Hat From the Past

Royal Hats to 57 years ago this weekend when Queen Elizabeth attended Crathie Church (as she did today) in this salmon pink turban with lace, net veil and bow trim.

Embed from Getty Images

Photo from Getty as indicated

12 thoughts on “Hat From the Past

  1. I think it is important to take this, along with other hats in more or less the same genre, i.e., turban/ bathing cap hats, in context. The scale of all of these hats fits so well with the proportions of dresses, coats, and skirt lengths of the time.

    Actually prefer this hat to some of the “Mad Hatter” split crown hats that we see so much of on HM.

    • I agree! I wish we’d see her come back to some of these turban hats– Max wears them occasionally and these earlier years convinve me HMII would look lovely in them now as well.

  2. Matthew, your daisy hat reminds me of someone who just fell off the turnip truck!
    HM, push your hat more forward, and cut off the price tag, it’s gotta still be dangling somewhere!
    SoCalGal, I think HM’s hats are ALWAYS delightful, some are just a little less delightful than others. We saw a few last week in the “colorful” post!

  3. What strikes me most about these pictures is that the Queen is the essence of a Working Mother, the India picture from 1961 means that she has 2 teenagers at home and a 1 year old and won’t have Prince Edward for several more years. Yet she carries on, fulfilling all her duties as the monarch, wife, mother, daughter, sister and aunt. And all the while she looks beautiful and chic and her hats are usually delightful, with some exceptions.

  4. Turbans are my least favorite hat style, too. But, I can appreciate the netting and flower detail on the hat! The whole outfit is very regal and chic looking! I thought it interesting that even in her late 30’s she placed a blanket over her lap for the ride to Craithie Kirk. It must be very cold in Scotland for that to be needed in August.

    • Exactly what I was just about to post, k2classroom! I had always assumed that the blanket over the lap was a recent development, as older people are always cold.

      Is this hat actually a turban? It really doesn’t look like one to me. I would have thought a turban would have been wrapped around more.

      Thanks, Jimbo, for the second photo. I believe I have seen photos of HM around that period in a coat/dress ensemble just like this one but in sort of a yellowish — I’ll see if I can find photos. I don’t remember what the matching hat looked like.

      • Okay, here is the other ensemble I mentioned above, but now that I look at this photo, I don’t think it’s the same, it’s just the shininess of the fabric that made me think so.

        Embed from Getty Images

        • Same coat, different hat.

          May 9, 1961: ItalyEmbed from Getty Images

          • Jimbo, you are a wonder — I don’t know how you manage to find just the right photo every time, and so quickly!

            I think I like the Italy hat better. The one with the daisies looks a little like it was decorated by a youth group doing a craft activity.

  5. This ensemble made its debut during the extraordinary Royal Tour in India, the previous year. I have the Life Magazine which highlights the tour, but this peach/salmon hat is not included in it.

    January 22, 1961: Jaipur, India
    Embed from Getty Images

  6. Ah, the turban years. This one of my least favorite hat styles, but I appreciate the harmonious monochrome ensemble after our look at these color combinations.

    • ha ha ha. Well said! It is like a warm, comfortable blanket for the eyes after a dizzying display of color!

      I do adore the color of this outfit and the beautiful fabric. Very regal!

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