This Week’s Extras

More casual hats on Princess Anne and Zara Tindall last weekend at the Gatcombe Horse Trials
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Queen Elizabeth repeated her textured cream and gold split crown hat with black and gold feather trim last Sunday to attend church at The Royal Chapel of All Saints in Windsor Great Park. Interesting to note that this hat, made under the Angela Kelly Couture label by Stella McLaren, is still in rotation despite a four year gap since we saw it worn last. 
On Monday, the Japanese Emperor and Empress traveled to Kyoto. Empress Michicko wore a new oyster grey saucer with ivory windowpane lattice crin underbrim and a looped double bow (see the hat in better detail here)
On Tuesday, Princess Kako visited the Musashino Imperial Mausoleum in Hachioji, Tokyo, in a black silk covered bowler hat.
Also on Tuesday, Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko visited the mausoleum of Emperor Jimmu in Kashihara as part of the rites in preparation for the emperor’s upcoming abdication. Empress Michiko wore a new lilac undertoned grey hat that seems standard but on closer look, shows exquisite details of a beautifully molded raised edge saucer shape, crin underbrim and silk bow. 
On Thursday, the Imperial couple returned to Tokyo, the Empress in a repeated blue-grey saucer with elegantly streamlined silk bow trim. You’ll notice it’s a lighter hued twin of the hat she wore on Tuesday.
Princess Hisako was in Yokohama yesterday to open the 83rd annual meeting of the Japanese Circulation (cardiovascular) Society. To deliver her opening address on the importance of heart disease prevention, she wore a white shallow crowned hat with saddle brim brimmed with a wide ruched green hatband.
The following new millinery designs caught my eye this week:
Stunning navy velvet felt trilby with twist and feather by British milliner Rachel Trevor Morgan
Black and purple iridescent large disc hat with silk & straw twists from UK brand Rebecca Couture Millinery
Bold and jade straw percher with fun silk abaca lilies by Aussie brand Melissa Gaye Millinery
Swirling blue and black quill headpiece with black stars from British milliner Sarah Cant
Lovely pleats around the back brim of this ivory straw design from UK milliner Rae Oakley
Fantastic metallic sheen on this black & gold looped silk bandeau by Australian brand Polly and Peaches
Adore the silk orchid trim on this monochrome blue straw saucer by UK brand Hostie Hats
For our dear gents, this very dapper beaver felt fedora in a delicious colour (the milliner calls is black
with black silk paisley hatband and brim binding from Danish brand Hornskov København
Wonderful use of abaca silk on this vibrant turquoise & green button percher by Dutch milliner Wies Mauduit
Dramatic red feather and floral headpiece from British milliner Edwina Ibbotson we’ll surely see at Ascot

And from London-based Turkish milliner Merve Bayindir, this whimsical and very fun black straw disc with multi-coloured tiles, flowers and curling black quills.

The Prince of Wales and Peter the blue iguana seemed delighted to make mutual acquaintance on Thursday in the Cayman Islands
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Some diplomatic dressing by young Princess Gabriella this week during the Chinese state visit to Monaco.
The Duke of Sussex has developed a special relationship over several encounters with an Australian fan and brightened her 99th birthday yesterday with a lovely greeting
We end this week with some great (and perplexing) formal looks at the annual Rose Ball in Monaco tonight- my favourite is Beatrice Borromeo Casiraghi’s Dior gown. Breathtaking.
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Photos from Rex/Shutterstock; social media and Getty as indicated 

4 thoughts on “This Week’s Extras

  1. What a wonderful story about Mrs. Dunne and Prince Harry!
    Thank you Hat Queen for featuring my abaca silk beret percher. I was rather annoyed when I posted the picture, because the colours are so much better in reality than they appear in the photograph. Abaca silk has luscious, vibrant colours and is a very special material to work with.

  2. I adore the purple and black iridescent disc hat by Rebecca Couture Millinery. I would love for Sophie Wessex to take that for a spin.
    I am going to miss Empress Michiko and her sweet saucer hats. I loved the molded raised edge on her grey-lilac one. That was an elegant– more traditional hat touch.
    What a personal touch Harry and Meghan gave with the birthday greetings! I hope Daphne pulls through this illness to make it to her 100th birthday!
    Beatrice always looks very elegant at the Rose Ball. It is fun to see Princess Alexandra grow up and see her style at these events. What fun all the girls must have planning what they are going to wear and encouraging Alexandra to wear something in their alley, but it looks like she has found her own fashion fun! I am always surprised Princess Charlene isn’t there, also.

  3. I wonder why Princess Charlene rarely goes to the Red Cross Ball? I agree Beatrice Borromeo’s dress is exquisite, but I also think Princess Alexandra’s dress is fun. She looks terrific!

    Empress Michiko always looks so elegant. I love the green color on Princess Hisako.

    The Rachel Trevor Morgan trilby is luxurious. I love the color and the styling in all the photos. Autumn Phillips would look incredible in this.
    The black and purple jewel tones in Rebecca Couture hat would look stunning on the Duchess of Sussex.
    In the first photo, the blue Hostie Hat looked sedate and similar to something the Duchess of Cambridge has worn, but then you scroll to the second photo and see the incredible detail and stunning artistry in those orchids. What a hat!

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