British Royals Attend Epsom Races

Queen Elizabeth attended the second day of the Epsom Derby Festival in Surrey today, as is her tradition the first weekend in June each year. For this day at the races, the Queen repeated a very familiar hat covered in the same paisley silk/wool cloqué fabric as on this outfit’s matching coat. The design features a straight-sided, flat crown and upturned kettle brim and is simply trimmed with a double bow on the side.

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On the eve of the US state visit, it’s an interesting choice of hat to wear today, with it’s close association to the President’s last visit and the famous first wearing to Open Parliament- both political events. Perhaps that’s why today’s repeat happened, the choice of a leisure event being as far from politics as they come. I still find this hat to be a bit heavy (oh, how I wish it had a straw brim to lighten it up) but the colour is lovely and it was great to see it with the coat removed today. This hat has taken a more interesting path than most and I’m curious to see where it appears next!

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Designer: Angela Kelly. Made by Stella McLaren.
Previously Worn: July 13, 2018;  June 21, 2017

The queen was joined by her cousin, Princess Alexandra, who repeated her dove grey straw hat with tall, flat crown and cartwheel brim. The hat is trimmed with large straw flower and knotted, multi-looped bow which are studded with slim grey feathers.

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On its own, the hat is a fairly simple one and the colour doesn’t stand out. However, the pairing of hat with Alexandra’s impeccably tailored mint jacket and printed silk dress is a beautiful one that comes together as an exceptionally elegant summer look. Not all hats need to make a focal statement and this one is perfect for this ensemble.

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Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: November 1, 2017;  July 2, 2003; and others

Judging by the Queen’s animated expressions, an enjoyable day was had. What do you think of these two hats? Were there other hats at the Epsom Derby today that jumped out to you?

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11 thoughts on “British Royals Attend Epsom Races

  1. I agree, at least a straw brim would help lighten this hat and whole look, although I would prefer the whole hat to be straw with the jacquard material used for trim only. The first iteration of this hat with the flowers would’ve looked better where HM was sans coat. It’ll never be my favorite for, as JamesB said, being too much of a good thing, but overall it was an interesting and fun choice to see again.
    P.S. This is the best brooch she’s paired with this outfit IMO.

    A lovely look from Alexandra as usual. As you said, not every hat needs to be the focal point, but this one still stands out for its elegance on an elegant woman.

    A few other favorites from the day:
    Embed from Getty Images

  2. I will never warm to this hat of HM’s… the design, the fabric….and as JamesB says, the hat/coat fabric pattern clashes with the dress pattern. Secondly, there are the multiple strong contrasting colours in the outfit — no less than 4 when we view the outfit head-to toe — black, white, primary blue and primary yellow. And the blue in the dress doesn’t (at a distance, which is where it counts for a royal) appear to match the blue of the hat and coat. Overall it’s not the coherent total look I associate with HM, and which is so much a part of her signature style. But,with so many very fine hats in her wardrobe, I can certainly make allowance for some style departures like this.

  3. The Queen’s racing manager, John Warren, and his wife, Lady Carolyn Warren (daughter of the late, Henry Herbert, 7th Earl of Carnarvon, who was the Queen’s great friend “Porchey” and her racing manager until his death in 2001) joined her Majesty in her box to view the races. Lady Carolyn wore a streamlined, wide brimmed cream straw hat trimmed with fanning cream quills.

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      • Stunning hats! The color and styling are perfection!

        Lady Carolyn’s hat is so pretty and modern. I love it.

        As for this post, I adore Princess Alexandra’s hat. She looks so lovely and seems to be having a wonderful time at the races.
        Her Majesty’s outfit is so pretty, but I’m not keen on the heavy look of the hat paired with her beautiful summer dress. I wish for something a bit lighter. She looks to be having a magnificent time!

    • Lady Caroline Warren consistently wears hats of the first order (mainly Philip Treacy, if I remember rightly) and this one is no exception. Beautiful.

  4. Yesterday was a scorcher here, so that coat just looks so heavy on her. Understandably it came off, but then the hat really doesn’t go with the dress, the two patterns don’t work. I agree with you, a straw hat would have just broken this all up so well. I actually like the fabric, and the design, it’s just (again), too much of a good thing.

    • It’s ironic, while I think the current version of the hat matches the coat better, the original with the flowers that were likened to the EU flag co-ordinate better with the dress:
      Embed from Getty Images

  5. Queen Elizabeth’s horseracing faces are the best. One consistently sees her unguarded excitement! I love the hat, even with the heavier brim. The double bow is perfect – it’s simple enough that it is all about the color and texture.

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