Belgian Queen Presents Music Competition Prizes

Queen Mathilde was in Waterloo yesterday to present awards to this year’s winners of the Queen Elisabeth (international music) Competition. For this event, she repeated a hat described by the designer as “a small bell hat made of red Panama and trimmed with ribbon and a matching bow.

Embed from Getty Images

The cloche remains a charming one for Mathilde with a scale and colour that suit her well. On past outings, I liked the pairing of red hat with this dress… I’m not sure if it’s lighting but on this outing, I think the hat slightly overwhelms the delicately patterned lace frock (scroll through the gallery below). The Belgian queen has some streamlined, lovely pale grey hats in her wardrobe (here, here and here) that might make a gentler pairing.

Designer: Fabienne Delvigne.  It is the ‘Audrey’ design.
Previously Worn: Oct 23, 2018;  April 25, 2018

This is the third time we’ve seen this hat and lace dress- have your impressions of this ensemble also changed?

Photos from Getty as indicated 

4 thoughts on “Belgian Queen Presents Music Competition Prizes

  1. I must say I am disappointed to see this hat paired with this dress again. I haven’t changed my view that the red of the hat is too strong and bright for the muted palette of the dress. The optical effect of the juxtaposition is to make the dress colours look grubby and at the same time slightly bleached out – as if the filter used to photograph the hat is different from the one used to photograph the dress. But if you block out the hat with your hand, you can see that the dress colours actually complement Mathilde very well , and the April 18 pics show that the blue of the pattern emphasizes her blue eyes.
    I would lay money that the red of the hat does indeed match the red pigment in the dress. The problem being that the colour-matching would only be visible at close range i.e. less than 2 feet away. When the viewer (that’s us) stands further away, the colours adjacent to the red visually “bleed’ into it and dull its intensity, so there appears to be a mismatch. This is because the red is present only in tiny discrete “flakes”, rather than larger blocks of colour. It’s an error an experienced stylist wouldn’t make – but then, I have long suspected that royals don’t always leave the final decision to their stylist :).
    I would love to see this hat paired with an outfit that has similar structural elements to the hat itself – I’m sure it’s called “The Audrey’ for a good reason :)!. Some ‘fifties/’sixties Hepburn drama in the dress- – a horizontal neckline, ¾ sleeves and a wide flared skirt — would really speak to the horizontal lines of this hat. Here is Mathilde wearing 2 outfits which I think would provide good templates for a complementary outfit design:

  2. I love it when the royals mix up their hat pairings, and the pale grey would go beautifully with dress. I’m with Jake about the Phillip Treacy, but the other two would be great as well.

  3. I don’t think the lighting is particularly good in these photos, but still I agree about the colors of the dress vs. the hat (looking back, I noticed the reds weren’t very harmonious during this hat’s first outing). I think the grey Treacy hat ( would pair spectacularly with this dress.

    As for the hat itself, time still hasn’t changed my mind concerning the odd looks and proportions of the brim and crown. Also, I think I would prefer a bow on the side as opposed to the back. Ultimately, just not a successful ensemble IMO.

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