Royal Ascot Day 3: The Tindalls

Royal Hats

I’m so pleased to be joined today by Ellie Vallerini, creator of Sussex-based Ellie Vallerini Hats, to comment on all of the royal hats we see today at Royal Ascot!  

Zara Tindall wore a deep teal blue straw split saucer hat. The top edge of the saucer extends to a folded ruffle at the back of the hat and the design is finished with a navy quill and a two-toned green and navy silk flower placed on the front.

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Ellie Vallerini: Like Autumn, Zara looked very beautiful and stylish in her hat; she chose a hat that suits her in colour, shape and style. This hat looked really lovely from all angles especially when they were riding in the carriage and you could see it’s beautiful sculptural shapes. The hat really flatters her and she looks comfortable and relaxed in it which always helps. It’s a good match to the dress however, I definitely prefer the hat to the dress! Although I think the hat is perfect on her I do think with that dress it needed a bit more width just to balance out the shoulders and create a better overall silhouette.

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Royal Hats: We have had some great teal looks this Ascot! This is outstanding on Zara. Love the colour, love the shape, love the scale, love the trim. LOVE. The two-toned flower gives a beautiful focal point to the ensemble (LOVE the subtle contrast between the teal hat and green and navy flower) and the nude shoes and purse a neutral counterpoint. I love how the ruffle motif in the hat is repeated with smaller ruffles on the dress. High necked dresses can be tough to style but this vertical hat, upswept hair and simple hoop earrings are just right.  Did I say I love it?!

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Designer: Juliette Botterill. Dress by Claire Mischevani
Previously Worn: This hat is new

Mike Tindall wore his very dapper antique top hat covered in black silk.

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What do you think of Zara’s hat today?

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11 thoughts on “Royal Ascot Day 3: The Tindalls

  1. I had been a bit underwhelmed by the royal hats this year until Day 3 Lady’s Day – wow wow wow!!! And Zara’s gorgeous hat is the best of the best. I think it pairs very well with her dress which is very flattering with its empire waistline.

  2. Just repeating the love everyone else is bringing for this beautiful hat. The subtle colours which add depth and interest; the swirling shape and the match, without being super matchy, to the dress – perfect.
    I also didn’t love the dress, but at least it wasn’t maxi length, only to the knee, so not acres of plain fabric, and the high collar was ruffled, not roll neck, so not a total fail.

  3. Hear hear to all the hat praise! Nobody, but nobody, can beat Zara when she is at the top of her percher game (may she never stop wearing this style) — and with this beauty she is the undisputed Boss. The colour is fantastic on her. Top marks, Julie Botterill! And as you point out HQ, the standing neckline, which so many are currently struggling to pull off, looks natural and effortless on Zara, thanks to her long proportions, and truly complements the hat. The construction of the front of the dress could have been more flattering, but that’s a minor point — I hope we’ll see this hat again – maybe worn with a coat to match the shoes and bag.

  4. Magnificent hat! Love the swirls, especially the part that curls under over Zara’s left ear. The color is just gorgeous, too. I’m not sure I can call it my favorite New Royal Hat of 2019 like SoCal Gal, but I think it’s my favorite of Ascot so far.

  5. Absolutely gorgeous hat for Zara! I love the colors, which covers the spectrum and fades from teal to turquoise to jade to cerulean to cobalt; just like the ocean! I’m not thrilled with the ruffles cascading down the front of the dress, but that is a minor complaint.

  6. Love everything about the hat (such great detailing) and love this colour on Zara … but I really dislike how bland the dress is. Too much dark teal and although it’s quite plain, it feels fussy to me. But as I said to my husband last night, if I had to wear best duds day after day I doubt I’d be getting it right even half the time. Easy to sit here in my comfy, winter woollies and slippers and critique! I love looking at the photos, reading the erudite commentaries and the remarks of others so here’s to HQ coming into her second wind and rolling on through the rest of Ascot.

  7. This hat is fabulous on Zara! The color is great on her and the two-toned flower provides just the right amount of zing! I don’t love the dress mostly because that waist seam is in the wrong place. Mike looks great, I think he’s the only one in the younger crew giving the PoW a run for his money in the sartorial stakes!

  8. I love the hat on Zara. She looks so fantastic in saucers! The flower in there is a beauty! I see green and blue hues. Just a lovely work of art!

    I think the Tindall/Phillips carriage was my favorite. Everyone looked amazing in it. Peter and Mike both look wonderful in their hats. Two very handsome couples!

  9. I agree with HatQueen wholehardedly! I LOVE THIS HAT!!! The color is spectacular on Zara, the execution is flawless and overall this delightful hat enhances the wearer’s overall appearance which is what a hat is supposed to do, right? This is going down as my favorite New Royal Hat 2019 so far and it’s going to take something or somebody’s work of art to push it off the top of my list for the year. Fabulous! Wonderful! Graceful! Uplifting! Beautiful! and I could go on and on. The combination of pale blond hair in an updo, natural and nude makeup, blush accessories and a lovely dress make an exquisite ensemble for me with the hat leading the way. Top this, I say!

  10. I have a technical question for HatQueen or Ms. Vallerini. My novice eyes see that, other than the trim, the hat is made from two pieces: the flat disc-shape in the center and then a long piece that starts under the flower, goes around the disc, and then is formed into the ruffle in the back. Is that correct? Could you give us just a very brief description of how the long piece is shaped into that design? Is it wet or heated and then hand molded? What artistry!

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