This Week’s Extras

Empress Masako in a classic navy and cream hat on Monday to attend the 2019 IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium with the Emperor in Yokohama
Also on Monday, Princess Yoko of Mikasa atteded the National Kendo Competition For elementary junior high school children in Tokyo in a cream short-brimmed hat with mustard hatband
The following new millinery designs caught my eye this week:
Wonderful jade leather percher with silk flowers and lilac feathers by Australian brand Reuben Rose Millinery
Modern mix of straw and silk abaca in classic black & white by East African milliner Lali Heath
Spiky soft pink starburst percher hat by Irish milliner Laura Hanlon
Ecru straw mushroom brimmed picture hat with dimensional blue leaf hatband by British milliner Katie Vale
Vibrant lime oversize saucer with a rainbow of butterflies by Irish milliner Carol Kennelley
Lovely brim shape on this veiled design in almond sinamay by Dutch milliner Marilène De Zomer
Statement swirling headpiece in red paper by American brand Chuchu NY
Two stunners from Irish milliner Aiofe Harrison: gold-tipped blush feathers and ombre pink-purple feathers
Cream straw pillbox veiled percher with beautiful yellow silk roses by Italian milliner Guilia Mio
Crimson felt saucer with handmade flowers (love the sparkling centers!) by Scottish milliner Zara Gray
Taupe oversize straw saucer with statement coral twist by Irish milliner Caithriona King

Adore the pheasant feather placement on this black straw hat by Australian milliner Sylvy Earl. So chic.
I have completely fallen head over heals for two hats by Australian milliners this week! First, from brand Katie Tee,
and second is this stunning Breton made with latticed black and white shantung straw with curling black quills by Jill Humphries, who works under the Jill and Jack Millinery label


The divorce proceedings between Princess Haya and Sheikh Mohammad took a turn for the terrifying this week with the Princess’ appeal to Britain’s High Court for a Forced Marriage Protection Order for one of her children (widely understood to be Jalila, who is 11 years old) (Washington Post)
Jazmin Grimaldi shared this lovely snap taken last weekend at Louis and Marie Ducruet’s evening wedding reception, posing in a stunning gown with her partner and step-brother Alexandre
We wrap up this week with some very sweet snaps of little Lena Tindall (and her big sister) enjoying the 2019 Festival of British Eventing at Gatcombe Park with their mum
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Photos from social media as indicated

15 thoughts on “This Week’s Extras

  1. Apologies for my absence, I have had some time-consuming activities in real life, plus some days with no internet access.

    I have always been fond of beaded things — the hat by Katie Tee is magnificent! Thanks, HatQueen. for featuring it. Katie’s comment about laying on the floor seems right on the mark — I’ve tried my hand at beadwork a couple of times over the years, and I just do not have the patience (or eyesight) for it!

    Regarding Princess Hisako, I do agree that the hat with the scalloped edge is kind of odd-looking. In the upper-right photo of the group, where she is slightly bowing and you can see the top, it almost looks like a large candy dish. But I do like the hat she wore to the Sea Cadet convention quite a bit, and look forward to the expansion of her wardrobe with many more interesting hats.

    I’ll never catch up with all the posts I’ve missed, especially the 50+ comments about the tallest crown, but I look forward to checking in more frequently again.

  2. Princess Hisako at the 54th Japan Sea Cadet Federation National Convention on August 4:

    • So pretty! It looks like the feathers are topstitched leather? Hisako usually has the most interesting hats of the Japanese royals, but this one has some extra flare. Great color, too.

  3. Empress Masako’s hat is lovely! She looks fabulous in cream and navy.

    Lena Tindall is sooooo cute!

    Thanks for the update on Princess Haya. Very scary and sad.

    – The jade leather percher by Reuben Rose Millinery is such a lovely color and texture. I would like to see Beatrice Borromeo wear it.
    – Wow! The black and white straw and silk abaca by East African milliner Lali Heath is just stunning! I am reading The Royal Spyness series by Rhys Bowen and I can picture Lady Georgiana in this exquisite hat. So lovely! I think the Duchess of Sussex should wear this while on her African tour this fall.
    – The spiky soft pink starburst percher hat by Irish milliner Laura Hanlon is very unique and the beautiful lady wearing it looks so fabulous!
    – The ecru straw mushroom brimmed by Katie Vale would look lovely on Princess Alexandra.
    – I agree with mittenmary that the lime Carol Kennelley would look lovely on Princess Beatrice.
    – I am in love with both Aiofe Harrison feather hats. The ombre is so pretty and the gold tip is so refined. Queen Maxima for both.
    – I’d love to see Princess Eugenie or the Duchess of Cambridge in the crimson felt saucer by Scottish milliner Zara Gray
    – The oversize straw saucer with statement coral twist by Caithriona King would look dynamite on the Duchess of Cornwall.
    – Great hat with pheasant feather Sylvy Earl. I can see Infanta Elena in this or CP Victoria or Autumn Phillips.
    – The Katie Tee beaded hat is a stunner! I can see Zara Tindall in this.

    HQ, that was a great “mix” of millinery designs this week. Lots of beauties in there that I can see on a variety of royal heads. Again, the Australian milliners…..WOW!

    • Shanon, I like the Her Royal Spyness series, too. Georgie is an engaging heroine, and the it’s fun to see her royal relatives in the stories.

      Your picks are always perfect. The Katie Vale would be lovely indeed for Princess Alexandra.

      • I knew you were a kindred spirit mittenmary! The book series is a lot of fun!

        Aw thank you. I really like engaging with everyone on this blog. HQ sets the tone and everyone is so intelligent and respectful.

  4. I’m selecting the Carol Kennelly for Princess Beatrice since she wore butterflies in 2008 so memorably.

    The embroidery on the Katie Tee is indeed gorgeous, as is the open weave of Jill Humphries’ black and white Breton.

    • We are all in favor of more adventurous hats for the Japanese royals, but that scalloped edge looks rather odd.

  5. Lovely hats all around! I do believe that Jazmin and Alexandre are half-brother and half-sister, their father is Prince Albert II. They are also half-siblings with Prince Jacque and Princess Gabriella and since Prince Albert is married to Princess Charlene, the twins are the heirs to the principality.

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