Royal Ascot Day 3: The Phillipses

I’m delighted to welcome Ellie Vallerini, creator of Sussex-based Ellie Vallerini Hats, here share her thoughts on all of the royal hats at Royal Ascot!  

Autumn Phillips topped her floral dress with a cream and pink cocktail percher hat. The formed base, made from layered cream satin and sinamay is trimmed with a pink and cream hand dyed ombre ruffle in bamboo silk.

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Royal Hats: Head to toe, this is SO pretty.

Ellie Vallerini: I also thought Autumn Phillips looks so fresh and pretty in this outfit. Although the hat was simple it is an unusual design and because it is solid white with a flash of pink, it really stood out from the busy background. I just loved the young and funky dip dyed effect with the pink and most of all it suited her and her face shape, beautiful!

Royal Hats: You’ve found the words I couldn’t, Ellie! The ruffle’s ombre dye is a modern touch but the colour palate keeps it very soft- a softness continued by Autumns flowing hairstyle- and enables the hat to beautifully connect to the dress. These are two pieces that could easily be overpowered but here, pair perfectly together.

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Designer: Bee Smith. It is a bespoke version of the Pink Ruffle Seagrass Beret. Claire Mischevani dress.
Previously Worn: This hat is new

Peter Phillips wore his black felt top hat.

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What do you think of Autumn’s new hat today?

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9 thoughts on “Royal Ascot Day 3: The Phillipses

  1. Autumn looks stunning. I like her very well balanced outfit. The hat isn’t too much, but also not too little. The dress is so happy and fits her impeccably. The hat is certainly fresh and also traditional. Lovely indeed.

  2. A fantastic look for Autumn for Ladies’ Day! She has rarely put a foot wrong in the last few years when it comes to hats, and I’m glad to see she hasn’t stopped with the great looks yet. The dipped ombre effect on the trim is beautiful, and I’m glad this came with a white base instead of the original seagrass. Brava!

  3. Autumn looks lovely and her hat compliments the dress so well. Considering she’s married in to all this hoo-ha and razamatzz (and wasn’t brought up with it), Autumn is one of the most reliable event dressers in the extended family. I applaud her skill and innate taste every time I see her. Well done!

  4. The ombre ruffle/flower is delightful with it’s pink, cream and white colors and works very well with the dress, which I also admire. Good job, Autumn, you look lovely.

  5. Hello Autumn! I see you in that beautiful hat and dress! The ruffle on her hat is a work of art! I love the gradation of color and it complements her dress so nicely. Her dress is killer. She’s tied with The Queen for best dressed today.

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