British Royals Commemorate Anzac Day

The Duchess of Cambridge, Duke of Sussex, Duke of Gloucester and Vice Admiral Timothy Laurence attended the Anzac Day service at Westminister Abbey today. For this service, the Duchess of Cambridge wore a new almond shaped percher hat in the loveliest, saturated blue felt, trimmed with curled pheasant feathers.

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It’s a great design for Kate (blue is SO GOOD on her!) and paired beautifully with her streamlined coat. The hat base has a lovely shape with gentle curves and the feather trim provides a wonderful sense of movement and life to the design, elevating the hat to something memorable. I adore the styling of this ensemble with forrest green shoes and purse to draw out some of the green in those wonderfully dimensional feathers. It’s subtle but so effective.

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Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Rosie Olivia. It is the “Varick” design from AW 2017. Coat by Catherine Walker
Previously Worn: This hat is new

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This hat brings the count of blue hats in the Duchess’ millinery closet to 16 (see them all here). I think it’s a great addition- what do you think?

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17 thoughts on “British Royals Commemorate Anzac Day

  1. I love it. Very pretty. The feathers add an interesting dimension, and yet they are not overwhelming either. Great look for Kate.

  2. This ranks in my top 3 favorite blue hats for Kate! I’m not always a fan of how Rosie Olivia does her feather trim (although the handiwork is always exquisite), but this is really done well and is so flattering. The cerulean color is a beautiful choice as well, and adding the dark jade/teal-forest green heels to bring out the color of the feather trim shoes true attention to color coordination. Simply stunning, and hopefully it won’t be a one-off appearance like my other 2 favorite hats have been (although I keep hoping and praying they will return!).

    P.S. Nice to see a Rosie Olivia hat out again after she’s been on maternity leave for a while.

  3. I love this hat more every time I look at it. The feather work is fabulous! Almost all my favorites on Zara have been made by Rosie Olivia so it’s great to see Kate wearing the brand too. I hope she will wear them again. This whole ensemble sings.

  4. Splendid — love the arches formed by the feathers. And this shade of blue is so good with her coloring,

    I think of Rosie Olivia as one of Zara’s go-to milliners and was about to ask whether the Duchess has worn her designs before, but I see HatQueen has already answered. Excellent debut.

  5. I like this hat a lot — the arrangement of those feathers is just perfection!

    Not a hat, but does anybody know what the medals represent that Prince Harry is wearing?

    • Harry has 2anniversary metals for the Queen (30 and 50 years?). He also has an Afghanistan metal. I looked them up once, but I forget the details.

  6. This is a great look and a really nice hat. Super look- the trim has movement and lightness without looking haphazard. And of course the coat is lovely.

  7. I love this slightly quirky, yet still respectful, hat! It gives the fairly predictable outfit a real lift. Kate wears peacock colours well.

  8. This is a very good hat. The feather detail is really unexpected and has fabulous movement. With the streamlined coat in that beautiful colour it’s a very stylish ensemble. My only niggle (I know!) is I just feel we’ve almost seen it before. But it’s an elegant and appropriate, and very regal look.

  9. Ditto. Love the hat and the placement of the feathers in line. Also the matching with green shoes and bag and navy gloves, to accent the feathers even more. Super look!

  10. Utterly fabulous! I love this hat so much, in particular the placement of the feathers. It adds dimension and interest and is so lovely on HRH. Really, really lovely overall look.

    • Rosie Olivia does BEAUTIFUL feather work- it’s her signature. This is the first hat Kate has worn from her and hopefully, there will be more in the future!

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