Royal Ascot Day 2: Prince & Princess Michael of Kent

I’m so happy to be joined by Dutch milliner Wies Mauduit, creator of  La plus belle!  bespoke millinery in The Hague, to chat about today’s royal hats at Ascot!

Princess Michael of Kent repeated her arctic silver white silk covered pillbox hat, trimmed with trailing plumes of white ostrich feathers.

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Wies Mauduit: Again, this hat works well with today’s colder weather. I like the way the feathers soften the outline of Marie-Christine’s face. Without them, this hat would look plain, but the feather trim makes it festive enough for Ascot.

Royal Hats: This hat has been worn several times and while it sometimes seems a bit much for the average royal extended family event, it fits right in here. The colour scheme is so sophisticated and I really like the slightly flared crown shape, which gives it a bit more gravitas (if it needed any more!)

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Designer: John Boyd
Previously Worn: May 18, 2019; October 12, 2018June 13, 2015;  Oct 18, 2014Jun 16, 2014

Prince Michael repeated his black silk antique top hat.

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What do you think of Princess Michael’s pillbox today?

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2 thoughts on “Royal Ascot Day 2: Prince & Princess Michael of Kent

  1. Another fine hat, but as we had just seen this a month ago at Gabriella’s wedding with a longer coat, so nothing here feels new to me unfortunately.

    Prince Michael is certainly one of the best-dressed men in the British Royal Family. Always impeccable!

  2. I think of this hat as having a traditional regal air (must be that Garter-like ostrich feather!), and though its size, height and symmetry could be too severe for some faces, it suits Marie-Christine to a T.
    Like Camilla, she seems to understand the power of head-to-toe pastels when worn by a blue-eyed blonde. I do love the coloured scarf which is bringing a touch of warmth to the colour scheme – a smart move as her skin tone looks to be warmer than Camilla’s. The white umbrella (better than any coloured or clear umbrella) casts a flattering soft filter of light on her face. And that elegant cape – just perfect for rainy Ascot!
    Prince Michael of course looks hat-to-toe fabulous as always – love that cornflower-blue tie with his beige waistcoat.

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