Royal Ascot Day 3: Wrap Up

Photos released very late in the day (long after bedtime in the UK!) show a few more members of the royal family attended the races today. Princess Michael of Kent wore a new, John Boyd wide brimmed hat with mushroom bound in a black stripe, trimmed with a flat black bow.

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Prince Michael looked characteristically stylish in his black silk antique top hat- a hat that makes Lord Frederick’s shorter, felt version look rather squat and dowdly in comparison!

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This day of the races also saw a few hats atop noble and notable heads:

Lady Carolyn Warren’s wide brimmed, pink pyramid with silk floral trim beneath the brim

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Viscountess Brookeborough in a wide brimmed cerulean blue hat with feather trim

Embed from Getty Images

Lady Alice Manners, daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Rutland, in a Philip Treacy percher

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Our guest milliner Ellie Vallerini’s pick for top non-royal hat and favourite outfit of the day is: British milliner Awon Golding in a self-made  magenta boater hat with black ruffled flowers. Ellie writes, “She looked amazing! Modern, chic and elegant, the outfit was fun and daring and a real statement while still letting Awon shine out. She definitely wore that hat and it didn’t wear her!”

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Awon Golding’s hat topped my list as well. Here are some of the other hats that caught my eye today:

Lizzie’s Hat owner Elizabeth Hughes in an oversize black straw saucer with vibrant flowers by Guibert Millinery
British milliners Ian Bennett in a scarlet silk top hat and Viv Jenner in a pink percher, both by Ian Bennett
Milliner Vivien Sheriff in a blush sidesweep saucer with explosion of patel feathers of her own design
Emma Winter in an ink blue straw beret with incredible, sculptural silk abaca trim by Ana Bella Millinery
Racing journalist Liz Price in fabulous feathers from Rachel Trevor Morgan
Natalie Dormer’s
blush straw waved disc with pleated crin trim by Jane Taylor
Jax Meehan in a turquoise funnel hat with feathers from Lizzie’s Hats
British milliner Yuan Li in a dramatic red hat with feather pinwheel of her own design
Francesca Cumani’s orange and pink feathered bandeau by Vivien Sheriff
Anika Livesley
in a large-petalled Stephen Jones design (with the milliner himself on her arm!)
Heather Morris’ hat with giant pink maribou pompom trim by Yuan LI
Ana Bella Millinery owner/designer Ana Pribylova in a dandelion hat of her own design
Alexa Holman’s
pouring floral teapot

My sincere thanks to British milliner Ellie Vallerini for taking the time from a very busy week of hatmaking to join us today. It has been our great honour to have you our conversation!

Photos from Getty as indicated 

25 thoughts on “Royal Ascot Day 3: Wrap Up

  1. I forgot to add my support for Princess Michael’s hat, it’s terrific. The coat looks like she has still got some of her ‘eighties clothes in her wardrobe, but it works. With a changed dress, I could give this look full marks.

  2. Problems with my laptop keyboard have been making it difficult to post individual comments on all of the fantastic posts from Day 3, but I want to thank HatQueen and guest milliner Ellie Vallerini for the wonderful commentary and photos, as well as all of our great blog participants for the extra photos and opinions — the Day 3 posts have been a real treat, and I hope to be able to get back to them for comments when this problem is resolved.

    One question that can’t wait — a red top hat?!? Is that actually allowed under the Ascot dress code?

    • Not in the Royal Enclosure, but in all the other sections at Ascot, the dress code requirements loosen up depending on which one you are in. Looks like Ian Bennett is in the Queen Anne Enclosure, which is the next level down from the Royal Enclosure.

      • Thanks, Jake! Although it’s unlikely that I’ll ever actually get to Royal Ascot myself, it will be fun to imagine all the amazing colors that top hats could be made in, just as long as I don’t aspire to meet any royals while there!

  3. Well done Princess Michael! This is so chic and she looks so much better when she doesn’t clutter up the whole look with scarves and beads and feathers and the kitchen sink. I want her bag too! Freddie’s looking dapper, much moreso than usual, like his dad’s lessons are finally sinking in. Lady Warren is always elegant, I always watch to see what she’s wearing.

  4. Nice, classic new picture hat for Princess Michael.

    Agreed that Awon Golding is quite splendid. I would never think to pair a hat of either that color or that style with that dress, but it really works.

    The teapot hat wins for whimsy. The dandelion stands out for its motion in the breeze. And points to Natalie Dormer for styling her hair so well for the back of her Jane Taylor.

    • Wow, that bow, Ellie… such an interesting material. Thanks so much for participating here, Ellie. I agree with your hat pick, Awon Golding has got a full-on sash-winning look going with that hat.
      HQ, I’ve been having a ball with Ascot this week, thanks entirely to you. Your end-of-day hat picks are gold. I do hope you’re having enough fun to balance out all your hard work. And the guest milliners have been a fantastic feature — I hope they are enjoying the experience as much as we readers are.

  5. Finally, a new hat for Marie-Christine! And one that I like! It could’ve gone with a better outfit, but I’m so glad we were given this on the third day of Hat Christmas. Prince Michael, dashing as always, and unfortunately Frederick is suffering the same fate Willem-Alexander did on Day 1 with their top hats.

    Francesca Cumani was stunning, but the whole ITV Racing gang looked great! (Charlotte Hawkins in a Sally Ann Provan hat):
    Embed from Getty Images

    A few others I admired from Ladies’ Day that have not been included already:
    Embed from Getty Images
    The final hat in the slideshow is a bit ridiculous, but that horse is made of formed sinamay and feathers, which took some really craftsmanship to make, so I admire the milliner who did!

    • Thank you Jake for including the beautiful lady in hot pink and black accents. I saw her in earlier coverage and thought she looked so chic. That hat is a work of art!

      Thank you Ellie and Hat Queen for all your hard work. I also agree with Ellie about Awon Golding being best dressed. Her hat is beautiful and paired with that killer dress takes it to new levels of style success!

      And Ellie’s gorgeous pink hat is breathtaking. I think we all covet it!

      Still very disappointed no Princess Haya this year 😦

  6. I forgot to include this Emily London lace covered bergere hat (to the right of the Queen), worn by Chez Liebenberg, owner of winning horse Stradivarius.
    Embed from Getty Images

  7. Favorite hats from day 3
    Embed from Getty Images
    Embed from Getty Images

  8. Favorite hats from day 3
    Embed from Getty Images
    Embed from Getty Images
    Embed from Getty Images

  9. Favorite hats from day 3
    Embed from Getty Images
    Embed from Getty Images
    Embed from Getty Images

    • Love the My Fair Lady look! The stack of themed books is inspired, but as we say here, “The execution is lacking.” 🙂

  10. My gosh!

    So nice of you to send these blogs all day!

    Thank you so much.

    Did Princess Alexandra attend this week?

    We appreciate all that you do, HQ.

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