Danish Summer Cruise Begins in Køge

The first leg of Queen Margrethe’s annual double summer cruise kicked off today with the royal yacht Dannebrog arriving in Køge. Today’s program of events included a carriage ride to Køge Town Hall and visits to a health and rehabilitation facility, performing arts center, sustainable housing development and a miniature village.

For these events, Queen Margrethe wore a new hat. The design features a short, flat crown covered in the same navy textured woven fabric (gabardine, maybe?) as her jacket and a short, cream cartwheel brim in what looks like straw.

The Danish queen tends to wear hats that coordinate with a specific ensemble, often with the same fabric used on both hat and garment(s). It’s certainly an efficient way to dress that results in extremely coordinated ensembles but it’s a level of coordination that can easily veer towards one-note or overly matched. This hat and jacket, however, escape such a fate. Margrethe’s cream skirt and sweater greatly help this, as does the jacket’s crisp navy and white pockets and sleeve placket and that adorable navy and cream striped purse. What has my heart a flutter, however, is the jaunty angle that Queen Margrethe wore it. In the end, this hat is a very simple design (fabric straight sided crown, straw brim, no trim) that becomes a statement of style when worn at that angle. It’s so good.


Designer: Mathilde Thoe Førster
Previously Worn: This hat is new

What do you think of Queen Margrethe’s new hat?

Photos from social media as indicated 

9 thoughts on “Danish Summer Cruise Begins in Køge

  1. This is exactly the shape of hat for Queen Margarethe. Her oval face is better suited to this.
    I.e. wider straight sided crown and flat tip… his shape shortens one’s oval head. The brim also helps to widen the shape. Well done to the milliner. This is HER shape

  2. Please excuse me for correcting you Elizabeth Davies – but in the UK ‘QE2’ refers to a passenger ship and not Her Majesty The Queen!

  3. Margrethe certainly loves a matchy ensemble, and I know I need to get over my prejudices concerning this.

    Concerning the hat, I think the brim is too small and makes the hat look a bit unbalanced with the rest of her outfit; that is my one complaint. The jaunty angle certainly makes this hat; I think it would look dowdy if placed straight on her head. Otherwise, I love this charcoal-navy fabric for the outfit, and overall the whole look is a well-coordinated nautical look.

  4. It took me a while just to get past the 1st yacht photo! Bee-YOO-tee-full!
    Queen Margrethe looks nothing less than perfect, matchy and all!
    Some of the photos show a navy sweater peaking out – it looks beautiful also.
    She makes me proud to be 1/4 Danish!
    Here’s another nautical looking ensemble from 20 years ago! Another wonderful outfit.

    July 2, 1999: aboard the Danneborg
    Embed from Getty Images

    • Jimbo, that hat is lovely. I would love to see Margrethe wear it today. I’m impressed by the many fabulous hats this Queen wore as recently as the ‘noughties (how I love writing that word 🙂 ) which have not been seen for years. I imagine that, separated from the suit it was designed for,(which may not fit, or be to her taste now) Margrethe doesn’t envision a hat from that time being ever worn with anything else. Sigh….

  5. This is about the best I’ve seen her look (leaving out evening events dripping in jewels–that’s a whole other category).

    • She likes a nautical theme to her cruise outfits.
      I’m not a great fan of using coat fabric to cover the hat – also favoured by QE2, of course, with her similar coat/dress/hat combo’s – but this simple style looks great.

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