Monday Multiples: Princess Anne

We will kick off each week over the summer with a Monday post co-written and researched by longtime reader Jimbo. We’ve named this series, featuring current and past hats worn with different ensembles, “Monday Multiples”. Thank you so much, Jimbo, for providing the inspiration and energy behind this series and for all of your contributing research to support each post!

Jimbo’s Introduction: Several interesting discussions have taken place recently here at Royal Hats pertaining to the art of mixing and matching various components of an ensemble, as opposed to a more “polished,” coordinated look (a specific hat with a specific outfit.)  Some of today’s younger Royals enjoy mixing and matching their ensembles with an ever-changing fresh result, the common practice of most of us non-Royal hat wearers, primarily for economic reasons, to be sure. Princess Anne has also shaken up her wardrobe through the years.  Here is an example of one hat being worn with three different coats. . . with questionable results?

HAT: Wheat coloured straw with flared, flat-topped crown and sharply sidesweeping oval brim. The underside of the brim is covered in pheasant feathers. A wide wide ivory silk flat bow wraps around the hat in lieu of a hatband with a feather spray anchored in the center with a pewter scrolled button. Designer unknown.

Look #1: With a lightweight, textured, double breasted coat dress in ochre yellow worn to Ascot on June 16, 2015

Embed from Getty Images

Look #2: With a green tweed coat with asymmetrical collar worn to church at Sandringham on December 25, 2015 and March 18, 2016 at the Cheltenham Races

Embed from Getty Images

Look #3: With a camel wool coat for Easter Sunday, April 16, 2017

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Now over to you, dear readers- which outfit do you prefer most with this hat?

Photos from Getty as indicated 

15 thoughts on “Monday Multiples: Princess Anne

  1. One of my favourite hats on Anne, perhaps because it’s so unlike anything else she has with its frouf and whimsy (and partly because I love pheasant feathers on hats). I wanted it to go with the green coat but it just doesn’t. A good stare at the feathers on the hat’s underbrim reveals no green there at all, so nothing to be picked up and linked with the coat. My favourite look is the caramel coat which in itself is cut well and looks, dare I say it, modern! The cream scarf not being tied like a cravat means we have a glimpse of pearls at her throat, which softens her usual look. The brooch on the lapel means it’s is all good news with this one.

    I’ve said before that the hat’s Edwardian vibe makes me wish Anne would try some Edwardian styling with it. I believe it would suit her immensely.

  2. Look #1 and #3 work because the colors of the coat pull from the colors of the feathers. I don’t know where Look #2 came from! I think I like #1 the best because the coat is lighter, both in color and fabrication, which seems to go better with the feathers. I’d like to trim the ivory silk by half though.

  3. I personally like the contrast of the green coat with this hat, but ultimately I’d have to choose #1 as the best look. I think the coat in #3 looks a bit frumpy and looks like it’s covering the actual outfit she wanted to showcase with this hat (even though I suspect that’s not the case).

  4. Good point Jimbo, because the hat has a rather striking pattern, you either have the same pattern repeated in your clothes or at least the same color in the clothes. Like how some queens have their shoes painted in the same color as their clothes, it makes the overall appearance look polished. Not everybody has those possibilities nor the money to do so.
    I like Anne and the way she dresses, I like her hat style it is Anne.
    Do I like this hat? not really, which is paired best,? she’s paired them with a similar color pallet, therefor I like all of them.

  5. It’s hard to get enthusiastic about any of these combos because I’m so un-enthusiastic about the hat. However, i’m very enthusiastic about this project and thank you for contributing, Jimboi.

  6. I liked #1 the best, I think. I was expecting to like #3 the most – it’s the most coordinated look – but it was just a bit too same-same. #2 looks good from a distance, but close-up the colours seem unrelated to each other.

  7. #2 doesn’t work at all: I think Anne should borrow one of her sister-in-law’s cream/ecru hats when she wears this green coat. My first choice was #1. The tight lapel and high-collared blouse connects with the hat to create the impression of a sporting lady circa 1910 who might have shot that pheasant herself. But the rest of you have me convinced on #3. The open collar and white scarf help tone down the busyness. And I’m definitely with JamesB about editing!

    So fun, Jimbo! I like seeing the royals of any age repeating their hats with different ensembles, so I’m looking forward to your other posts.

  8. I actually like Look #1 the best, paired with Anne’s 1980(!) light-weight coat, and the patterned blouse doesn’t bother me in the least. What intrigues me about the hat is the use of feathers underneath, with the explosion of feathers on the side, as with the collision of some low-flying bird. (Pinterest has a fantastic photo of the side feathers, for you to admire.) Mrs. Jimbo has an all black feathered hat on the crown, with a similar vary-colored under-brim of feathers, made in England. Yes, it’s dated now, but still beautiful. Alas, she hasn’t worn it for years. I wish I could post a photo of it. The wrap-around band on Anne’s hat could be half as wide. JamesB, I love your comment on the hat’s need for some editing. Perfectly stated.

  9. I definitely like #1 the best. #2 seems like a weird choice at all, and I just prefer the coat in #1 to that in #3. This will be fun!

  10. I like how this interesting hat looks with #3 coat the best. My next favourite is #1 – in fact I think I like the #1 colour combo the best, but the #3 coat just looks sleeker and less busy.
    This will be a fun series – thank you!

  11. What a fun series! Thanks Jimbo!
    I would have to go with #3. The darker tone of the coat matches the feathers best, but I have to agree with JamesB that maybe the hat needs the edit to make it more complementary to the coats.

  12. Errmmmmm… none of them I’m afraid. #1 is a classic Anne move with that coat from about 1980. #2 doesn’t coordinate, so I guess that leaves #3 as the best of the lot.

    It’s just the hat… it needs a damned good edit.

  13. Another vote for look #3 and I wish we could see this without the ivory bow. It takes away focus from that great brim i.e. its underside and makes the hat look a bit too busy for my liking.

  14. Same here! Whilst this is not my favourite hat, with the feathered under-brim, I like look 3 best. The combo with the green coat and not quite toning scarf was the least successful; look 1 I felt the feathers fought with the print on her blouse. Look 3 had the best colour co-ordination of all.

  15. I prefer look #3 with the camel coat. I think that the color of the pheasant feathers coordinates well with the darker colored coat and I especially like the white scarf which highlights the white feather on the right side of the hat. Thanks Jimbo for a good post!

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