Belgian National Day 2019

The Belgian Royal Family celebrated their country’s national holiday today, attending a Te Deum mass at the Cathedral of St Michael and St Gudula in Brussels followed by an annual military parade.

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Queen Mathilde wore a new hat described by the designer as “made of natural fibers… inspired by the leaf pattern on the lace of the Queen’s dress”.

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At first look, I found the shape a bit flat and awkward. After seeing side views, which show how dimensional the shape is around the back, that hat started to make sense. The delicate shape of the back balances the large, flat planes of ‘leaf’ on the front and gives some much needed balance and contrast to the design. And the colour, which is not an easy one to pull off, looks great on Queen Mathilde. I just wish she’d passed on the red leather gloves.

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Designer: Fabienne Delvigne. It is the “Mystery” design from the Couture Collection 2020
Previously Worn: this hat is new

As in past years, Princess Astrid attended the parade in military uniform with stitched brim hat.

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Princess Claire topped her deep ruby pink trouser outfit with a matching straw hat. The design features a wide, mushroom brim and rounded crown and is simply trimmed only with a folded straw hatband in the same colour.

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Head to toe ensembles in strong colours such as this can be tricky but this one, with different textures between clothing, hat, purse and shoes, works really well on Claire. She wears wide brimmed hats so well and this one, with its bold colour perfectly balaced with a noticeable lack of trim, is great on her.

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Designer: Amélie D’Hooghvorst
Previously Worn: this hat is new

What do you think about this pair of new hats today in Brussels?

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14 thoughts on “Belgian National Day 2019

  1. A fascinating hat for Mathilde – I love the side and back views. I just wish the brim at front were a tad smaller, as I don’t like how it comes down over her right eye — though I wouldn’t wish to alter the hat placement. The effect is to make the hat look too big for her face. Below is a very similar hat she wore to the same event 2 years ago for comparison. To my eye the 2017 hat is the perfect size for Mathilde.
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  2. Mathilde’s outfit is perfect for a recycle on a state visit between The Netherlands and Belgium! 😉
    Not a fan of the shape of this hat, but it is a good match for this dress.

    Claire’s hat is very beautiful! I absolutely love it!!! I love this shape and it’s a beautiful colour.

  3. I, too, wasn’t thrilled by the color of Q Mathilde’s hat when I fist saw it. When I see the whole family pictured together I think it is a very well coordinated look. I wish Mathilde’s dress would of been the color of the sashes instead of the younger princesses dress. Of course I wish Princess Elisabeth would wear a hat. ;-( I did catch the leaf motif in the hat matching the lace in her dress and loved it! I love Princess Claire’s outfit–gorgeous color!!!

  4. I think this is a beautiful and so refined outfit on Mathilde. The dress is really delicate and feminine, and the hat has such movement and is a beautiful compliment.

    Claire’s outfit is lovely too, a pantsuit is so much better balanced by a broad brim, and the contrasting colour works so well. A much more successful contrasting trouser outfit than the toile de jouy overkill we saw yesterday!

  5. I like Princess Claire’s hat, and this style is a successful way of wearing a large brim but remaining fairly visible. Mathilde’s hat is really interesting and I like it very much. I also think it’s well adapted to this occasion, when the Queen is seen from afar by large crowds in person. If you look at the fairly distant photo of the party under the curved awning, it’s absolutely clear who is the most important female because of the hat – even people without a very good view would feel satisfied that they’d seen the Queen.

  6. This rust rose color is amazing for Mathilde! (but I agree the gloves are too saturated to harmonize with the outfit; the beige of her shoes would be better) As for the hat, it looks great from afar and is a great size, but closer up it just doesn’t look as refined as it could be. Overall I still call it a win.

    Claire’s hat is wonderful for her and think it better pairs with a jumpsuit/pantsuit than a smaller hat (a la Sophie at Ascot). That said, the plain, wide, and relaxed neckline is calling out for a necklace to glamorize it and break up the red just a bit.

  7. Both of these hats are great. I love mushroom brims and reds/pinks so Princess Claire’s is an easy win. But I really love QMathilde’s hat- it feels airy and floating and deceptively simple and modern looking (I expect it wasn’t actually simple at all). And the color is fantastic on her. Wins all around IMO.

  8. I would prefer a different colour however maybe red is associated with the occasion. In general ,I will pass on her hat. I really like Princess Claire’s entire outfit. Nice.

  9. I like Queen Mathilde’s hat; such an interesting design! I wish there were a picture with a full view of the back of the hat. (Why do photographers never think of that?!)
    Princess Claire’s classic shaped hat pairs beautifully well with her ensemble.
    And yes, those bright, fuchsia pink sashes are hard to compete with!

  10. I often wonder, is the hat commissioned after the dress, does the milliner get the fabric and design of the dress and designs the hat accordingly. what kind of guidelines are given? just curious how this process works for a look like this of Mathilde.

  11. I absolutely love the shape and texture of Mathilde’s hat and the match with the dress. I don’t like the shade though. Claire’s hat is perfect with the outfit, she has kept the shapes simple and gone for the colour . I would love to see Mathilde’s hat in that red

  12. I loved both hats and also the dress and pants suit Princess Clair wore…..Princess Clair takes first place for me.

  13. Loved both the hats, especially Claire’s – as you say, the different textures were important and I liked that the hat brim was translucent .
    I enjoyed the innovative construction of the Queen’s hat and liked her outfit by itself, but the colour faded against those pink sashes!

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