This Week’s Extras

Princess Hisako wore a smart ivory hat with layered green hatbands and silk butterfly (or bow?) today in Fukushima Prefecture to open a national football training center.
A whole lot of new millinery designs caught my eye this week:
Vibrant navy, purple and turquoise straw boater with pompoms by London-based milliner Lisa Tan
Very pretty pink scrolled percher saucer with flower & quills by New Zealand milliner Claire Hahn
Wonderful pattern on this vintage fabric hugger with feather peony by Australian milliner Cessiah Alice
Very fun textured pink saucer with bow by British milliner Jess Collett
Bold and very fun navy polka dot boater hat with navy ribbon from Australian brand Murley and Co. Millinery
2 bandeaus: Pink silk with braid and blue straw with hand cut & dyed petals from British milliner Laura Cathcart
Lilac straw button percher with cream extended flying brim and feather from American milliner Tiffany Arey
Punchy colour scheme on this grey and orange straw fedora with turquoise hatband from Belgian brand My Bob
Statuesque pink fur felt riviera with pink ombre hatband from Melbourne based Jill and Jack Millinery
Stunning sequinned and beaded flapper cap from American milliner Karen Morris
Adore the vibrant colour and graceful movement on this flower trimmed bandeau by Irish milliner Laura Hanlon
Classic straw wide mushroom brimmed design with black crin twists by British milliner Jane Taylor

And from British milliner Rae Oakley, this pale blue cartwheel brimmed picture hat with flying bows of blue straw and yellow and lime green flying crin. The colour scheme is unexpected but so charming!

Touching tribute from the Countess of Carnarvon to her late mother-in-law (Jean Margaret Wallop Herbert, wife of the 7th Earl of Carnarvon who was a close friend and former horse racing manager of Queen Elizabeth, died on April 10).  The Prince of Wales’ letter to French President Macron on Tuesday was also poignant.

Prince Gabriel celebrated his third birthday this week and the Swedish monarchy released this adorable portrait.
Sweet snap shared by Princess Madeleine of her own trio of Easter bunnies
And finally, the Danish monarchy released this clip of Queen Margrethe painting Easter eggs. May you all have a very happy Easter and if you’ll be wearing an Easter bonnet, tell us bout it (or share an embedded social media photo) in the comments!  I’ll pop back later tomorrow for the Easter hats at Windsor.

Photos from social media as indicated

14 thoughts on “This Week’s Extras

  1. I love how arty and crafty Queen MArgarethe is.

    Thank you for posting that moving tribute to Jeanie, Countess of Carnavon by her daugher in law. The Queen was in attendance at her funeral today.

  2. Are you sure you didn’t raid a royal closet for that topper, HatQueen? It sounds so posh.

    Jake, I’m resorting to old-fashioned language: you cut a fine dash! (I can’t think of a current idiom that does you justice.)

    • Not posh at all- this is the hat base I purchased over the internet (in ivory) and I change up the trimmings each year to go with what I’m wearing. The hat is also attached to the headband via a wide straw loop that enables the wearer to change the tilt of the hat to their liking, which is really nice. I was worried about buying a hat online but this style doesn’t require head fit so one size truly does fit all. And best of all, many people think I get a new hat every year! Granted, the quality of the straw is not like that on the incredibly fine couture and handmade hats we admire here but in my part of the world, where hat wearing is such a novelty, it doesn’t seem to matter. I’ve found this approach to give me lots of millinery bang for my buck!

    • SO sharp, Jake! I turned a few heads in church yesterday in an ivory straw, wide brimmed, side sweeping saucer trimmed with a large silk flower and feathers on the underside of the upsweep. It’s fascinating to me- the most compliments come from men over the age of 65 (who, I think remember the days when hats were more regularly worn) and teenage girls who seem a bit in awe.

      • Your hat sounds amazing, HatQueen! Also, apologies for the terrible embedding code; not certain why I always have difficulties with code in the comments here.

    • Jake, you look fantastic – the best dressed politician in DC! 😂 you always said that green is your favorite color, and you wear it well, sir!

    • VERY sharp, Jake! (The whole outfit, not just the hat.) Thanks for sharing that photo, and I “liked” it over on Instagram as well.

      HatQueen, what a clever idea buying a hat base and redecorating it yourself every year. No wonder you are so good at spotting re-trims on the royal hats we look at here, since you are also doing it yourself.

      • Thank you mittenmary, Jimbo, and Matthew for your kind words and affirmations! But I’m also most grateful I’m not a politician here in D.C. haha!

  3. Always lovely to see Princess Hisako and her nifty hats, as well as Queen Margrethe enjoying her artistic pursuits.

    So much pink this week! Does anyone know whether the scrollwork on the Claire Hahn saucer is done by laser cutting…or is it just magic?

    I don’t have an Easter bonnet to post, but in my fantasy world, it might be the Tiffany Arey straw percher.

    My, what a lot of treats you’ve posted for us this week, HatQueen! Looking forward to your post on the Windsor Easter.

  4. Happy Easter Everyone! Thanks for the great Review Hat Queen!

    What a lovely video of Queen Margarethe! She’s such a delight!

    The Swedish Royal grandchildren are so sweet!

    The pink Claire Hahn is a shape that the Duchess of Cambridge would wear. It’s very pretty.

    I love the pattern on the Cessiah Alice hat. Again with the Australian milliners! Such talent from down under! The colors would look lovely on Princess Beatrice, Princess Eugenie or the Duchess of Sussex.

    The polka dot Murley and Co. Millinery is such fun! Reminds me of Princess Diana. I’d love to see Lady Kitty Spencer in it.

    The lilac straw button percher from American milliner Tiffany Arey would look great on the Countess of Wessex or the Duchess of Cambridge. It’s Ascot perfection.

    I like the grey and orange straw fedora from My Bob for Mike Tindall.

    The pink fur felt riviera by Jill and Jack Millinery would look great on Princess Charlene.

    That sequinned and beaded flapper cap from American milliner Karen Morris is a stunner! Princess Beatrice or Lady Kitty for a party? (or Ascot…why not?)

    Terrific classic straw wide mushroom brimmed design by Jane Taylor. I’d love to see Princess Charlene, Princess Caroline, Princess Beatrice or the Countess of Wessex wear this.

    The Rae Oakley hat is a stunner! It would be a beautiful Easter bonnet on Queen Maxima, Crown Princess Mary or the Countess of Wessex. I would like to see it on Princess Madeleine. I think she’s look lovely in it.

    • Oooooooooooooooh! I would love to see the Duchess of Cambridge in the Claire Hahn pink percher! And Queen Maxima in the Rae Oakley! Actually all your pairings would be awesome!!

  5. love the Hisako hat, very classic,
    Oakley’s hat is wonderful, love the color combination, it oozes spring
    Laura Hanlon bandeau is smashing, with a smaller ribbon it could head for a royal head

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