Belgian Royals Wrap Up State Visit To South Korea

King Philippe and Queen Mathilde wrapped up their state visit to South Korea yesterday with stops at a medical center, the opening of the Belgian Life Festival, and meetings on investment, mental health and well-being. For this final day of events, Queen Mathilde repeated her chocolate brown felt formed calot hat trimmed with a large spray of curling leaves on the side.

While I’m not so keen on the hat’s shape or tentacle-like leaves, its styling today with pear green dress and caped coat in a brown Prince of Wales check is unexpected but so smart. Queen Mathilde paired this hat with an all brown ensemble on its first outing that falls rather flat in comparison to this.

Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: February 18, 2014

It was a trio of brimless hats for the Belgian queen in South Korea this week- brimless but certainly not boring! Which hat stood out to you, most?

Photos from social media as indicated

7 thoughts on “Belgian Royals Wrap Up State Visit To South Korea

  1. Beautiful outfits and so well thought through for all three days, in my opinion. Not always, but certainly often, I find Mathilde’s style very classy but not boring. My favourite was the grey and burgundy outfit with the Asian print. So different and appropriate for the visit. Liv

  2. I don’t like the hat design at all but as you noted I do love the colour combo of the hat with her outfit. I wouldn’t have thought it would work but it really really does!

  3. None of the hats were very memorable on this trip, although the Queen looked lovely on every outing. I really like the smart but more casual styling of this outfit. The previous outing looked more formal, but I really dislike the coat with fur on the front and not on the back – smacks of those cheap T shirts that are only printed on the front!

  4. The way the end of the leaves lift off the hat do give them a tentacle-like appearance, especially when viewing Mathilde’s right side; I also think the hat sits far too back this time, and its first outing was a better placement and hairstyle to show it off.

    That said, the outfit and color choices paired with the hat this time are absolutely superb and demonstrate the sort of versatility choices I love in mixing-and-matching hats and outfits. While this isn’t my favorite hat of this trip, it is my favorite overall look.

    • I disagree with Jake regarding the hairstyle, I think this one looks much better with the hat, but I do agree about the placement — in some of the pictures where she is photographed directly from the front, you can hardly notice that she is wearing a hat. However, the overall look combining the green dress with the checked coat is conservative but very stylish and appropriate for a state visit — I love that color combo.

      I don’t know if this was a successful state visit in terms of political goals, but overall, it has been very successful in terms of royal fashion!

  5. I agree that this hat works well with the ensemble, coordinating nicely with the coat and contrasting with the green dress. Nicely done.

    The printed silk bandeau is my favorite from this trip. That whole look seems so regal.

  6. I hardly noticed this hat, I like the red with print bandeau, thought I doubt she will repeat it very often it oozes Korea, this state visit was very well put together

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