Royal Ascot Day 5: The Queen

Royal Hats

I’m so pleased to welcome Spanish milliner Rafa Peinador, creator of his namesake London-based millinery brand, to share his thoughts on all of the royal hats we see today on the final day Royal Ascot!  

The cream straw hat follows the split crown design used on several other Kelly/McLaren designs, the same silk wool as the Queen’s coat wrapping half of the hat’s tall crown and edging the short brim. The hat is trimmed simply with a spray of silk orchids and a slim green bow at the side.

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Rafa Peinador: Her Majesty the Queen today went back to softer colours and a more classic shape. It was a very safe option which is in line with the hats she normally wears. I love the way the pale green fabric, with a white  “marble effect” has been incorporated in the edge of the brim. I am not very keen on the use of the fabric in the crown. It would have preferred for the whole crown to be covered with the fabric or a maybe used as a ribbon like trimming around the base of the crown.

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Royal HatsThe hat radiates spring from its colour and light floral trim. So fresh! I think the hat would look crisper and more refined if the brim binding was slimmer- it’s a little clunky. Same for the fabric crown wrap, even though it’s an interesting design feature unique to Kelly/McLaren hats.

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Rafa Peinador: I love the combination of white, green and yellow used for the flowers. The green piping holding the flowers simulating the stems is very clever. However I am not very keen on the yellow buds, they look too artificial. I would have preferred bespoke hand made flowers.

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Royal Hats: I’m coming away from Ascot this year with a new awareness, understanding and appreciation for hand made flowers, thanks to all our guest milliners have shared about them this week. They certainly are a cut above (pun intended!).

Designer: Angela Kelly made by Stella McLaren
Previously Worn: March 28, 2019; April 21, 2016

The Queen was accompanied by the Duke of York in his black antique silk top hat.

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What do you think of Her Majesty’s hat today?

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21 thoughts on “Royal Ascot Day 5: The Queen

  1. I don’t care for this hat, the juncture of the green and white on the crown just looks lumpy to my eye, but I do love the idea of piping as flower stem. It might be the ideal way to address the desire for airy spread out flowers vs. the desire not to have plastic stems (the discussion of earlier in the week).

    Thank you hat queen and guests for taking so much of your time to provide such great coverage for us this week, I know it’s a ton of work and we love how much effort you put in!

  2. I’m happy to see a repeat, and also to see this lovely green again, it’s so fresh. But still my quibbles about the hat remain, it has a real clumsiness where the fabrics join which is a real shame, as the concept is a good one. It would be so much better if the green fabric has been used as a hatband or covered the whole crown.

  3. I so much wanted Elizabeth to give us another thrilling new look – she’d done so well at the start of the week. But there we are, a recycled outfit. Never mind, it feels like spring and she looks lovely overall (when doesn’t she?).

    But I don’t care for the hat at all. I generally dislike the ‘split crown and two fabric’ hats and to me this one just looks unfinished, thanks to the white part of the crown. The flower trim is nice but, as others have said, the ‘buds’ are too bright and large and so dominate the more delicate colours of the flowers. Nice brooch!

  4. Not my favorite hat of HM’s. The coat fabric is so much thicker than the straw that it looks awkward, like the split crown is only that way because of the thickness of the fabric and not intentionally so. I find the yellow buds clunky, actually they look more like lemons to me. And now seeing the difference in the binding widths that Jimbo has pointed out makes it very amatuerish. I do like the color scheme though of the entire outfit, very lemon-lime, let’s go have a 7-Up together.

    I think my favorite hat of HM’s this week was the grey with the pleated crin, 2nd was the Day 1 pinched brim with those fabulous velvet roses.

    On everyone else, my favorites are Autumn’s hat of today, Zara’s teal hat and Eugenie’s teal feathered hat.

    • The fabric would have to be blocked onto something (straw is my guess), which would be adding to the thickness. If you look at the Queen’s sleeve end, that shows a double width of the fabric- it’s clearly a summer weight and not very thick.

  5. This is an ambitious hat — an awful lot has been attempted, with varying degrees of success.
    So I’ll just discuss this hat from mid-range view. From a distance, what I do still like is the colour palette. It’s just so fresh, and a very gentle way to use lime green. The clever use of white softens the brightness of this potentially unflattering colour. The split crown with its large area of white connects to the gloves, which present a similar area of white (thank heavens HM didn’t wear her black gloves, like she did last time). The points of yellow add focus, lift and brightness, without overpowering the overall softness of the look. The 2-colour texture of the coat fabric is another beautiful component of the palette. From this aspect, despite all its flaws, it’s a hat I’m quite happy to see again.

  6. You’re right Jimbo, the trim is 2 different widths top and bottom. How unusual. I didn’t notice that before. I don’t know what to think of it. Has AK/ Stella McLaren ever done this on other of HM’s hats before?

  7. Considering all the Queen’s hats that have been remodeled or even replaced over the past few years, I must wonder why this hat hasn’t gotten a re-do. This hat just has too many oddities, especially the big yellow and the clunky fabric binding. The coat material is nice, although Jimbo’s picture above makes me wonder whether they ran half the coat material upside down. The side left of what must the center back seam appears darker than the right side. I don’t think lighting could create such a straight-line difference, but one can’t tell from a photograph. The rear hat view of not flattering of the binding.
    My favorite hats of the week were the pinched-brim blue from day 1 and the blue-gray lampshade from day 3. Both were fabulous.

  8. Agree with Shannon. Liked the grey hat the most and the blues are tied for third place. I thought the Queen would have worn yellow or white the final day. The lime green seems close
    To yellow in a way. Overall I do think the Queen had a good fun time in general. She seemed so happy.

  9. Overall I still like this hat, but I also agree with the critiques offered by HatQueen and Rafa Peinador. I will say I was glad to be correct in my prediction she would wear green one of the last two days of Ascot! 😉

  10. Although my favorite hats for HM this week were the blue hats (and outfits) (and I actually liked the pinched-pointy one), I have gotten a warm, satisfied feeling every day when I bring up the post and see what she’s wearing. Today’s light green hat and ensemble is lovely! I do like the split-crown idea, but application of the green fabric sticks out too much from the basic crown; I would like it smoother, flatter, like raw edge appliqué. Then, seeing the green wrap from the back, I would leave out the awkward little part that comes up over the edge of the crown, or maybe go a little farther across the top of the crown. And I agree that the edging on the brim should be the same narrow gauge as shown on the underside, for both sides. Lastly, I think the yellow buds are fine, but better in a less saturated yellow. Oh, dear, I really didn’t mean to pick the hat apart! I love the green fabric with the interwoven cream. It looks wonderful on Her Majesty, the Queen.

  11. I really dislike this half wrapped style of hat. It smacks of “what can we do with this bit of left over fabric that’s not quite big enough to do anything sensible with?” or something from a magazine “We’ll show you how to rejuvenate your old hat”.
    I’m also not a fan of the yellow buds.
    My favourite hat of the week on HM was the first one. That was an absolute beauty.
    Runner-up was the lovely grey with the pleated brim.

    • Elizabeth, this is my order of preference this week:
      1. Grey lampshade – Thursday
      2. Light blue that Lady Mary could have worn in “Downton Abbey” – Wednesday
      3. Green repeat – Saturday
      4. Blue with pinched brim – Tuesday
      5. Bubblegum Pink – no good view of the hat, just the plume! – Friday

  12. Thanks for the great rear view picture of Her Majesty s hat. You can really see the details on the crown and brim. I agree that the yellow buds are distracting and could be better and hand-made. Thank you HatQueen for all you work this week on Royal Ascot. I agree with Jimbo that you deserve a nap!

  13. One of the most telling photos was actually taken at this hat’s last outing, in March. The rear view gives a totally different perspective on the overall effect. Wider trim above than under, and the split really looks different. I think I’m a fan, but not sure. Take a nap, HQ.

    March 28, 2019
    Embed from Getty Images

  14. I agree with Rafa that the crown could have done without the fabric. The colors are beautiful and light and the scale is very stylish on Her Majesty.

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