This Week’s Extras

Princess Akiko in a pale grey repeated bucket hat with kettle brim at the National Junior High School Selection Shogi Championship in Yamagata August 3
On Saturday, August 3, Princess Hisako was in Teshikaga for the “Starry Sky Town, Blue Sky Town” National Convention. She wore a very interesting ivory hat with short brim, coral hatband and tall ivory wrap around the crown that fluted into the shape of a flower.
On Sunday, August 4, she attended the closing ceremony of a national Sea Cadet convention in Tokyo. The blue hat she wore is trimmed with a twist in the same printed fabric as her suit, a slim navy twisted hatband and layered, textured leaves in jade, magenta, chocolate, blue and cream. The scale and shape are so great on her and I adore the pop of colour!

On Tuesday, August 6, Queen Elizabeth officially took up summer residence at Balmoral Castle, inspecting the Balaklava Company, 5 Battalion The Royal Regiment of Scotland at the castle gates. She repeated a Rachel Trevor Morgan designed hat first worn last summer– this outing gives a much better view of the silk crepe covered cloche with double hatband (love the punchy contrast of the black hatband) and handmade flowers.
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On Wednesday, August 7, Empress Masako, Crown Princess Kiko, Princess Hanako and Princess Nobuko attended the Florence Nightingale Medal Ceremony, which honors nurses. Empress Masako’s white silk covered bowler features a wide hatband of appliqued lace, Crown Princess Kiko’s ecru hat with mushroom brim is covered in the same jacquard floral print as her suit, Princess Hanako’s repeated white straw hat has a cuffed brim in silk crepe that is slightly elevated on one side and Princess Nobuko’s white hat has a crisply contrasting wide navy silk hatband. You can see these hats in motion at this video clip.

On Thursday, August 8, Prince George and Princess Charlotte attended the King’s Cup Regatta in Cowes to watch the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge take part in the race. While his parents donned informal baseball hats, Prince George was slightly more commanding in his naval cap.
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On Saturday, August 10th, Princess Tsuguko of Takamado attended the archery finals of the Inter-High School General Sports Championships in Yatsushiro in a striking black and white straw hat.

On Sunday, August 11, members of Queen Elizabeth’s family joined her for Sunday morning service at Crathie Kirk near Balmoral in Scotland. The Queen repeated an Angela Kelly designed cream square-crowned cloche with thick hatband in the same pink striped bouclé as her matching suit, trimmed with a pink silk rose. The Duchess of Cornwall repeated a dark mushroom grey formed felt beret trimmed with pheasant feathers. Princess Beatrice of York repeated a cream Gina Foster beret percher trimmed with navy silk flowers and veil.
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Empress Masako in an angular grey silk hat with bumper brim and small bow at the back on Thursday at a WWII commemoration ceremony
Princess Hisako in a pale celery green hat with appliqued lace covered crown and rolled crin brim today to open a new field hockey stadium for next year’s Olympic summer games (notice her field hockey stick necklace!)
Queen Elizabeth attended a craft fair at Crathie Kirk in Scotland today, finally giving us a great view of the turquoise straw hat with double hatband and bows she wore, also in Scotland, back in 2017. Clearly a Rachel Trevor Morgan design, I really like the contrasting stripes on the bow ribbon tails which tie in with Her Majesty’s skirt
1940s inspired hat with deeply pinched black crown and ivory mushroom brim by Australian milliner Carole Maher
Lime sinamay abstract leaf headpiece with ivory bow by Spanish-based British milliner Donna Hartley
Teal button percher with veil, curled quills and multicoloured silk flowers by British milliner Bee Smith
Amazing texture and volume on this ecru silk abaca ruffled bandeau by Australian milliner Rachel Henry
Blush sinamay sidesweep with rose and black feathers and black butterflies by British milliner Bundle MacLaren
Fantastic open-crowned hat covered in red flowers by Irish brand Suzanne Ryan Millinery
Creative take on a classic black and white boater (love the textured brim!) by Australian Brand Monroe Millinery
Tangerine sinamay hat with button base edged in a wide, sleek ruffle by Dutch milliner Myra van de Korput
Raspberry pink straw teardrop beret percher with plume and multicoloured flower by UK brand Miss Ginny Millinery
Teal felt Garbo hat with amazing black embroidered brim by American milliner Behida Dolić
Ivory braided straw vintage Dior-inspired hat with black veil and ribbon by Australian milliner Jill Humphries
Oversize ice blue saucer with irredescent blue and silver floral trim by UK brand Guibert Millinery
Pink pyramid of ombre dyed silk round petals trimmed with an ostrich plume by London milliner Awon Golding
Pale apricot sinamay hat with flying bow and quill by Czech milliner Jolana Kotabova
For our dear gents, a patterned Panama from Christys Hats and deep blue felt fedora from Hornskov København
Wonderful rosette bandeau of sage silk taffeta and blush silk organza by Prudence for Lock & Co. Hatters
And from Dutch milliner Wies Mauduit, this fabulous grape sinamay percher with pink and scarlet twist. Colourful hats can be difficult to balance but this one is perfect, remaining firmly stylish and modern (no cartoonishness here!). It’s also impeccably finished- note the complete absence of visible seams and crisp edges on the two-toned twist.  So fun!

Condolences to the Dutch royal family as they grieve the loss of Princess Christina (Princess Beatrix’s youngest sister) who died yesterday after a battle with bone cancer. Plans are for a private memorial with her cremated remains going to Fagel’s Garden Pavilion on the grounds of Noordeinde Palace. Read a statement and obituary from the Dutch monarchy here. 
Lovely informal shots of the Spanish Royal Family taken while on their annual vacation in Palma de Mallorca.
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Adorable picture of Lady Sarah McCorquodale and her daughter Celia taken during preparations for Celia’s wedding last summer, for which she wore the Spencer family tiara.
Countess Josephine of Rosenborg (daughter of the late Count Christian of Rosenborg) and Kenneth Schmidt were married on August 8
In an interesting move, the Imperial Household Agency released footage of former Princess Noriko’s music and dance performances (she is an accomplished ballerina), taken before she married. They also announced that her younger sister, the former Princess Ayako, and her husband Kei Moriya are expecting their first child.
We end this week with adorable photos of Princess Anne’s four granddaughters Savannah, Isla, Mia and Lena, enjoying the Festival of British Eventing the first weekend of August at their grandmum’s estate, Gatcombe Park
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19 thoughts on “This Week’s Extras

  1. Princess Hisako has the best hats in the Japanese Imperial Family, even if I don’t find all of them successful. The first one featured here is a bit odd; perhaps a wider brim would help balance it out? The second one is a great shape and fantastic color for Hisako, but I’m not 100% sold on the multicolor trim, at least not without a better look at it. The third hat she wore to the field hockey event is perhaps one of her best hats ever. So flattering, and the details are fabulous!

    I didn’t realize HM had worn this pale blue hat last summer; it’s a fabulous hat, although that one upturned black leaf (clearly not meant to be upturned) bothers me.

    A wonderful turnout by Empress Masako and the Japanese princesses at the Florence Nightingale Medal Ceremony; despite the beige, Kiko’s whole look (but especially her hat) was my favorite (which is rare for me!).

    I wasn’t 100% certain at first about the details on Tsuguko’s hat, but now I’m onboard.

    I like this pink color scheme for HM, but the super-thick bouclé hatband and the rather cheap-looking rosette trim bring the hat down unfortunately. I do wish we got better views of Camilla’s feather-trimmed berets that apparently live permanently in Scotland.

    While a super simple hat for Masako, I think she looks amazing in this dark dove grey.

    This turquoise hat for HM (which I didn’t remember from its previous outing) is a good one for her, but it looks quite similar to the Union Jack hat, and I don’t find it working harmoniously with the yellow and red floral print dress (talk about a bad color combo).

    Finally, I was very sad to hear about Princess Christina’s passing on Friday; I was unaware she had bone cancer, and send my condolences to all who are missing her greatly.

  2. Great to see the Japanese royals! Princess Hisako’s hat looks like a repeat at the 47th Florence Nightingale ceremony. Too bad the press didn’t get photos of her arrival.

    Princess Tsuguko’s hat is repeated from the luncheon with President Macron in June. However, I don’t see the hat’s connection with her pale green dress.

    Love the “black and white boater” and “Pale apricot sinamay hat with flying bow and quill”

    Condolences to the Dutch royal family. Sad news.

    Beautiful green lace hat for Princess Hisako and great necklace for the hockey stadium opening.

  3. What a packed post! Thank you Hat Queen!

    I really love Princess Tsuguko’s hat. Very stylish and sharp!

    Always lovely to see the hard working Princess Hisako. She always has the most beautiful smile on her face.

    What a lovely photo of Lady Sarah and her daughter Celia.

    – I love the 1940s inspired hat by Carole Maher. It’s so sleek and stylish. It would look lovely on Beatrice Borromeo
    – I also love the textured brim on the boater by Australian Brand Monroe Millinery. Maybe Princess Charlene?
    – Such a beautiful ice blue saucer by Guibert Millibery. I adore the iridescent blue and silver floral trim. I would love to see the Duchess of Cambridge in this.
    – I’m quite drawn to the Lock & Co hat with the rosette bandeau. It’s so luxurious. I could see Princess Margaret wear this back in the day, and I think out of any of the Royals, Queen Maxima could wear this with such confidence.
    – I love the colors on Wies Mauduit’s beautiful hat. Gorgeous workmanship! I think Queen Mathilde would look exceptional in this.

  4. In a non-hat observation, I forgot to say in my comment that I was surprised to see the Crathie Kirk minister in a kilt. But I guess that isn’t unusual in Scotland.

  5. I’m appreciating the aplomb of the little girls around that falcon(or is it a hawk?)!

    The Tokyo Olympics should bring a lot of Japanese royal hats! While we’ve previously expressed wishes for more variety from them, I’m specifically hoping that the Empress and Princess Kiko wear styles that don’t come so low on their foreheads. Princess Hasako looks lovely in her blue.

    Great to have some good photos of HM’s powder blue and turquoise hats, both very pretty.

  6. My favourites of the week:
    HM’s new turquoise hat. Gorgeous. The crown is tall but doesn’t look it, because of the size of the trim, and the irregular “terraced/cantilevered hatband” effect, that work together to successfully break up the vertical line. And the outfit looks so fresh and summery, from the pearl necklace worn out instead of tucked in :), to the cute kick pleats on the skirt. Though I’m not usually a fan of these jacket-and-printed-skirt ensembles, I give this look full points.
    Princes Tsuguko: that black and white hat is so istunning! I hope she will wear it again with a different outfit
    Princess Hisako’s pale celery green hat: Lovely! (just not with the matching jacket)

  7. I find myself reacting very differently to the Queen’s two Rachel Trevor Morgan hats you cover here. I really feel that one she wore to arrive at Balmoral is not a success. I’m sure the trim is beautifully finished, but it just looks like a rather crude jumble from a distance. There isn’t enough crispness or contrast in it to be “read” from a distance. In contrast, I think the trim on the lovely turquoise hat she wore today works very well.

  8. Interesting hats from Princess Hisako. She is such an adventurous hat wearer!

    Many beautiful, colourful hats in your weekly selection HatQueen, brightening up a rather rainy month of August (over here at least).
    Makes me wonder if the problem with some of the “most colourful hats” of Queen Elisabeth we just commented on, is that they were worn with equally colourful clothes. I feel that, at least for some of them, they would be better looking on HM if they had complemented outfits of a more sobre colour scheme. In some of the pictures one gets the impression that the hat is working “agains”t the clothing instead of highlighting it.

    Thank you for featuring my three toned percher. The technique of the double layered sinamay twist was taught to me by the Australian Louise Macdonald. She is a wonderful milliner and artist, as well as a generous teacher and a lovely person.

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