Monday Multiples: Queen Elizabeth

Thanks to Jimbo for providing the introduction and background research for this “Monday Multiples” series.

Jimbo’s Introduction: Whether Queen Elizabeth wears her hat brim down or up, she is the picture of beauty in this fuchsia and white ensemble.  Taking a hat from 1999 (Look #1), she reworked it with a new outfit in 2008 (Look #2), then replaced it with a new hat in 2009 (Look #3). As always, Her Majesty looks fantastic each time around!

Look #1: Pink hat in silk covered straw with tall crown and mushroom brim with pleated hatband, trimmed with wide pink and floral twists on the side worn November 8, 1999 in Ghana

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Look #2: Same hat with floral twists removed and replaced with a large magenta flower and pinwheel of white goose biot feathers worn on May 15, 2008 during a state visit to Istanbul

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Look #3: With a magenta straw Rachel Trevor Morgan hat with sidesweeping brim, sloped crown, folded white straw hatband, multi-looped side bow and arrow trimmed feathers worn on June 17, 2009 at Ascot, on June 4, 2011 at the Epsom races, on May 6, 2016 to celebrate the 475th anniversary of Berkhamsted School and on May 28, 2017 to attend church at Balmoral 

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It’s an interesting look at how Her Majesty updates her fashion and while Look #3 is my favourite, Looks #1 and #2 make great statements for their time. Which combination of hat and outfits here do you think works best?

Photos from Getty as indicated 

15 thoughts on “Monday Multiples: Queen Elizabeth

  1. I honestly can’t decide on a favorite, as they’re all very nice in their own way. But if push came to shove, I’d go with Look #3 with the up-turned brim. HM wore it quite a number of times, and it would still look great if she wore it today. About the Ghana climate, I can only imagine the heat and sun conditions there, and the necessity for proper hear wear. I went for 4 hours one day last week without a hat, and my noggin paid the price!

  2. The swirl of white feathers around the feather on Hat #2 is delicious! Somebody do that again on a hat, please!
    They’re all good hats and it’s lovely to see how HM updates things.

  3. Having been to Ghana, I’m glad to see HM wore a hat with a brim that protected her face from the sun. My trip there was a lovely experience, but that equatorial sun is no joke.

    Other than that purely practical matter, I also like the look of the first hat best, even with the dated trim. Interesting point you make, mcncin, about how the warm pearls clash a bit with the icy white trim of the coat!

  4. I did not spot this was the same hat between 1 and 2. I guess the light makes the finish look different. I like them all as it happens, but like others think look 3 is best. That coat and dress is a stunning look for HM, she clearly agrees as she sported it quite a few times…

  5. I like the first appearance the best. The hat really pops against the floral dress, but gets a little lost once the magenta coat is added.

  6. I seem to be slightly out of step with those who like Look 2. I agree with HM (possibly!); the hat was lovely as first conceived with the floral trim for the matching dress, but didn’t work with the sharper look of the white edged coat – the fuzzy circle doesn’t go with the straight lines. So new, sharper striped hat was needed and looks lovely again. So for me, Hat 1 as first worn and Hat 3 with the new outfit.

  7. Jimbo, you just dropped 2 more hats with largest feather (from HQ’s post last week!) 🙂 Well done!

    I prefer Look #3. The hat is a style that we see lots on The Queen, and it suits her so well as it allows us to see her face. I do like Hat #2 though, mainly because of the goose biot feathers which are quite unique.

    Great post! Thank you Jimbo!

  8. #2 is my favorite overall. A well-balanced look that is color-coordinated, but not too matchy. I like the hat in #3, but not on HM; I’ve always felt it sits a little too far back/high on her head, and the look is accentuated by the upturned brim in the front.

  9. I like #2 the best- the trim on the second hat is very sharp, but I love the mushroom brim of the first hat.

  10. A very interesting sequence – thank you. I think the first outfit looks a bit less familiar to us simply because the Queen is so rarely seen without a coat on top of her dress when she’s out with a hat on (we do see the dresses at audiences etc, but no hats then). From the glimpses we get of them, I think the dress in the first outfit is very similar to the ones she’s still wearing, and the hat is much closer to the ones she wears now, twenty years later, than it is to the ones she was wearing twenty years previous to this picture, I would say.

  11. Jimbo, seeing these hats-plus-outfits side by side is so interesting!
    Hats #2 and #3 tie as my favourites. I love the effect of natural forms – flowers and feathers – in trim, and I feel they have a softening effect on her hats which is just so appealing on HM, compared to the geometric loops alone, minus any feathers (version #1). I wasn’t even sure for a moment if the two hats in outings #1 and #2 were the same — they look so different with different trim. Somehow the flower and feathers of #2 make the same hat appear lighter, less tall and less heavy than in version #1.
    However I’m not a fan of either of these dresses, or the coat. The white borders on the coat look effective at a distance, but the closeup views make me cringe. HM’s ivory pearls look so yellowed and old and dirty when placed next to that optic white of the coat and the dress pattern! Usually, those familiar pearls blend into her outfit. The Queen wears pink-and-white quite a lot, but mostly her pearls are either tucked away behind the neckline of the coat, or else a softer white is chosen (which is in practice more of a very light cream or pastel) — so a harsh contrast is avoided. I would love to see these hats again, with a different ( highnecked) pink coat.

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