Top Royal Hats: March 2019

In preparing polls for some beautiful hats worn in April, I realized, to my embarrassment, that I’ve not shared the results for March polls for favourite repeated  and favourite new hats. These were close races but clear winners have prevailed:

Embed from Getty Images 

Queen Elizabeth’s orange hat with magnolia blooms and brown straw leaves by Angela Kelly (made by Stella McLaren) worn March 7 to the Science Museum in London

Embed from Getty Images

Zara Tindall’s plum felt teardrop percher with feather trim by Juliette Botteril worn March 13 to the Cheltenham Races 

Jump over to the polls for favourite new hat here and top repeated hat here to see the results of these races in greater detail.  
Photos from Getty as indicated

4 thoughts on “Top Royal Hats: March 2019

  1. It’s no surprise that Zara won the new hats category, with her premiering 5 first-rate hats in one week.
    I threw my own rulebook out the window in voting for HM’s orange hat. Usually I would never vote for a colour which I feel is unflattering to the wearer – as I believe the colour orange is for The Queen – however in this instance, I found the hat (plus ensemble) so pleasing and cheerful from every angle, that I was completely won over. It’s not everyday that the skill of the designer sweeps away my prejudices/*ahem* aesthetic criteria — but it’s another reason why I find hat-watching so absorbing :).

  2. I confess that I voted for my top 3 in each category but am especially happy with the final hats. Zara’s lovely plum hat with feather flowers is particularly harmonious with her coloring and outfit. The Queen’s orange hat is one of my all-time favorites. Good job everyone!

  3. That was a tough call on the new hats since Zara sported so many beauties, but this one really is a standout.

  4. So pleased Zara’s hat won. In actual fact, I hardly care which one of hers won – she played a blinder with all her hats in March!
    I voted for HM’s orange number, too.

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