This Week’s Extras

The Akishinos completed their visit to Poland and moved on to Finland. For their first day of events there, Crown Princess Kiko wore two hats- a navy (or black?) brimmed design with white crown, black ruched hatband and back bow; and a cuffed calot with side bow in palest grey textured fabric
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Thursday, the Duchess of Sussex made an unexpected appearance at Wimbledon to watch her good friend Serena Williams. She repeated a ready-to wear- informal fedora with black hatband, the ‘x Biltmore Panama Hat’ by Madewell
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Princess Anne celebrated 50 years of the Royal Navy’s Continuous At Sea Deterrent in Clyde, Scotland on Thursday
Prince Albert was in Brussels yesterday to see the start of the 106th Tour de France
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Carina Axelsson, partner of Princess Benedikte’s eldest son, Prince Gustav of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg shared this photo of herself in a black feathered fascinator taken back at Trooping the Colour in early June

Queen Sonja in a red rain hat on Saturday to attend the Helgeland Festival Mosjøen where she opened a set of stone steps up built by Nepalese sherpas that climb over 800 meteres to the top of Øyfjellet Mountain.

The following new millinery designs caught my eye this week:
Beautiful crown shape on this chic summer straw hat from French brand, Maison Michel
Adore the pattern in this floral disc hat with flying bow by Irish milliner Carol Kennelly
Ecru straw boater with amazing, detachable father sailboat trim by Russian-born UK milliner Maria Zherebtsova
Breathtaking aqua saucer with hand-painted lace and impeccable silk binding by Dutch milliner Wies Mauduit
Fun (and airy!) twist on a classic bowler by London-based Spanish milliner Rafael Peinador
Winter white felt trilby with blue stripped pheasant feathers by UK milliner Siana Yewdall
Chic straw baseball caps from Italian brand Borsalino
Kokoshnik bandeau of silk flowers studded with branches and birds by UK brand Bombini Studio
An oversize ivory brimmed picture hat with orange bloom at the Henley Regatta on a familiar face!

And from Melbourne-based brand Taboo Millinery, this hand carved and painted black and white boater. Amazing!

Charming summer family photo shared by Prince Carl Phillip and Princess Sofia. Those young princes are growing like weeds!
Great peek inside the new Dutch government jet that will transport King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima around the world. I wonder if the king will also pilot it?!
And finally, this sweet new summer portrait of the Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall, released recently for the 50th anniversary of the Prince’s investiture as Prince of Wales

Photos from social media as indicated

21 thoughts on “This Week’s Extras

  1. I adore Princess Kiko cuffed calot, traditional with a modern twist and like all Imperial Royal hats impeccably made. It is my favourite Imperial Royal hat of 2019 to-date and I hope it makes the list of best new hats for July.

  2. On July 5th, Princess Mako visited the Imperial Palace in the morning to worship at the Palace Sanctuaries before her July 9-22 visit to Peru and Bolivia.

  3. Princess Alexandra visited the Swan Sanctuary and Sunbury Millennium Gallery in Surrey on July 2

  4. Despite the boring color scheme, I really love both of Kiko’s hats. That calot is especially lovely; I like the more forward placement of it, and the bow detail is wonderful. It reminds me of the calot worn by Audrey Hepburn in the final scene of Roman Holiday (sorry, can’t find a good image of it right now).

    Ugh, I’m gonna come at this description for Meghan’s fedora: it is NOT a panama hat since it’s not made from panama straw (toquilla palm); many people think “panama hat” refers to a style, but it refers to the material, and the material of Meghan’s hat is a toyo straw (which is said in the description on Madewell’s website, while simultaneously described as a “panama hat”: All genuine panama straw hats are handwoven in Ecuador, a process that can take months depending on how tight the weave is. Lady Jane Fellowes hat at Archie’s christening was a genuine panama hat, and therefore it was a good quality hat and definitely appropriate IMO. Ok, rant over! (no fault of HatQueen in any of this, just to be clear!)

    I’m curious as to what the material of Sonja’s hat is. Although surely designed as a more casual hat, she wears it so well with the brim done so nicely that she could get away with it in a more formal setting.

    Finally, what an amazing opportunity for Torrin! I’m beyond jealous! Thanks for sharing Matthew.

  5. Really lovely duo of hats on CP Kiko. I particularly like the calot on her. The style of it is really really pretty with that side bow.
    I adore Queen Sonja’s hat. She looks so vibrant! The hats worn by the Nepalese Sherpas are so beautiful with their intricate design.

    – I really like the crown shape on the summer straw hat from French brand, Maison Michel. Infanta Elena would look great in this.
    – The winter white felt trilby with blue stripped pheasant feathers by Siana Yewdall is a stunner! I want it for myself!! For Royal heads, I think CP Mary or Zara Tindall. I would really like to see the Duchess of Cambridge in this style again, and this would look so lovely on her.
    – The straw baseball caps from Italian brand Borsalino are pure fun! Beatrice Borromeo would look so chic in these.
    – Taboo Millinery makes such intricate, interesting and amazing work. In February, I admired their blue boater with coral flowers that was made for the Galway Races. That one was a stunner, and this black and white boater is as well. I’d love to see Princess Beatrice in this hat, and this milliner. What a gorgeous work of art!

  6. Lovely calot headpiece on Princess Kiko, it has a charming 50- is vibe about it.
    I think I read somewhere that King Willem-Alexander had been taking flying lessons in order to be able to fly this new governement plane.
    Sadly I could not open the link to Matthew’s article: restrictions for legal reasons concerning data protection in the UE

    I wonder how many millinery Instagram accounts you peruse on a daily basis HatQueen, picking out the cherries for us! Thank you for helping me discover so many wonderful brands!
    I love the boater-with-a-boat by Maria Zherebtsova and seeing the design process behind it.
    And the work of Taboo Millinery is truly stunning (an often misused word but fully appropriate here). In one of her posts she talks about the months of work. My lace covered saucer (thank you for featuring it) may not have been quite as labour intensive as her carved headpieces, but it was bad enough as it was. After each one of such projects I promise myself I’ll not do it again, but I never keep word.

    • Matthew’s article is about a 15-year old student in Texas who, after watching a youtube video on millinery, started creating hats for his mother. Last year on a visit to London, he took a bowler hat he had made to Lock and Co, the brand whose signature was a bowler for decades. They were so impressed with his self-taught skills they invited him for an internship this year.

      • And to answer your other question, Wies, I’m following 640 instagram accounts right now- milliners, royal stylists, and royals themselves. I know I miss great hats to share but this part of the blog has become a favourite.

      • That is a wonderful story. Even more wonderful that his parents supported him and encouraged him (at least I suppose they did) to go out in the world at the age of fifteen!

  7. Matthew shared the following comment in another post that fits better (and will be read more!) here:

    Some of you may find the following article interesting:

    It is about a young man from Waco, Texas, only 15 years old, who became interested in hat making and ended up with an internship at Lock & Co. (From the Waco Tribune-Herald, the local Waco newspaper.)

    • Thank you for reposting the article here, HatQueen. I put it in the other post because one of the hats there had been by Lock & Co so it seemed to fit, but you’re right, it’s better in the Extras.

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