Princess Benedikte Opens Birthday Exhibition

On Saturday, Princess Benedikte opened an exhibition at Koldinghus Museum in Kolding in honour of her 75th birthday. The exhibition, entitled, “Princess of the Time: Princess Benedikte and 75-year Danish History” includes jewelry, gowns, clothing and other personal items and will be open until November 3 this year. For this opening, she wore a new hat in lilac straw with rounded crown and wide, sidesweeping brim.The design is simply trimmed with a straw hatband.

2019-04-27 75th birthday exhibition opening 1 250

It’s a very good hat- impeccably finished in the loveliest of summery colours. I particularly like the sweeping scale of the brim which has wonderful presence. There might be some slight improvement with a less bulbous, rounded rounded shape on the crown but it’s a minor quibble.

Designer: Mathilde Thoe FĂžrster
Previously Worn: This hat is new

A sweet note- the day in Kolding finished with an equestrian show that included the surprise appearance of Princess Beneditkte’s horse, Digby, ridden by her daughter Princess Nathalie. Digby and Nathalie rode successfully to a bronze medal at the 2008 Beijing Olympics and the horse has not performed publicly, until yesterday, since his retirement in 2012.

It’s lovely to see Princess Benedikte again, even better in a new hat! I’m sure you join me in wishing her a very happy 75th birthday today.

Photos from Getty as indicated; Claus Fisker/Scanpix

12 thoughts on “Princess Benedikte Opens Birthday Exhibition

  1. Isn’t this just the perfect hat for a spring event? Clean lines, uncluttered design, lovely movement and a beautiful colour. Top marks!

  2. The Danish monarchy also shared this preview of a new book on Princess Benedikte, which includes interviews with each of her children, that was released this weekend in conjunction with this birthday.

  3. I love Princess Benedikte’s stylish elegance, and today’s appearance doesn’t disappoint. A lovely hat to complement a very smart ensemble.
    I like it with no superfluous flowers or trim, especially with this patterned coat.

  4. Beautiful color and style on the Princess. I like the rounded crown although I agree with HatQueen that it’s a little big. The videos, although in Danish, are terrific and really show her up close. I particularly like Princess Benediket’s pearls and star brooches which sparkle in the camera lights. A wonderful Happy Birthday to her!

  5. It looks like this lilac hat is a twin to a cream version she wore June 2018:

    I really like how well this hat color-coordinates with her outfit and overall it’s a fine design for her, but for such a large brim, I think it deserves to have some trim, like a larger bow or flower. Also, I don’t care for how oddly rounded off the upturned part of the brim is. Guess I’m feeling picky today, but despite that, she’s probably my favorite Danish hatted royal, and I wish her a very happy 75th birthday!

    • Wow Jake! Great memory and thanks for the link. I agree with you that this is a twin to the new lavender hat. I wonder if there’s another color in her millinery closet? This hat would look fabulous in a bright pink or red for the summer and the Princess looks lovely in saturated colors.

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