Royal Ascot Day 4: Wrap Up

The only other royal enjoying the races today was, again, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum (again, without Princess Haya!).

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Today’s carriage procession also saw a few hats atop noble heads:

Sara Cumani (her husband, Luca, is a horse trainer) wore a pink silk bandeau with flowers. I believe the other woman has not been named correctly- her cream saucer is covered in a black diamond mesh used for the bow.

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Lady Carolyn Warren in a cream straw upsweeping saucer. John Warren and Mark Etherington beside him are both in silk top hats.

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Dame Annabelle Whitehead (the Queen’s Lady in Waiting) in an almond windowpane straw hat with mint binding stripe. Beside her is Mrs. Benjamin Bathurst (her husband is Commander of the Household Division) in a navy and cream hat.

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The following additional hats caught the attention of our guest milliner, Lauren Ritchie:

Embed from Getty Images
Lisa Tan in her signature tiered bias brim with a boater crown
Aly Vance in  Philip Treacy
Ginnie Chadwyck-Healey in Rachel Trevor-Morgan
Lottie Moss in Vivien Sheriff
Nicholas Pinnock in top hat

Britney Eurton in Sarah Cant Millinery
Milliner Lia Gureeva in her own design 
Gina Bryce in Anabella Millinery 

GREAT picks, Lauren- many were on my list as well! I also liked:

Embed from Getty Images
Rosie Tapner in Rafa Peinador’s natural straw beret with fantastic black floral trim (he’s our guest milliner tomorrow and is in the second photo above, along with Rachel Trevor Morgan)

Embed from Getty Images
Valerie Stark in a twisted grey Jane Taylor vertical headpiece
Sarah Soulsby’s orbiting percher
Philip Treacy in a silk top hat with Demi Moore in a sharp black straw ‘slice’ with green & burgundy silk flowers
Presenter Jenni Falconer in a lilac button percher with pleated crin ruffle by Bundle MacLaren
Soprano Camilla Kerslake in a black straw bandeau with white flowers by Sally Ann Provan

Catherine Donaldson in a black straw Jane Fryers picture hat with modern trim
Katrina Arie in Russian milliner Denis Guleyaev’s magenta percher with navy velvet trim
Charming leaf green straw percher with bow by Atelier Millinery
Milliner Yvette Jelfs in a
bright pink floral trimmed hat of her own design
PR exec Kara Goodley in a William Chambers brimmed hat entirely covered in dove grey ostrich feathers
Ebony Goudeau in a pink and lime green silk from American milliner Arturo Rios
Double layered cream flower-shaped headpiece with navy trim by British milliner Katie Vale
Mhairi Mercer’s bright citrus hued straw boater by Laylaleigh Millinery
Racing correspondent Francesca Cumani in a natural staw and navy flowered hat by Nicola de Selincourt
Lizzie’s Hats owner Elizabeth Hughes in pale blue Emily London

And this spectacular yellow straw disc with multi-coloured feather trim by Hostie Hats (see front view here)
Embed from Getty Images

My heartfelt thanks to Lauren Ritchie for sharing her millinery knowledge and great style eye with us today! Thank you so very much, Lauren!

Photos from Getty as indicated 

21 thoughts on “Royal Ascot Day 4: Wrap Up

  1. Favorite hats from day 4
    Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images
    Embed from Getty Images

  2. Thanks HatQueen and Lauren for your coverage! I especially enjoyed the tip about hairspray and veiling.

    Here are a few other hats from Day 4 I really liked:
    Embed from Getty Images

    Also, I can’t find a photo right now of Francesca Cumani on Day 4 (I fear I only saw it in someone’s IG stories!), but I also liked her hat.

  3. I have been fascinated by the variety of top hats. The photos of the side by side carriage riders and the Sheikh’s entourage made for striking impressions. Perhaps a future pre-Ascot post could include a study of them. The fabrics( antique silk vs felt), the color ( black, gray – scarlet!)the height of the crown, and the width and curve of the brim all contribute to make such a difference in the same style hat. Of course, how and where it sits on a particular head and the comfort level of the wearer of the hat also make a huge contribution.

  4. Thank you Lauren for all your wonderful commentary! Your picks are fantastic!
    I am drawn to that bright yellow disc with multicolored feathers by Hostie Hats. It’s just stunning and my pick for hat of the day.

      • Not just a spreadsheet- a shared spreadsheet! Best way to keep the hats straight each day and correspond with our guest milliners across… well, too many time zones to count.

        • Even without the guest milliners, it has always seemed like the blog participants here are in a wide range of time zones — I’m sure you must have followers around the world! Thank you again for such superb coverage of each day — it has been an Ascot like no other!

  5. First of all CONGRATULATIONS! Your Ascot coverage is the best there ever was , or is, on any blog . Infinitely amusing and detailed ; giving us the know how and the thrill of the important racing days through the fashions of the larger family and friends. I have only one detail which everyone seems to had missed; Queen Maxima’s stunning hat was furthermore adorned by her, I’m certain, diplomatically chosen, earrings from the Stuart diamond parure in one of their variations. What a pity there was not more sunshine to let them blind us. Again: what a splendid coverage of the fun, gorgeous days and creme de la creme fashions! Thank you!!!

  6. Great choices! I agree with both of you about the Lisa Tan boater.

    Thanks to Lauren for the insights. I especially enjoyed the discussions about ostrich feathers and veiling.

  7. I am missing Princess Haya very much. 😦 But Sheikh Mohammed seems to have hired a new tailor so that’s good. I hope he had some winners this week. Everone in the carriages looks stellar. That Jane Taylor vertical hat! WOW!

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