for something similar less expensive. really need to black. i dont want you to do any big search, just off the top of your head. btw, you have single-handedly made me a hat fan.  never imagined so many styles etc….which is why i’m not a designer. LOL. love the hat with the felt “scraps;’ could see many more possibilities for that idea alone. thanx for turning me on to hats. – roz mandelcorn

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