Royal Ascot Day 3: The Kingstons

Royal Hats

I’m joined today by the lovely Ellie Vallerini, creator of Sussex-based Ellie Vallerini Hats, to chat about all the royal hats we see today at Royal Ascot!  

Lady Gabriella Kingston and her new husband Tom enjoyed the races today. Tom wore a grey felt top hat and Gabriella wore a cocktail hat with blush pink parasisal inflated teardrop base. The hat is trimmed with trimmed ostrich feathers and a diamond patterned veil.

Royal Hats: Lady Gabriella usually wears wide brimmed, sidesweeping picture hats so this is a departure for her!

Ellie Vallerini: Lady Gabriella looks effortless and chic in this outfit. I like that is has a fun element to it and feels a bit frivolous with the ruffles, stripes and ostrich feathers. I love the colour and style of this Philip Treacy hat however I’m not mad on the base shape, I feel it can look a bit severe and heavy on the face. Overall, she looks great in her outfit and is in the true spirit of Royal Ascot which is to have a bit of fun with what you are wearing!

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Royal Hats: I love that Gabriella has experimented with a new shape. I just can’t help nostalgically thinking that one of her dramatic, sweeping cream straw picture hats would have made a lovely pairing with this dress and balance out those romantic sleeves!

Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Philip Treacy. It is OC 549 from SS 2019. Dress by Luisa Beccaria. 
Previously Worn: Thia hat is new

What do you think of Gabriella’s hat today?

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10 thoughts on “Royal Ascot Day 3: The Kingstons

  1. So fun to see Lady Gabriella in a smaller shape- she wears it very well. I especially love the veiling and trim. However I agree that the base feels a bit heavy. This is something I’ve noticed on a few recent Philip Treacy hats- this one and the one Lady Kitty Spencer wore at Ascot on Tuesday come to mind, and my brain feels like there was a third but I can’t remember it. Anyway, I wonder if this is just a newly popular shape/proportion/placement that I need to adapt to?

    • You may be thinking of the black Philip Treacy that Queen Maxima wore recently.It had a heavy, similar shape with a quill and she paired it with a hot pink and black dress by a European designer whose name I can’t recall. Very different so perhaps Philip Treacy has a new style this season. I’ll have to go to his website and see. Just a thought.

    • Shannon, I am seeing this shape a lot this year. Anything Philip Treacy does is sure to be emulated by milliners world-wide. I do think the shape is not for everyone, it can definitely be harder to pull off than the more usually-sized shape.

  2. I can’t recall Gabriella ever wearing something this small! Nevertheless, she pulls it off well. IMO this small hat with the larger sleeves is more balanced than some other looks from this week with small hats and long dresses.

    I don’t know if the pinks would coordinate here, but a fabulous hat (actually, the whole ensemble) I would absolutely love to see again would be this one:
    Embed from Getty Images

    • Oops, forgot to say that it’s nice to see Thomas Kingston in a grey top hat compared to all the black we often see on royal men (Philip being the exception), but it does look a bit wide/oversized for him unfortunately; the rest of his morning suit looks very dapper though!

  3. So, I love the hat, love the dress, love the shoes – just not together! I think both the hat and shoes would have looked better with a sleeker style of dress. But as a hat, this is great for Ascot, a bit of fun, as Ellie said. Right up there in my top five so far!

  4. Gorgeous! I’m so used to seeing Lady Gabriella in wide hats that I was surprised to see how good this looks on her — I thought it might look too elongating for her proportions – but the balance is just right and its suits her perfectly. The veiling has a particularly lovely effect.
    I’m not sure about the dress with this hat….., but I’m very sure about those Kurt Geiger shoes, which are to die for.

  5. That megawatt smile could make me overlook anything. Fortunately, Gabriella almost never puts a foot wrong. While this is different from her usual, I think it’s fun and appropriate for Ladies’ Day. I’d love to know how they kept the ostrich feather so upright! As we’ve seen at Garter Day, sometimes those ostrich feathers have a mind of their own! Also the dress is the same designer as her wedding gown.

  6. I think I’m allergic to ruffles but it may be a trend – Kate’s piping at the Garter, Zara’s dress today and now Gabriella. Confirmed! Ruffles are in. I think Gabriella could wear a potato sack and look good she just has megawatt style. I agree with our dear guest commentator Ellie that the base is heavy for what is otherwise a light and airy chapeau but Gabriella carries it well and it’s lovely to see her looking so happy with her dapper husband. She’s quite the English rose.

    • Aww,. wonderful what you wrote sandra. Such a departure for Lady Gabriella, but with that megawatt smile, she pulls it off. I do agree with Ellie that the base looks a bit heavy, but she looks thrilled to be there and her new husband looks wonderful as well.

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