Royal Ascot Day 1: Prince of Wales & Duchess of Cornwall

It’s my pleasure to be joined today by Toronto-based milliner Jay Cheng, creator of Jaycow Millinery.

The Duchess of Cornwall wore a new hat in blush pink straw. The design features a rounded crown and oval shaped brim, the longer side folded into a sharp upsweep and it is trimmed with a slim double hatband and a handmade peachy-pink silk flower with pale green leaves anchored on the outside of the upfolded brim.

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Royal Hats: This is another impeccably finished hat for Camilla. The shape is a signature for her as is the pale colour, which suits her. It’s a great hat but it’s impact is lost because she has so many others very similar to it already in her wardrobe. Maybe Jay can help me cast fresh eyes on this hat?!

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Jay Cheng: Not surprised to see the Duchess of Cornwall wearing her signature shape hat. It is very hard to place another hat shape on her that will work as perfect as this“Camilla”hat.This hat strikes a perfect balance in many ways. The sweep upturn brim shows off her hair style and the hat is an ideal size to balance the padded shoulders on her coat. The width of the brim gives the illusion of a smaller face and the hat shape is chosen well to suit her. The single rose on the hat looks heavenly, adding a very graceful touch to the hat. Perfect hat for Camillia in every aspect.

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Royal Hats: You’re right, Jay. It’s her signature because it suits her SO well.

Designer: Philip Treacy. I believe the flower on the hat is by Anfisa Korelova
Previously Worn: This hat is new

The Prince of Wales repeated his antique black silk top hat.

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What do you think of Camilla’s new hat today?

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10 thoughts on “Royal Ascot Day 1: Prince of Wales & Duchess of Cornwall

  1. In a very similar pattern to HMQEII, the Duchess of Cornwall has a “uniform.” She has a look that works for her, makes her feel comfortable, and is appropriate for most any occasion. While it would be interesting to see her in other colors, the pale shades that she wears, and wears very well, clearly make her feel appropriately dressed and comfortable. Not unlike I feel when I wear a dark blue suit – I just feel comfortable in myself. The Queen also wears a uniform each day – minor tweaks and, yes, definitely many colors, but basically the same “look” every day.

    The Prince of Wales’ top hat does seem a bit small. And I’ve never been happy with the fit and wearing of the Duke of Cambridge’s hat. I know the man who takes care of their hats and he says he can’t do anything about it, they want what they want for whatever reason. Ugh!

  2. Camilla, one royal I can always count on! whenever it’s important, Camilla always brings a hat of flawless elegance and beauty. This time I appreciate the more minimal styling (less and smaller trim), which gives this hat a younger,crisper, more modern feel- and the flower is divine. I never tire of seeing Camilla in pastels – in fact I wish more blue-eyed light-skinned women with white or very blonde hair would emulate how she wears these tones–of all the possible skin/hair/eye colour combinations, this combination rocks pastel monochrome the best.

  3. The Duchess of Cornwall’s hat is impeccably finished but could be exchanged with any one of almost thirty other hats and it wouldn’t make any difference to her look. A lovely lady, who, in my truly humble opinion, should consider updating her style, possibly with clothes with a fitted or belted waistline, and, as a previous person mentioned, more saturated colors. The Prince of Wales looks stylish but his top hat always looks perched on top of his head! Is there a certain way it should be worn?

  4. I really like the Duchess of Cornwall’s look. It is soft and elegant. It asserts her position without crying for attention. I once had the pleasure of seeing her and the Prince of Wales in person at very close range. In person the Duchess is much more attractive and Prince Charles has very large ears.

    Do you think that Prince William’s top hat is too large and Prince Charles is a tad too small?

    • Heather, your comment about the Duchess being more attractive in person reminds me of a funny line attributed to Mark Twain and/or Edgar Wilson Nye about composer Richard Wagner: “His music is much better than it sounds!” I agree with you about the two top hats: I say switch ’em and they’ll both look better!

  5. Definitely in Camilla’s wheelhouse, but if it’s not broken don’t fix it! I do like this pink on her. Charles is best dressed man, as always. Love his pink tie with the grey morning suit and whatever buttonhole he has chosen out of the garden today.

  6. I love this hat on Camilla!
    I just wish she wasn’t in baby pink two days in a row. I’m desperately hoping for a stronger colour for tomorrow, perhaps orange or red. And what I wouldn’t give for a bright floral!

    In the end my slim hope for tomorrow is a repeat of one of these blue hats:
    Embed from Getty Images

  7. A beautiful hat for Camilla, but in the midst of so many cream, beige, and pale pink hats, this one unfortunately doesn’t stand out like it should, despite the color being slightly more saturated than usual. Charles is in fine form in his ever-trusty grey morning suit paired with a certainly very old (but well-cared for) top hat.

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