Luxembourg National Day

Members of the Grand Ducal family celebrated their country’s national holiday yesterday with a military parade and Te Deum thanksgiving mass.

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Grand Duchess Maria Teresa wore a formed calot hat in vibrant chartruese straw.

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It’s no secret that I love a wide-brimmed hat but large hats simply doesn’t suit all people. Wide brims often overwhelm Maria Teresa- the shape and scale of this one are really good on her and the punchy colour makes it stand out. The navy and chartreuse scheme of this ensemble is an unexpectedly good one and I really like the coordination of sleeve beading with the hat

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Designer: unknown. Dress by Lanvin.
Previously Worn: This hat is new

Hereditary Grand Duchess Stéphanie wore a wired headpiece of cream, pink and blue flowers and shells made of porcelain. It’s a delicate piece that pairs well with her pale pink dress and upswept hairstyle.

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Designer: Sylvia Martinez. Dress by Paule Ka.
Previously Worn: This headpiece is new

Princess Alexandra wore a natural straw oversize cloche hat with extended brim bound in black ribbon. While I like the contrast provided by the brim’s binding, it brings the focus of the hat down to the brim edge- maybe a black Petersham ribbon hatband would restore balance? I’m also struggling to see the connection between the hat and Alexandra’s blue suit.

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Designer: unknown. Suit was previously worn by Grand Duchess Maria Teresa.
Previously Worn: I believe this hat is new

It was a quieter group of hats this year for Luxembourg’s national day- what do you think of this trio?

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14 thoughts on “Luxembourg National Day

  1. Unlike some of the previous commenters, I don’t dislike the chartruese color of Grand Duchess Maria Teresa’s hat, I just wish there was a little more of the chartruese in her dress to tie them together — perhaps a necklace of large beads in the color, or a brooch. This hat does fit well with both the shape of her face and her short hair.

    Hereditary Grand Duchess Stéphanie’s flowered headpiece is lovely, but I’m not sure it would show very well if at all to those watching from the sidelines. But it’s so nicely made that I can’t take too much issue with it — thank you, HQ, for including that close-up of the headpiece alone — the idea of a hair ornament made of porcelain is very intriguing.

    The comments on Alexandra’s hat have all been said. I feel in virtually every photo that she is tilting her head back in order to see out from under it. I can’t quite decide if it’s the style, or maybe the hat is just too big for her and should have sat higher. Also, HatQueen, are you sure the brim is bound in black? It looks navy blue on my screen, which maybe would go a tiny bit better with the pale blue dress than black would.

  2. I like M-T’s hat very much, chartruese is an unusual color to pair with navy but it works surprisingly well especially now I see the sleeve beading (from afar I thought it was lace). It’s a good scale and shape for her too. I think Alex just hasn’t found the hat shape that suits her yet. A smaller brim on this one would have been better, it looks like she’s having trouble seeing out from under it. The Luxies share a lot of clothes so maybe they share hats too? I’m intrigued by Stephanie’s headpiece. Porcelain is so unusual and I want to know more about how it’s put together! I don’t love it on the side of her head though, maybe on the back of her ahead above a low chignon?

  3. Maria-Theresa gets my vote. As you say a fabulous colour scheme and that hat balances the sleeve flounce so well. It’s a challenge for her sometimes not to be swamped by her hats, being of diminutive stature, but this is how to do it.

    Stephanie so often underwhelms me, and again here. Close up it’s actually lovely, but it’s so pastelly and small, and her dress so bland, that it all rather disappears.

    Alexandra’s hat is somewhat inexplicable. She’s actually a lovely young woman, and other photos from later in the day show her looking fab, but as soon as she goes near a hat it all goes a bit wrong. This one buries her.. and she can’t see!

    • I got a neckache just looking at the way ALexandra had to tip her head back in order to see. The hat would be ideal foir the beach on a brightly sunny day, but for an event where she needed to be able tosee around her as well as walk, it does seem inexplicable.

      I also don’t like the color of Maria-Theresa’s hat, but that’s just my prejudice. I also think the bow looks too small and like a tacked-on afterthought that really does nothing to add to the hat. But the shape is very nice.

      Stephanie’s headpiece I find quite beautiful! Unusual and very delicate, and she tends to have such a delicate appearance in any case that it’s a really good match for her. She just doesn’t strike me as someone who is ever going to wear exuberant hats like Maxima or even some that Maria-Theresa wears, but she still can display lovely taste. She certainly succeeded this time.

  4. This was an interesting pairing for Maria Teresa, but I don’t like chartreuse as a color, and therefore my opinion is more so biased against this hat. It’s a good shape, I like the bow in the back, and even the color coordination with the sleeve beads was fun, but why did it have to be chartreuse?

    A lovely little headpiece for Stéphanie that coordinates well with her outfit, but it hardly registers as a hat. At the very least, I enjoy the fact she isn’t predictable and is willing to try new things with her headwear.

    Alexandra’s hat is made from panama straw (toquilla palm), so it’s a good quality hat suited for the event and her outfit. I agree a proper hatband would improve this hat, but also a flatter brim so it’s not such a struggle for her to see at certain times. If she had worn black shoes and/or black belt, then the hat would tie in better with her outfit, but the black brim binding does seem a bit out of place as is.

  5. GD Maria Teresa’s calot is an excellent choice and coordinates well with the dress’ sleeve beading. There’s a bow at the back, see

    I wish HGD Stephanie wore a proper hat. Anyway, her floral headpiece matches her dress nicely. It’s by Sylvia Martinez of Les Folies’s Bibis.

    I agree with HatQueen about Princess Alexandra’s hat. Random hat and outfit pairing and the odd downward focus.

    • I’m so tired of the term ‘proper hat’. It really demeans the beautiful work on headpieces such as these and suggests that headpieces are not acceptable choices for a particular event, which is not true here. So please- let’s stop using it.

      Thanks for the design confirmation- Sylvia Martinez has made some lovely things for Stehanie.

      As for the back of the Grand Duchess’ dress- the bow on the hat, unfortunately, pales in comparison to the awkwardly added panel in the back of the dress.

      • Noted, will stop using that term. Yes, Sylvia Martinez’s hats and Stephanie have been successful. I look forward to more.
        MT’s dress… yeah, I guess she really wanted that dress and made it work! Props to her and the tailor for finding a solution. Wish they covered the seams or something.

  6. Here I’ve been thinking that Hat Christmas is over, and now it is Hat January, with no royal weddings on the calendar and just appearances by the working royals in their working hats to keep us going. Luxembourg and our HatQueen to the rescue!

    Yes, I agree that Maria Teresa looks very sharp in her pillbox. I don’t care for chartreuse, but she wears it well, and it makes a lively accent to the navy. Stéphanie always does well with these soft, romantic looks. But it’s too bad to not go with a picture hat, which she has worn well. Alexandra unfortunately looks swamped by her hat. The shape seems more suited to the beach.

    HatQueen, I wondered whether you (or one of our well-informed commenters) know about the Japanese coronation? Will it be a hat-wearing event, with royal guests? Hoping!

  7. MT’s hat reminds me of the one Meghan Markle’s mom wore to her wedding. Is it possibly the same design, just worn more forward/on top of Doria Ragland’s head?

    • It’s a very common hat shape, fashionable for several years and made by many, many milliners. Doria Ragland’s hat was made by British milliner Stephen Jones, not someone I believe Grand Duchess Maria Teresa has worked with before. I think it’s extremely unlikely the hat is from him.

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