Ascot Hats From the Past

Royal Hatsto June 17, 1992, the final year that Diana, Princess of Wales, would attend Royal Ascot. Her fuchsia straw hat with black silk hatband, brim piping and stripe around the raised kettle brim is a bolder and larger scale design than many of her other designs, making this one stand out. The Queen Mother’s yellow straw capulet hat with silk flowers and veil is her quintessential millinery look for the last decades of her life.

Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images

Do you remember seeing this hat before? Please also share any additional royal hats worn around the world today, in the comments below.

Photos from Getty as indicated

12 thoughts on “Ascot Hats From the Past

  1. I’m surprised at the comments that Diana’s hat was too large for her. Too large or wide for 5’10” Diana?? Then, who, may I ask would it be made for? I will agree that it is worn a little too low on her head. And too graphic? A black hat band, black around the brim and another black stripe? I feel like I am not looking at the same hat. I am in the minority here, but I think it looks great. especially for Ascot! I love that Diana was not afraid of bold colors and I love her use of contrast in her dressing. This outfit has both of those characteristics!

  2. Princess Beatrice attended Helen Arkell Dyslexia Charity tea party wearing a black leather bandeau that looks identical to that recently worn by her sister Princess Eugenie. I think Beatrice’s placement of the bandeau is more successful. I could not locate any images of the visit on Getty to imbed but have put link to Princess Beatrice blog below that has images

    • I knew it! Lady Jayne, I was saying in the comments to HQ’s 4.4.19 post about Beatrice and Eugenie’s adoption of the headband trend, and you’ve just confirmed it even more. Will the York sisters wear hats or headbands at Ascot? can’t wait to find out!

  3. Regarding Diana’s hat, not one of my favorites. A good color on her, but the hat looked way too large — not only too wide, but actually like it was too big for her. As we can see from the video, she did wear the dress again, but I don’t recall ever seeing the hat again in public.

  4. No, this is a miss for me – the hat buries Diana, and is very stripey! Looking at the video, I’m not keen on the dress either, and agree the colour match with the hat was a bit off.
    The Queen Mum looked just like the Queen Mum!

  5. I agree, it’s a bit overpowering on her, and js a bit too graphic for the style of dress. Also the pinks are a bit off. Diana got a new mojo back a few years after this, the last years of her life she looked spectacular, but this isn’t her best.

    • Mcncln, thanks for finding the video – great catch. For a full view of the QM, I found her just 2 years later again at Royal Ascot, wearing the same ensemble. (Horrors!)

      June 22, 1994
      Embed from Getty Images

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