Top Royal Hats: January & February

Your picks for favourite repeated and new royal hats worn in January and February are in… with a surprising twist. Even with two polls, we have just one winner:

Princess Mako’s peacock blue silk bandeau with diamond motif worn February 26

So what happened? In a first ever here on Royal Hats, the poll for favourite new royal hat yielded a five-way tie for top spot. With just eight hats in the poll, the results show there simply wasn’t a hat that stood apart as your top pick. So this time, we’re just going to put a repeated hat forward as the first finalist in our race for top royal hats of the year. 
Photos from The Asahi Shimbun via  Getty

4 thoughts on “Top Royal Hats: January & February

  1. I was also a multiple voter as I couldn’t single out a favourite new hat. I did love Princess Mako’s hat of the repeats, so glad that was a winner.

  2. I also couldn’t make up my mind and voted for multiples including Princess Mako’s peacock blue bandeau. Good idea to put forth this one for Best Royal Hat of the Year. Statistically it’s amazing that there was a five way tie! Hoping it doesn’t happen again though, I like a clear winner.

  3. What a surprise! You never know what will happen here!! I love Princess Mako’s peacock blue bandeau, so I’m happy with this win. I voted for two of the five winners in the new hat category, so even I couldn’t make up my mind.

  4. Excellent decision Hat Queen! A very worthy hat to win Repeat and put forward in the New Category. Princess Mako looks so beautiful in the peacock blue bandeau. I’m pleased with this win and decision.

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