This Week’s Extras

Yesterday, Princess Hisako attended the 34th Tokyo Metropolitan Art Gallery for the Disabled in Tokyo. Her ecru straw hat sported an interesting shape and a summery pink and green patterned hatband.
Queen Margrethe repeated her new-ish terra cotta orange straw hat with navy hatband yesterday in Soenderborg to unveil a waterfront sculpture made by Danish-Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson.
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Princess Stephanie of Monaco’s son, Louis Ducruet, was married today to Marie Chevalier in a private ceremony at The Cathedral of Our Lady Immaculate. The bride wore a gown created Atelier Boisanger and Pauline Ducruet.  While there were few hats at the wedding, it seems that Beatrice Borromeo Cassiraghi wore the roughly woven picture hat her mother-in-law wore for Prince Albert and Princess Charlene’s civil wedding in 2011 (this one)

The following new millinery designs caught my eye this week:
Striking take on a percher in burnt orange straw with embossed bow by Australian milliner Lisette Margini
Lovely pattern on this black and white Panama straw hat by London-based milliner Maria Zherebtsova
Charming natural straw saucer with lavender silk abaca bow by American milliner Cassie MacGregor
Crisp navy and cream straw boater with feathers and veil by Australian brand Monroe Millinery
Mesmerizing movement on the crin bow of this dark green percher by Indonesian milliner Furi Riskyana
Such pretty Petersham ribbon flowers on this blue and white percher by British milliner Susan Widlake
Cobalt blue felt percher with wonderful dotted veil by Scottish milliner William Chambers
The monochrome silk hatband on this Philip Treacy Panama straw fedora is absolute perfection

And from Australian milliner Jill Humphries, this hugger with curling side fin covered in cut pink feathers. So glam!

Preparations for the the Daijosai celebration, part of Emperor Naruhito’s enthronement, which will happen later this fall, are underway. Hemp was harvested to create a new kimono and ground was ceremonial broken at the Imperial Royal Palace to signify the start of construction on the buildings where the celebration will take place.

We wrap up this week with a set of fun snaps of the Earl and Countess of Wessex enjoying the Bristol Zoo on Tuesday with Lady Louise and James, Viscount Severn
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Photos from social media as indicated

22 thoughts on “This Week’s Extras

  1. On July 22nd, Princess Mako returned to Japan after official visits to Peru and Bolivia and visited the Imperial Palace Sanctuaries to report her safe return.

  2. – Always lovely to see Princess Hisako.
    – I’m very glad to see Queen Margrethe is her beautiful hat.
    – Lovely photos from the wedding of Louis Ducruet and Marie Chevalier. Congratulations to the beautiful couple! I wish we could see better photos of Princess Caroline and Beatrice Borromeo in their hats. Knowing them, they probably looked sublime. I wonder why Princess Charlene and the twins weren’t there.

    – The percher in burnt orange by Australian milliner Lisette Margini is lovely. Queen Maxima?
    – The black and white Panama straw hat by Maria Zherebtsova is very lovely.
    – I adore the crisp navy and cream straw boater by Monroe Millinery. I see a boater and automatically think Princess Beatrice, but wouldn’t the – Duchess of Cambridge also look wonderful in this?
    – What a beautiful percher (and color!) by Indonesian milliner Furi Riskyana. I hope to see more from this talented artist!. The style and color would suit Zara Tindall or Autumn Phillips.
    – I would love to see more photos of the blue and white percher by British milliner Susan Widlake. The petersham rosettes are quite lovely.
    – Love the blue felt percher with wonderful dotted veil by Scottish milliner William Chambers. The Duchess of Sussex would look exquisite in this.
    – I’m coveting the Philip Treacy Panama straw fedora. Beatrice Borromeo.

    • HQ, the only other time we’ve seen this wonderful teal hat was last year (August 26, 2018), also merely through a car window as she was going to Crathie Kirk. We’ve discussed the possibility of a strictly Scottish wardrobe before, and the appearance of today’s outfit seems to solidify the theory. I’m guessing that soon we’ll see a rust/burnt orange hat, also worn only up at Balmoral (August 20, 2017, and September 16, 2018). Let’s wait and see.

  3. More feathers in the new designs, although no candidates for largest. The usage in the Jill Humphreys is so pretty.

    Beautiful patterning on the Maria Zherebtsova, and the fossil makes a unique and surprisingly interesting trim.

    The Japanese take enthronement very seriously — hemp for a kimono and ceremonial ground-breaking.

  4. 1. It’s great seeing Queen Margrethe’s new hat again – really nice ensemble all the way around.
    2. The “What Caught My Eye” segment was particularly nice this week – and 3 from Australia! I really enjoy the navy/cream boater!
    3. I feel sorry for Viscount James, wearing a sport coat to the zoo! Do Royal kids get to be “kids” like us?

    • Jimbo, I had the same thought about the young Viscount! At least he didn’t have to wear a tie like his father. Even if this was an official visit, the whole family looks rather overdressed for a zoo outing.

      I’m also with you on Queen Margarethe’s new hat, and it’s fun how the shape echoes the sculpture.

    • I have read somewhere that one of the reasons the British Royal Family continues dress their children so formally (and, to most eyes, old-fashioned) at appearances is to create a different image in the public’s mind, so they usually go unrecognized when dressed like “regular” kids going about their daily lives.

  5. If you are going to wear the only hat at a wedding, make sure it’s a big one! Well done Beatrice!

    Is it just that I’m taking more notice of the Japanese hats recently, or does anyone else feel the imperial ladies are being a little more adventurous since the new era began?

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