Holyroodhouse Garden Party

Queen Elizabeth was joined yesterday by the Princess Royal, the Duke of York and the Earl of Wessx (who is now known in Scotland as the Earl of Forfar) at the Palace of Holyroodhouse for the annual Scottish summer garden party.

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The Queen looked very summery her bright coral pink straw hat with hourglass shaped crown and gently sidesweeping brim trimmed with side straw twists and a wide arc of feathers in mixed shades of pink, soft coral and ivory.

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Designer: Angela Kelly made by Stella McLaren.
Previously Worn: Apr 23, 2018 June 17, 2016

Princess Anne repeated the muted teal straw hat with rounded crown and high, sidesweeping brim with bow and feathers she recently debuted at Ascot. Prince Edward wore his very dapper antique silk top hat (while, curiously, the Duke of York carried his).

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Designer of Princess Anne’s hat: Amy Morris-Adams
Previously Worn: June 20, 2019

Thoughts about these hats yesterday in Edinburgh?

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11 thoughts on “Holyroodhouse Garden Party

  1. A lovely outing again for HM. A great color choice for a garden party.

    Fantastic to see Anne again in this ensemble, although I shouldn’t be so surprised it’s only a few weeks after she first debuted it.

    Andrew and Edward looked well-put together, as usual. Interesting Sophie didn’t join the group; a missed hat opportunity!

    I really love that photo of all of them on the steps, standing at attention.

  2. 1. HM: This has always been one of my favorite ensembles, perhaps primarily because of the wonderful coral color – a HUGE step up from the Ascot ostrich feathered hat. Great new brooch, also. The “other” web site (From HM’s Jewel Vault) merely commented that it is new, no details were given. Also, we’re still waiting to see the dress alone. It looks interesting. Below is a great bird’s-eye view and the dress.

    April 22, 2018; Starting the London Marathon in Windsor
    Embed from Getty Images

    2. Princess Anne: When the first round of comments about this beautiful hat were posted during Royal Ascot, I questioned the severity of the diagonal slant, and wondered if it wouldn’t look better (softer) more horizontal, like a recent Queen Max hat which is almost identical in shape and size. Any thoughts?

    Princess Anne – June, 2019: Royal Ascot
    Queen Maxima – June 25, 2019: horsing around, pony-tail included!
    Embed from Getty Images

    3. Prince Edward: PERFECT in every way! I gotta find me one of them top hats! The only topper I ever wore was on Halloween in 1964. It was part of an Uncle Sam costume, hand-made by my dear mother. If I still had it, I could have worn it yesterday at the parade!
    Happy weekend, everyone!

  3. I fully agree, Sandra and Buffy, about this hat being superior to the coral ostrich feather hat worn at Ascot recently.
    I also agree with Sandra about the “monochrome” effect of the ensemble as a whole. The first set of photos shows how much HM’s white gloves stand out against this block of coral colour when seen from a distance. They act as the focal point of the outfit — which I doubt was the stylist’s intention.
    HM’s white summer gloves are a factor which I imagine is taken into account by her milliners and dress designers. HM often wears monochrome ensembles, but when those outfits are pale in colour, the white gloves blend in easily and therefore don’t interfere with the look. When the outfit colour is stronger and darker (as in this case), the usual solution is to add to HM’s hat some elements in a contrasting or lighter colour, which draw attention up to the hat and away from the gloves. Or, HM’s coat is cut down to reveal the lighter dress underneath. For example, at her Scottish parliament visit last month, where HM wore a royal blue ensemble, HM’s coat was split to the waist, revealing the white of the dress underneath even when HM was standing still. A very large diamond brooch added another white focal point. Consequently the white gloves didn’t look unconnected to the colour scheme.
    I think the trim on the pockets and the white marled buttons of this coral coat may have been added as a means of bringing more white into the look – but it’s not enough to be visible at a distance. So while I like the hat just as it is — from the point of view of the entire ensemble, some more visible white on the hat (as JamesB suggested) would, I feel, lift this hat and outfit another notch of two.
    BTW, I too love the new brooch.

  4. I had to go back and look at the Ascot hat again – this one is sooo much better in terms of its feather trim. I think feathers with substance are going to beat ostrich feathers most times (unless it’s something dramatic like Camellia’s ‘fountain’). Not sure what the front loop is that looks as though it rises vertically to the crown? Perhaps I’m not ‘seeing’ it properly. However, the whole ensemble is a bit monochrome for me (even her dress looks to be quite a solid colour) and falls flat, despite the nice hat. I agree with JamesB re the pocket trim and buttons.

    Good on Anne. How many people at the garden party would have been at Ascot? If you’ve got something nice, wear it often, I say!

  5. Wonderful to see this hat again. I think it might be my favorite of the Queen’s strong pink hats.

    And she debuted a new brooch!
    AND we get a Windsor christening on Saturday!!!

    • Prince Andrew did wear his hat during the garden party:

  6. I like this hat much better than the pink one worn at Ascot. Same general idea but these feathers work better, imo.

  7. I’m glad to see the Queen’s hat again, the colour is lovely and I like the fact that the trim is simple (ie not too many different components) and yet flamboyant. . I think it’s a good hat to wear for this type of occasion when members of the public will be in crowds and will want to be sure of catching a glimpse of the Queen in person – it’s a good dramatic stand-out hat.

  8. LOVE this ensemble & the extra sparkle was a surprise since Edinburgh is such a grey city. The Queen’s dresser is to be saluted for such an array of wardrobe color for this season. I loved Edinburgh & met Princess Anne there a few years back when she was opening a new building.

  9. Nice to see this one again; that sweep of feathers is lovely, though a tiny bit of white plumage would have been good to tie to the coat. Re the coat though, I really don’t like that fussy trim on the pockets and buttons; if it had been left off, or trimmed in a plain colour, it would have been so much better.

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