Royal Ascot Day 2: Wrap Up

Today at Royal Ascot was light on royal attendance, with just the Aga Khan (photographed below with racing journalist Liz Price in a navy feather covered hat by Rachel Trevor Morgan) and Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum (and his entourage) in addition to the royals we’ve already covered today. I’ve missed seeing Princess Haya this year- hopefully she’ll make an appearance tomorrow. And- jump over to last night’s wrap up to see a photo of Princess Alexandra, who attended yesterday but eluded most photographers.

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The day of the races also saw a few hats atop noble and notable heads in today’s carriage procession:

Countess Mountbatten of Burma repeated the stunning silver sidesweep picture hat by Dillon Wallwork that she first wore to her daughter’s wedding in 2016

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Viscount Brookeborough, the Queen’s Lord in Waiting in the first photo; Lord de Mauley, Master of the Horse and Lieutenant Colonel Charles Richards, Deputy Master of the Royal Household in the second

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Viscountess Brookeborough in a  white straw brimmed hat with bright blue piping and Lady deMauley in a beautiful grey straw percher pillbox by Dillon Wallwork

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And finally, here are all the non-royal hats that caught the attention of our guest milliner, Wies Mauduit, and myself:

Glasgow milliner William Chambers and his partner Niall Walker in traditional Scottish attire (this made us both smile!)
Hat shop owner Elizabeth Hughes in a peacock teal blue Juliette Botterill flower trimmed saucer. LOVE the colour!
Milliner Rachel Ellis Oates (Hatonista) vibrant blue and yellow butterfly headpiece of her own design (closeup here)
Charlotte Hawkins in a pale pink saucer with soaring pink and grey feathers from Vivien Sheriff
Milliner Lisa Tan’s straw boater with layered rainbow brim
Unnamed racegoer in this oversize pink waved disc with twist and floral trim from Guibert millinery
Chi Ling Lin in a mushroom brimmed hat in classic black and white
Alexandra Dudley in a wonderful red hugger percher with oversize poppy by retired milliner Gina Foster
Francesca Cumani in a pale pink button percher with cherry blossom trim from Fi Graham Millinery
Milliner Louise Walton in a wide brimmed navy straw hat with turquoise binding and feathers
Chez Liebenberg in a bright pink elevated saucer with flowers from Lizzie’s Hats
Striking burnt feather and sinamay bow headpiece on equine photographer Mathea Kelley
Author and instagram influencer Alicia Healey in William Chambers’ exquisite black veiled percher with roses
Isabelle Kristensen’s soaring headpiece by Ana Bella Millinery
Valerie Stark’s equally futuristic hat by Awon Golding. The colour and movement of the brim is rather captivating.
Editor Emily Nash’s charming cream teardrop percher with blue butterflies, also by Ana Bella Millinery
Tess Ward’s classic, wide brimmed, natural straw picture hat from Lock & Co.
Natalia Kapchuk in a cheekily political and patriotic Union Jack hat 

Ah Wies, it has been such a gift to have you join me today. You are truly a millinery master. Thank you for taking time from a very busy week to generously share your vast millinery expertise and experience with us!

Photos from Getty as indicated; Tim Rooke via Shutterstock

27 thoughts on “Royal Ascot Day 2: Wrap Up

  1. What superb coverage of Day 2! Wies, thank you so much for sharing your expertise and commentary with us (loved seeing that photo of you in your studio as well, and have now followed you on Instagram), and HatQueen, superb coverage of so much material — thank you for all the hat-watching pleasure you make possible! It will not be a problem to wait for Day 3 posts, as there is still so much from the past two days that can be looked at again in more detail.

    • Thank you for letting me join in the millinery conversation on this fascinating blog! It has been my pleasure.
      For me it was only one day, for you HatQueen, it is five days of what I’m sure is very intensive work. I bow to you!
      Now let’s see what more fabulous hats Ascot will bring!

    • I don’t often like printed fabric on hats, but this is charming, Wies. If you can say, was this created to coordinate with a customer’s dress?

  2. I really really love Lady deMauley’s hat! I wonder who made her hat? Those floral trims on her hat are also on her top/jacket? Am going back to Day posts 1 to look for Lady deMauley’s hat…

  3. I adore Countess Mountbatten of Burma’s hat, and I’m so glad to see it (and her) again. It was a stunner at the wedding and is a stunner here. I also really love Lady DeMauley’s hat. It’s so well balanced and nicely placed but still nicely proportioned and very interesting. I love the subtle trim loops- at first glance they look like a brim but on further inspection you see so much more. Really a great hat.

  4. thankyou thankyou for your amazing coverage
    love love love chanelle mccoy in that amazing white feather creation
    nice to see dmountbatten looking impeccable as usual in repeat of wedding outfit
    mcncln i agree – first place for me goes to lady demauley – an absolutely beautiful hat and outfit,

    • Sirlancelot I agree with you about both but Lady deMauley has worn two exceptional ensembles these past two days at Ascot. She epitomized the classic style I expect to see within the Royal Enclosure at Ascot.

    • I agree with you – Lady de Marley gets my vote for best dressed, too. The hat, the jacket, those gloves! She is also wearing a hat by Dillon Wallwork and I love that in the closeup you can see that the little flowers on the hat match those on her jacket fabric. Classic Ascot! 💙

  5. I love in the post pics above, Viscountess Brookeborough in a blue piped white hat; and Lady deMauley in that creative grey pillbox looks fabulous.Sophie of Wessex, you so need to see her jacket! The lower half of Lady deM’s outfit just gets better — she can be seen in the background of the pics of the post just previous to this –Day 2:The Kents. Check out her Audrey-Hepburn-style elbow-length gloves. Lady deMauley is my Best Dressed Non-Royal for Day 2.

  6. Beyond happy to see the Countess Mountbatten of Burma back in this gorgeous Dillon Wallwork silver hat! Lady deMauley was also another favorite of mine in that beautiful grey pillbox percher hat.

    Many other picks were included in your list (including the Union Jack/EU hat!), but here are a few more:
    Embed from Getty Images

  7. Favorite hats from day 2
    Embed from Getty Images
    Embed from Getty Images
    Embed from Getty Images

    • Maja, I love that first hat. We’ve often seen placement and trim issues when royals wear asymmetrical saucers, but I think this look has it nailed. The classic and romantic elements are beautifully balanced, and the colours looks fantastic against the yellow-green garden bed.
      i also adore the second hat I(although I don’t think the white suit was the best choice to go with it).

    • That first hat is gorgeous and I was thrilled to see it yesterday. But oh wow, the second hat (paired with its crisp white pantsuit) feels really wonderful. Different and interesting in shape and color. Like a galaxy. Fabulous!

  8. Favorite hats from day 2
    Embed from Getty Images

    Embed from Getty Images

    Embed from Getty Images

    • Favorite hats from day 2
      Embed from Getty Images

  9. Fantastic photo of Wies at work! I’m loving these guest commentaries and peeks inside their studios. Thank you Wies!

    My best dressed today are not Royals, but 3 people who also caught your eye:
    Glasgow milliner William Chambers and his partner Niall Walker in traditional Scottish attire, looking utterly fabulous!
    Hat shop owner Elizabeth Hughes in a peacock teal blue Juliette Botterill flower trimmed saucer. Drop dead gorgeous hat and outfit! What a work of art! I really wish we could vote on that hat in monthly polls, even though she’s not Royal. She just looks so fabulous!

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