Dutch Monarchs Visit Neder-Betuwe

King Willem-Alexander and were in the Dutch region of Neder-Betuwe yesterday where they visited Opheusden and Culemborg city halls, a tree farm, and a fruit auction/distribution center. For this day away, Queen Máxima wore a new hat, one of her signature wide brimmed ‘slice’ designs with high upsweep in deep, magenta straw.

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First up- the colour is divine. This is Máxima’s 26th version of this hat style (17th in straw) and she wears the jewel tone SO WELL. I’ve said all I can say about the scale and shape (still SO GOOD) which leaves me quibbling about the finishing. The fantastic Mode Maxima Koningen blog post on this hat includes some great back views which show brim binding that is a little lumpy and, appears to be pieced (see seams at both 4 and 6 o’clock positions), something that should not happen on a couture hat.

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Designer: Fabienne Delvigne
Previously Worn: This hat is new

What do you think about Queen Máxima’s new hat yesterday? I haven’t even mentioned the styling- I’ve warmed up to it in the past 24 hours because the neutral skirt and blouse make the hat stand out as the ensemble’s centerpiece!

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11 thoughts on “Dutch Monarchs Visit Neder-Betuwe

  1. I was surprised to read this wasn’t a repeat. But now I remember the other hats were in felt, not in straw. Can happen I guess when someone has so many hats in this style.

    It’s a very good look for her. Such an amazing color. The hat elevates the whole outfit. Just a shame the finishing isn’t perfect.

  2. Ah, the power of a great hat! if ever there was an ensemble to demonstrate why everyone should wear hats, this is it. If you agree that this hat shape looks terrific on Maxima, and is a lovely colour too, well try covering the hat with your hand, especially over the full-length photos, and imagine if Maxima weren’t wearing any hat at all. What I see when I do that is an instantly forgettable outfit. The blouse is the unflattering sort you can see anywhere these days, the skirt is confused and bland, and not even maroon shoes, bag and gloves can give the look any impact. But add the hat, (not forgetting the statement earrings of course) and presto, here’s a striking ensemble that looks really pulled-together, simple yet punchy. It’s slice hat magic – no wonder Max has 26 of them.
    Too bad though, about the poor brim binding. So perplexing!

  3. This isn’t the first time one of Máxima’s straw slice hats has had the brim edge bound like this, but this may be the least refined in that sense. I understand that at some point there would be a seam (as all bound edges would have, no matter the material), and based on the ModeKoninginMaxima photo of the back, the 4 o’clock seam looks to be that; the 6 o’clock piece seems to imitate the loop on the hatband, but it makes no sense why that would be added to the brim edge. I think a simple, folded-over edge, or a bound edge with fabric would be better. The material of the hat is a good-quality parasisal straw, but it’s a bit sad to see it treated this way.

    Despite that critique, this berry color suits Máxima so well and the shape will never not flatter her, and the color-coordinating clutch and shoes help tie everything together with the white top and sand-colored skirt. The one thing I find truly out of place are the berry-colored leather gloves; they seem rather heavy compared to the rest of the outfit, and I find them too distracting. No gloves (which we see in some photos) or gloves in tan to coordinate with her skirt would’ve been a better choice IMO.

  4. The color of the hat is marvelous, but the workmanship, as previously noted, is sloppy.

    Overall, this is a good look for Maxima, who has the stature to carry off the hat. The whole thing.

    Must agree that the hair needs attention. An updo, getting all of the hair, including the back, is in order with this hat. Not sure that a ponytail is ever appropriate for a a monarch.


  5. I thought for sure this was a repeat but it turns out she’s got a few of these hats in similar colors in felt. I 100% agree that the color and shape of this hat are fantastic but that lumpy brim is an eyesore. I’ve read back a few weeks here and it’s the 3rd time since mid May that there have been major obvious flaws on hats. I hope someone from Fabiene Delvigne is reading this because they need to fix it ASAP.

    HQ, just a nod for how respectfully you talk about hats with issues. You always find something good to say about the hat then point out the problems but in a kind and very fair way without going on and on about it.

  6. In some photos the skirt looks beige, which doesn’t to my mind go well with jewel tones, but then in others it looks like it’s aiming for gold (perhaps goldier would be better?). The hat is absolutely gorgeous on Queen Maxima – flattering shape, right angle, great colour – and the bag and gloves are in a similar enough tone to avoid the hat looking unrelated to her outfit generally. And the whole ensemble topped off with that wonderful smile 🙂

  7. Great colour, and the combination with gloves, earrings and shoes gives this outfit a lot of punch!

    However .. (sigh) the finishing of the brim is really weird. It looks as if the brim is edged with a brim binding of the same material as the hat, instead of a neatly folded edge. Maybe the purpose was to gain some lenght on the brim, I can’t think of any other. And then there wasn’t enough material for the binding to go round, so two rather ugly seams were added, for who cares? Very logical, when you come to think of it.

  8. Oooh, beautiful colour, especially with the sun shining through it. I see what you mean about the brim edge at the back (great photos on the blog link) – not sure why those folds/lumps are there (hiding something?) but it looks a bit naff on a hat of otherwise such sleek design. I was also pleased to see she’d worn shoes of the same colour as her hat and gloves.

    Not sure about the big tie at the skirt’s waist. It looks all right in the posed shots, but not so great in the photo of her moving.

    On a side note: Maxima’s hair has seemed in need of some TLC lately; it must be really hard to always be ‘picture perfect’ with skin and hair being put under stress with every outing. I take my (metaphorical) hat off to her!

    • I’m sure it’s not, but the wide tie around the waist almost gives the impression that the skirt came with a jacket and she tied it around her waist by its sleeves so she didn’t have to carry it. Especially in the 4th photo of the top gallery, I get this impression. I’m sure that’s not the case, since you never see any view of any extra fabric hanging down behind, but even so, it’s a large bunch of fabric that is not particularly flattering and detracts from the entire outfit.

      Aside from that, I agree with everyone regarding the (positive) color & shape of the hat and the (negative) quality of the finishing. I also feel that this particular hat could have stood with a more elaborate styling of Maxima’s beautiful hair, but don’t agree that a monarch should =never= wear a ponytail — I think it depends totally on the outfit and the occasion.

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