This Week’s Extras

On Wednesday, Princess Akiko wore an oatmeal cloche at celebrations for the 30th anniversary of the emperor’s reign in Fukuoka Prefecture
Queen Elizabeth in a smart black straw hat with pleated straw hatbands and white brim binding and bow on Thursday at the funeral of her longtime friend, Jean (Jeanie) Margaret Wallop Herbert, Countess of Carnarvon.

Today, Princess Tsuguko attended an archery competition and officially opened Yumenoshima Park Archery Field in Koto, Tokyo. She wore a mint green silk covered pillbox with charming three-dimensional vine trim trailing over the design.
Easter greetings last weekend from Princess Estelle and Prince Oscar (in a great photo taken by their um) and Prince Carl Phillip and Princess Sofia, all in cosy knit winter hats

The following new millinery designs caught my eye this week:
Grey picture hat with exquisite hatband of flowers made from paillettes & crystals by British milliner Dillon Wallwork
Dutch milliner Wies Mauduit in a wonderful pink and purple ombre straw percher of her own design
White straw pillbox with the most exquisite gold floral trim from British milliner Sarah Cant
Silver velvet bandeau with delicate lace applique trim from Irish milliner Teresa Nugent
Pistachio green straw boater hat with layered silk hatbands from Dutch milliner Myra van de Korput
Cream straw high sidesweep with amazing gold curling quill from British milliner Rachel Black

And from Australian milliner Helen Strong, this black teardrop veiled percher with vibrant floral trim.

Lovely to see Atsuko Ikeda ( Emperor Akihito’s elder sister, the former Princess Yori) undertake an engagement at the Ikeda Zoo last Sunday.
Interesting article on Crown Prince Naruhito– who he is and how that will shape the kind of emperor he will be (Mainichi)

Photos from social media as indicated

14 thoughts on “This Week’s Extras

  1. Wow! The grey picture hat by Dillon Wallwork is stunning! I can see the Countess of Wessex in it.
    The pink and purple Wies Mauduit hat is so beautiful. I love the colors and scale, and it would look glorious on Queen Maxima.
    The beautiful white pillbox from Sarah Cant would look lovely on either the Duchess of Sussex or Cambridge, or Princess Beatrice. Although Princess Charlene or Princess Mette-Marit would both look stunning in this.
    The Rachel Black cream hat with gold quill is glorious! I can see this at Ascot on Princess Haya, the Duchess of Sussex or the Countess of Wessex.
    I adore the colors and netting on the beautiful hat by Australian milliner Helen Strong. Princess Eugenie would look so lovely in this. Again, the Australian milliners are so talented!

  2. It’s interesting how HM has paired 3 different hats with this coat and they all look great, but the Sommerville hat will remain one of my all-time favorites for HM.

    Tsuguko looks lovely in this pale sage pillbox.

    Am I the only one who knew of the Easter Parade previously? Oh dear, time to be better about spreading the hat events gospel! 😉 I hope to one day participate in the Easter Parade, which has long been a NYC tradition (it even featured at the end of a film by the same name: This past weekend here in Washington, DC, we had the Seersucker Ride (, which has a fall counterpart in the Tweed Ride (even more popular).

    Many congratulations to your brother Wies! And who cares if you were the only one in a hat? You looked fabulous!

    • Thank you Jake, you are very kind.
      Your Seersucker Ride looks great fun! Did you participate in it?
      And no, you were not the only one to know about the Easter Parade: Marianne Jonkind, nestor (or should I say nestrix?) of Dutch milliners went over to New York for it as she did before and shared pictures on her Instagram account. And Elly Stemerdink, editor in chief and flying reporter of both the Hat Magazine and of Hatlines Magazine was there and took pictures too.

      Here they are, with Marianne on the right side and Elly far right, with two milliners from the American Milliners Guild. (And one day, when I grow up, I’ll go too!)

      View this post on Instagram

      The Easter Parade in New York #lovemyjob

      A post shared by Marianne Jongkind (@mariannejongkind) on

  3. Very interesting article on Crown Prince Naruhito. It will be interesting to see how he and his wife Masako will manage to combine the past of Japan with the future. Masako has suffered much from the more oppressive side of tradition. I hope they will be happy and succesfull in their imperial career.

    I love Dillon Wallwork’s grey picture hat, so beautifully made.

    Thank you for your congratulations on behalf of my brother. He was made a Knight in the order of the Dutch Lion for his university work both national and international. The order wasn’t given to him by the King himself, but by the Major of his home town, Delft, as is tradition in the Netherlands. It is also tradition not to tell the recipient what is about to happen. My brother was lured to the town hall by the Rector of the university with a story about there being some construction problem on the university campus to discuss with the town administration for wich his presence was urgently needed. It was only when he arrived in the reception hall of the beautiful old building (instead of in the more modern offices) that it dawned on him something was not normal.
    As to my hat and outfit: I had planned to wear something less conspicious, navy blue and white in fact, but the weather changed overnight from warm and sunny to cloudy, so I decided I needed a dress with sleeves. I ended up buying something more colourful than I ever intended on the evening before the day. Of course there was no time to make anything new, so I just picked something out of my stock of hats which, though not really cordinated, went well.
    Needless to say I was the only person present wearing a hat (as I explained before, dressing is very casual over here), but so what, I’m old enough not to care about that anymore!

    • Wies, I hope your brother was appropriately dressed for his surprise knighthood ceremony — if someone called me to deal with a construction problem, I would absolutely go there in jeans and a t-shirt!

      HatQueen, I forgot to mention in my previous reply how much I like that black teardrop veiled percher by Helen Strong! I would love to see that one on a royal head.

      • Ha ha! I asked him about that! My brother is a professor at Delft’s Polytechnical University and a Dean and always goes to work in a suit, though not always with a tie, as dressing is rather casual in the Netherlands even in academic circles. However, he always keeps a spare silk tie in his bicycle bags, just in case one is needed.
        But one of the people who received a distinction (there are two different orders and several different grades), was a basketball professional and he wore a flowered shirt!

    • What an exciting and unforgettable day for you Wies, thank you for sharing the details with us. You must be so proud of your brother. you showed that beautifully with your choice of hat and outfit.

  4. Wies Mauduit, you are a lovely model as well as a talented milliner! That color combination could easily look over the top, but it’s so harmonious in your design. Congrats to your brother — are knighthoods usually a surprise in the Netherlands?

    That trailing vine really makes Princess Tsuguko’s pillbox, and that shade of green is just right for her.

    HM’s new (to us) black and white is beautiful, but I could quibble that the white ribbon looks a little insubstantial, almost an afterthought. Is that a diamond hatpin above the bow?

    I appreciated the profile of the almost-emperor. He’s clearly a solid guy.

  5. Wies, how lovely you look, and what a perfect hat for the occasion — many congratulations to your brother!

    HatQueen, thank you for the articles and links on the soon to be new emperor — it will be very interesting watching the next Imperial couple settle into their official roles.

  6. On April 23rd, Princess Akiko attended the spring festival at Yasukuni Shrine.

  7. On April 22nd, Princess Yoko attended the spring festival at Yasukuni Shrine.

  8. Oh! I forgot to say congratulations to Wies’brother who received a knighthood from the Dutch monarch Willem-Alexander! What an honor and her hat and whole ensemble was perfection! The ombré of the hat matching her red lace dress is masterful and deserves many kudos. Thank you for sharing your picture and story Wies!

  9. Thanks for the Imperial family hats and info regarding the new emperor, the article was very good and hats are all lovely. Here’s hoping that the new empress is able to thrive in her new role. Just think of the new hats and clothes and jewelry she’ll be able to wear especially on state overseas visits! I can’t wait to see them both when they visit the Netherlands, tiaras and white tie is wonderful to see.

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