Danish Summer Cruise Day 2

The royal yacht Dannebrog remained anchored in Køge​ harbour yesterday for a second day of events in the area.

For the day’s program, which included visits to a school, supported employment program and transport center, Queen Margrethe repeated  ​her ecru straw with triple brim- one ecru sandwiched between two grey which curved away from it in opposite directions. It’s a creative brim, this one, and I like the way it references the strip in this ensemble’s jacket.

Designer: Peter Falk Hansen ​
Previously Worn: May 10, 2019 Sep 3, 2018​; May 4, 2018;​ Oct 9, 2007 and likely others

The Danish monarchy also released this sweet gallery of floral posies the queen has received on these first two days, displayed around the yacht.


Thoughts about this grey hat on the Danish Queen?

Photos from Getty as indicated 

5 thoughts on “Danish Summer Cruise Day 2

  1. I agree the three brims are a little odd and give the illusion of multiple hats. Nevertheless, extra brims aside, I do like the hat and think it goes well with the jacket. But what I particularly like in this post is that series of photos of the Queen waving goodbye and then the ship sailing away, that’s a clever bit of photography, IMO.

  2. Like everyone else I’m not too keen on the hat. Looks like she’s wearing multiple hats accidentally.

    I love the idea of having a little gallery of the posies. The Royals do receive some lovely ones and we don’t always have a chance to see them properly.

  3. Seeing this hat today reminds me of the stacks of inexpensive hats sold in beach resort areas – Queen Margrethe must have accidentally grabbed three instead of one. That said, I agree with Jake’s comment on the queen’s hat on Day 1 of her summer cruise – the hat would have been even more successful had it’s brim been a bit larger, like today’s brim.
    My mulch pile is not getting any smaller, while I’m sitting here admiring hats and yachts! Happy weekend, nice people.

    • My mulch pile is also not decreasing at the speed it should and with Epsom races and a royal wedding this weekend and a state visit on Monday and Tuesday…

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