Easter at Windsor: Part 1

Members of the British Royal family joined Queen Elizabeth on a sunny morning yesterday at Windsor Castle to attend Easter Sunday service at St. George’s Chapel. For this service, the Queen repeated her robin’s egg blue silk cloque hat with straw kettle brim, trimmed with a fuchsia hatband and pair of silk carnations.

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The colour scheme alone makes this a great Easter look for her,doesn’t it?! While I’d still like to tweak the placement of those pink flowers, the hat’s contrast of colour and texture (the straw brim breaks up the silk cloque on the crown and the coat so well) gives it dimension and life. The lovely curved double coat lapel is such a great support to the hat, not only giving a great peek at the fuchsia dress but beautifully framing the Queen’s face and giving an uplifting base to the more straight lines of the hat.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Angela Kelly, made by Stella McLaren. Coat and dress by Angela Kelly.
Previously Worn: Nov 27, 2015

The Duchess of Cambridge repeated her grey felt teardrop percher with multi-looped organdie bow, pairing it with the palest dove grey dress and coat she wore when she debuted the hat in Australia for Easter five years ago. The gentle curves of the hat flatter the face so beautifully and play well against the sleek lines of the coat and I really like how wearing her hair down provides some dark contrast between the pale hued coat and hat.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Jane Taylor. Coat and dress by Alexander McQueen.
Previously Worn: Oct 21, 2014; April 20, 2014

Princess Beatrice topped an elegant, embroidered blue dress with copper straw disc saucer trimmed with pink silk flowers and blue and fuchsia curling feathers that beautifully mimic the curving paisley lines in the dress’ embroidery.

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The hat, interestingly, is a remodeled saucer Beatrice first wore for Easter in 2016. It was originally trimmed with curling pheasant feathers which have been replaced here by the pink and blue ones. I like both versions on Bea- the scale is great on her and the colour is wonderful with her auburn hair. Retrimming the hat was definitely the right decision to pair with this dress- the copper is such a great compliment to the blue and the feathers tie the hat firmly in to the rest of the ensemble. It’s a great example of how a minor hat tweak can extend a hat’s wearability and topped a very beautiful look for Princess Beatrice yesterday.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Juliette Botterill. Claire Mischevani dress. 
Previously Worn: Mar 27, 2016

What do you think of this first trio of royal hats yesterday at Windsor Castle?

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15 thoughts on “Easter at Windsor: Part 1

  1. That hat and outfit combination on Pss Beatrice is wonderful – harmoniously complementing each other without being too matchy-matchy. One of her best looks ever, I’d say, and full of the joys of spring without looking ‘themed’.

  2. I love the color scheme of HM’s ensemble and especially love her coat, but time has lessened my liking of this hat, probably because we’ve seen so many of these squared-off hats since this one debuted (and it’s not my favorite design). I definitely like Jimbo’s suggested hat, but overall this was a good choice to repeat after 3 1/2 years.

    Kate’s muted color scheme and sedate coat aren’t so exciting for Easter, but the addition of the brooch was a great choice, and her hair was beautiful; it looked great with this cocktail hat.

    I knew Beatrice’s hat looked familiar, and I think this retrimming was a huge improvement; this hat is gorgeous, and coordinates so well with the lovely dress. My only complaint is I don’t think the plain crew neck of the dress is flattering, but this is minor. Definitely my favorite of this group!

  3. What a great showing this Easter – in my view, one of the best in terms of beautiful ensembles elevated by awesome millinery. A visual feast!
    HM: while I find “evening wear” jacquard satin overly Imperial Court/ceremonial/”mother-of-the-bride” for this occasion, the aqua-and-fuschia is truly a gorgeous colour combination on The Queen. I love the double collar; and the placement of the fuschia flowers is unexpectedly interesting. What I’m not a fan of is the presence of that hard horizontal pink stripe created by the fuschia hatband. I feel the pink theme could have been continued around the hat in less geometric way that would better connect to the complex texture of the jacquard.
    Duchess Kate: Catherine looks perfect, wearing this hat and ensemble even better than she did when I saw her in this outfit in Sydney in 2014. (BTW, I couldn’t help noticing then, even from my position behind the barricades, that the duchess’s blusher was visible at 500 paces (things have changed since then:)); and that the duke appeared to have had his hair cut that very morning. So immaculate.
    Princess Beatrice: I’m over the moon about this look. When Beatrice does elegant, she looks stunning – as we saw at Ascot 2018 with a similar hat shape. Her hats have always been quality, and this is just the kind of presentation they need – the exaggerated curls add vintage romance, the structured dress is modishly sharp yet dainty, not dominating — and the colour combination truly flatters her red hair. The new trim on the hat looks lively and pretty and spring-like – a true Easter bonnet. Lovely.

  4. HM looks delightfully springy, I hope she had a happy birthday! I think I’d like this ensemble more if the blue were slightly more saturated to go with the brighter pink. I agree with a tweak to the hat trim, I want to move it off-center. It does look like the lippy matches the pink though, so there’s that! Kate’s hat is lovely and such a nice shape for her. It’s nice to see this one again, the whole outfit actually, because I don’t think she’s worn it since the first outing. Plus the wedding earrings, yay! Bea looks great, the colors are lovely and the hat is great. Good eye on the retrim, I thought this was a new hat. Do you get any intell on that from anywhere or do you just have especially eagle eyes? 😀

  5. I adore HM’s beautiful double-lapelled collar, but find the colours of her hat a bit over-the-top. I appreciate that Easter begs for colour, but still. Kate’s grey hat is very smart and appropriate. Bea’s copper hat is just gorgeous! Go Bea!

  6. Very pleased to see these repeated looks out and about again. HM’s rigout has a bit too much going on for me last for me, but in the lovely Windsor sunshine, I think it’s lovely. I love the high colour contrast, but I’d maybe have the hat as all straw.

    Kate’s repeated look is still very elegant. I am surprised she’s repeated the whole outfit though, I’d have thought this would have been her cue for a new grey hat. She doesn’t repeat whole looks very often, she normally mixes it up a bit (in fact I can only think of two, the brown outfit work for last Easter and the suit she wore for George’s christening).

    And Beatrice! Best of the day. I had not picked that was a repeated hat, good catch. She looks fab here, which surprises me as she has other dresses in this design (worn to Ascot) which I found a bit enclosed and over fussy on here. This though…. perfection!

  7. I really love Beatrice’s ensemble, and even more now I learn it was a retrimmed hat! The trimming to match the dress (so HM in concept) really makes the sum better than the two parts. The colours really suit Beatrice too.
    I like Catherine’s outfit and hat as well. It appears to me that the shoes and bag this time tone better with the hat than on the first outing of the ensemble; I prefer yesterday’s matching. Very chic.
    Not so keen on the stark colour contrast of HM’s outfit. Shame, as I love the blue coat and hat – with a less harsh contrasting dress and trim, it would have been lovely.

  8. It’s very interesting to read the comments posted for this particular hat when it made its debut in 2015: the men really liked the color combination, and quite a few women viewed it as “jarring.” Do we see things differently? It’s funny that we all have favorite colors – mine is just about any shade of blue, for example. Does anyone prefer the hat below, seeing how the colors are treated quite differently?

    June 20, 2018: Royal Ascot
    Embed from Getty Images

    Embed from Getty Images

    • I think what helps make this a more coordinated look is the print on the dress and those beautiful handmade flowers on the hat which are so dimensional. The outer, pale pink petals really soften the contrast.

    • You have a point, Jimbo. If we are naming our favorite light blue with pink trim ensembles, this one certainly tops the Easter.

    • The hat from 2018 Ascot has more intricately crafted flowers, but the coat worn yesterday appears to be much more elaborately tailored. Those double lapels are perfectly done.
      The two outfits seem totally different to me: both because of the printed dress versus the solid color, and because of the vibrant color and shine of yesterday’s coat versus the muted, more casual look of the 2018 Ascot.
      I think that yesterday’s outfit looked spectacular in the bright sun, though.

  9. The colors of HM’s ensemble are unexpected, but fun, and so appropriate for Easter. I agree about the flower placement.

    The Duchess looks so polished. I generally prefer her hair up with perchers, but it’s true that the contrast works here.

    Splendid look for Princess Beatrice! The copper hat looked mismatched with the previous Easter ensemble, but I love the pairing with this shade of blue, especially with trimming to pick up the embroidery.

    • Well said all around!

      I think HM looked so happy to be celebrating her birthday and Easter. I hope she had a lovely day!

      I agree about the Duchess. Her hair was perfection!!!!! I love the close up photo of her looking over her shoulder. In other photos, she was chatting to Zara Tindall, and it was such a fun photo. She looked so gorgeous and happy.

      Not too many photos of Princess Beatrice, but in the ones Hat Queen posted, I think she looked great. She always stays true to herself and dresses how she likes. I respect her immensely for that. Her hat is lovely and the color is great on her.

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