Danish Queen Sails Into Nyborg

The first first leg of this year’s summer cruise concluded yesterday in Nyborg. For this day of visits in the region, Queen Margrethe repeated her mint green bumper hat with cuffed brim that curls at the side with a pair of feathers. The hat is covered in the same wool silk crepe as the ensemble’s matching coat and dress.

Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images

We’ve seen this hat a few times, I wasn’t going to devote an entire post to it until I saw the following photos showing a clear side view of that curled brim cuff in detail. The cuff wraps around the hat and at its overlap, is sliced horizontally into two ribbons that curl up on to the hat’s crown. It’s an ingenious design detail that adds so much to this small hat and is so beautifully executed it looks far more simple, in terms of construction, than it is.

Embed from Getty Images

Designer: likely Peter Falk Hansen
Previously Worn: June 13, 2017;  Mar 28, 2017;  Oct 3, 2016;  Apr 30, 2016Sep 8, 2015; Jun 5, 2015May 23, 2015Apr 16, 2015

This wraps up the first week of the annual Danish summer cruise- the second leg of the cruise will continue in early September.

Embed from Getty Images

Photos from Getty and social media as indicated 

5 thoughts on “Danish Queen Sails Into Nyborg

  1. Oh my, has it really been two years since we last saw this? Most unfortunate considering this is one of her best looks, and it’s even better getting to observe all the intricate details this time!

  2. My Danish queen looks great! I love the mint green color, and the curled cuffed brim is unique, as well as wonderful. She always give me the impression of approach-ability, and a friendly bon vivant-ness. Skoal!

  3. Wow! Other than the fresh color — so pretty for Margrethe — this hat has never stood out to me. Now that I’m seeing this nifty detail, I really like it.

  4. You really need to look back at all the photos of every outing of this hat to get the full effect, now that it has been photographed from so many different angles. I like that double curl more each time I see it. It surprises me that Margrethe would have multiple outfits to go with such a stand-out color, but of the ones we have seen over the years, this is my favorite, though I preferred the way the scarf/blouse was arranged at the neck in earlier appearances. In today’s photos, it (the neckline) can’t decide whether it wants to be in or out!

  5. The photos really do this hat a great justice. I think from afar, I dismiss it, but looking at the beautiful detail more closely and the pretty color, the hat is a terrific design.

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