Princess Anne Takes Royal Salute

On Sunday, The King’s Troop Royal Horse Artillery staged a 41 Gun Royal Salute to mark Queen Elizabeth’s 93rd birthday. Princess Anne attended on behalf of Her Majesty in a hat we had some questions about at its last outing. Photos here give much better views of this toast brown straw design and confirm it is a new design to Princess Anne’s millinery closet.

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The hat is built around an asymmetrical, hourglass shaped crown and oval brim that is sharply upturned on its wider side. The outside of this sidesweep is covered in oatmeal feathers; the base of the hat’s crown is wrapped in a wide, warm brown silk hatband and the design is completed with a flat spray of pheasant and other assorted feathers on the side.

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Overall, I’m afraid it’s a miss. The scale and proportion are skewed and the very awkward shape looks like a leftover from the late 1990s. The feather cover on the outer brim sets the hat off balance and looks messy in most photographs. It’s not flattering to its wearer and while I appreciate there is some lovely potential in the warm brown colour and the feathers on the hatband (love the mix of teal and orange feathers with the pheasant ones) and there is workmanship in the design, the hat simply looks dated and unattractive with the crown and brim shapes as they are.

Designer: uknown
Previously Worn: March 18, 2019

I hate to be so harsh about a hat, particularly when its wearer is as hardworking as the Princess Royal is. Please tell me, dearest readers- am I wrong about this one?

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22 thoughts on “Princess Anne Takes Royal Salute

  1. I actually like Anne’s hat. What I don’t like is it paired with the coat she chose. I think the hat would look so much better with a coat that matched it in coloring.

  2. you’re not wrong. This hat is not pleasing to the eye or flattering to Princess Anne. And the dress/hat pairing is puzzling. At first I thought this was a retrim of her other pale yellow/tan hat with pheasant feathers under the brim and I wondered why they changed it. It does go better with the tan coat she wore to Lena’s christening. But the wispy feathers aren’t a good choice for what they want them to do.

  3. There is a little beige in the fabric. The hat is not hideous as some have made out. If you took the fluff off the side and put a red feather through the collection of feathers on the crown it would be a perfectly respectable hat.

    • I suppose you’re right, MikeyNZ, the hat could be improved by many of the suggestions made here, and then it wouldn’t be “wasted” knowing how much the Princess Royal likes to make use of her old clothes & hats, but it would be much easier to just switch to a red hat if she ever wears this dress again!

  4. I really like this hat until you see the underside with the puffy feathers – it makes me itch. I want them removed and then it is a hat I really love. The shape is so good on The Princess Royal.

  5. I actually quite like it, although that floof on the upturned brim is maybe too much. But then, I’m not one to reject something on the grounds of looking “out of date”. Fashion can be a fun friend but it makes a cruel dictator, and I’m glad to see that the Princess Royal, for one, is not willing to bow down.
    On the other hand, the hat definitely doesn’t complement the rest of her outfit.

  6. Well, everybody has already said everything I was going to say! The style of the hat does look like it’s from a previous era, so it comes as a surprise to me that it’s new. I think the hat shape itself could have been improved with a different choice of trimmings, but even with that, it does not in the slightest go with this dress. A red hat would have been a much better choice.

    Replying to Elizabeth, from everything I’ve read about Anne going back decades, I believe that she understands the need to look reasonably presentable when appearing in public, but is not at all focused on fashion and style in the same way that Diana was or the current Duchesses are.

      • Anne never wanted the focus to be on what she was wearing, rather than the event and the cause she was there to support. Whilst I applaud this wish, re-wearing familiar outfits means her events don’t always get coverage. There is a happy medium between being a clothes horse and creating public interest. That’s where a hat can score points!

  7. Oh dear! This is a BIG miss! A red hat would have been very smart with her dress. I really admire the Princess Royal because she is so hard-working, but oh dear! Am I wrong in thinking that she just doesn’t care about fashion?

    • I think it’s well known she doesn’t care about being in fashion, hence her recycling of decades-old outfits; but she does usually look well put together and smart, in her own fashion. Not today, however.

  8. I quite like her in the hat, princess Ann is a plain looking woman & l think the hat flatters her & she looks attractive!

  9. Agree with everyone else it’s not a good hat, especially when she has another in a virtually identical shape with similar trim. The pairing of this hat with this outfit is also beyond perplexing; the camel coat from its first appearance at least gave us some color coordination.

    P.S. Wish we had a better look at the teal-aqua cocktail hat the other woman who accompanied Anne in the carriage is wearing.

  10. I think if that feather thing on the underside was taken off, this hat might be saved. However, I am at a loss as to why she’d ever put this hat and dress together. I know Anne has a lot of other hats that would have matched better. Usually she looks so much more pulled together than this. Odd miss for her.

  11. Ok yes!! 1990s hat for sure! So interesting that it isn’t, especially for Anne who probably still has those hats lurking around waiting to be re-worn.

  12. Allow me to join you on the “No Thanks Bus”. It makes me think the designer had a drawer full of trimmings and wanted to use them up. And why oh why, did she pair it with this plaid dress?

  13. Nope, I can’t disagree with you. This is not a good hat. There are two hats here shunted together, a promising straw hat with a small brim and a more extravagant feathered number with a broad brim. Take them apart and you could have two rather nice numbers.

    And the pairing with the coat is inexplicable. Those red accents are crying out to be picked out; Anne has plenty of nice enough red hats going back years (ahem, decades) that could have done the job so, so much better.

  14. it seems like the milliner had 2 ideas and morphed them into one hat, the feathers underneath give it a messy impression as if something got stuck and it doesn’t translate with the feathers on top nor is there a connection with the color of her clothes. Too me it looks like the milliner wanted too much in one hat and got lost.

  15. No, you are, unfortunately, quite right. This is an ugly hat. Too my mind, it also has nothing to say to the green/ blue with red outfit. The Princess might think tartan and feathers is a match, but not with so very little beige in the fabric.

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