Monday Multiples: Queen Elizabeth

Thanks to Jimbo for providing the introduction and background research for this “Monday Multiples” series.

Jimbo’s Introduction: SIMPLY MAUVE-lous! Even though Queen Elizabeth looks great in practically every color imaginable, there is no disputing how wonderful and regal she appears in ANY shade of purple! Here is a fantastic pair of hats, both of which could have been pinched from Queen Maxima’s closet!  Two hats, two suits/coats – three combinations for all to enjoy.

Look #1: Mauve widely woven straw ruched toque hat with silk flowers on the side, worn with a grey, gold and mauve floral printed skirt and blouse and a mauve crepe coat worn March 17, 2000 in Australia, May 09, 2000 on the Millenium Bridge Walkway and June 9, 2001 at the Epsom races

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Look #2: Mauve straw hat with tall crown, sidesweeping brim and large twist trim worn with a solid dress and patterned jacket worn  June 23, 2000 to Royal Ascot and November 14, 2001 to Goodenough College in London

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Look #3: The blouse, skirt and coat from Look #1 with the hat from Look #2 worn June 06, 2002 to a London Hindu Temple

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Which combination to you think works best?

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12 thoughts on “Monday Multiples: Queen Elizabeth

  1. There’s something about the coat I don’t like – a little shapeless maybe? And I’m very much against fake pocket flaps (okay the flaps are real but the pockets aren’t). Camilla often has them on her hips (?) and Kate’s partial to them too.

    As for the hats, I love the toque with its romantic colour, flowers and veiling, and don’t mind the other hat either, although might like it more if the whole thing was just a tiny bit smaller. It’s in proportion and the trim is interesting, so there’s that.

    HM doesn’t wear suits often enough, I reckon, although this one also seems a bit shapeless on her and the colour a smidge dull.

  2. I inserted the photo below in your mustard Monday multiples Jimbo, don’t know whether you saw it, but maybe it inspired you to consider mauve multiples? QE2 and Diana are almost ‘twins’. June 3, 1994, London.

    Embed from Getty Images

    • Sandra, thanks for chasing me down yet another rabbit hole! The expression on both ladies’ faces in the 5th photo says it all!

      June 14, 2007
      Embed from Getty Images

  3. Hmm, just to be a troublemaker here, I think the choice I would have liked best is the one we never saw — the toque from #1 with the suit from #2! I do like the coat from #1, but I agree that it IS somewhat heavy-looking in a way that contrasts unfavorably with the lightness of the toque. Of all the looks we see here, I’d say that my favorite is the toque with the dress alone. I don’t like the tall-brimmed hat at all. Whether or not it was in style at the time, to me it doesn’t look over-large as a style, but rather over-large as in being too big on the wearer. Just purely as a hat, apart from the ensembles, I really like that toque a lot and agree that it does evoke Queen Mary a little.

    One other comment that has nothing to do with hats — I like the placement of the small round brooch on the collar of coat #1 — it’s a logical place to put it due to the presence of the fake pocket flap. The tall narrow brooch in Look #3, off the collar and above the flap, looks badly placed IMO.

    • I agree Matthew. I like the look of the toque with the dress. I remember thinking how old fashioned it was when it was worn to give an address at Westminster Hall in 2000 but it has grown on me in that time.
      Embed from Getty Images

      I like the second look but the crown of the hat does seem out of proportion and hasn’t aged as well. I do like the jacket from the second look. I think short jackets suit Her Majesty well but she doesn’t wear them as often as the longer coats.

      The coat from look 1 also had a high profile outing sans hat when visiting victims of the London Underground bombings on 7 July 2005
      Embed from Getty Images

  4. The ruched toque works quite well with her dress sans coat, which can’t be said for many of HM’s hats and dresses IMO. While the toque isn’t my favorite hat for HM, #1 is my favorite look overall because it is quite harmonious.

    #2 is my least favorite. The hat is early 2000s oversized and her outfit looks more lilac/lavender than the mauve of the hat; normally this color variation wouldn’t bother me, especially because of the difference of materials, but it just seems a bit too off here.

    #3 looks most like what we imagine HM would wear today, but the look is more monochromatic (although the colors match better IMO) as there is less contrasting trim on the hat, and the hat is still a bit oversized.

  5. I love the toque. She very rarely wears hats without brims now, even though they were her go to for most of the 80s/90s. And this one is a winner. The brimmed hat is just a smidge too big for me, it slightly swamps her.

    It’s the outfits I’m not so keen on. The coat I. Particular is quite bulky and not a great cut for her.

  6. I love this colour, so all the outfits start well for me!

    I really like the toque in a nostalgic Queen Mary, going-to-the races sort of way, it looks rather romantic and old-fashioned. Whereas fifty or sixty years ago this might have been a suitable hat for many occasions because the style was the norm (witness the salmon one with the veiling that you had in the recent flashback, HatQueen), in these more recent times I think the hat turns it into an outfit that is more suitable to some occasions rather than others.

    The lines and trim of the second hat are attractive, although the crown is rather too high in proportion. The colour match isn’t exact with the suit, and it isn’t enough to be a contrast, but actually, I don’t find it too jarring as it is so much the same tone.

  7. Mm, difficult.
    I don’t much like the mauve coat. Is it the fabric, the cut or the hem length? So it seems to me the toque looks better with the dress alone. But I don’t much like the toque either! It is nice enough in itself, but I find the way it cuts across Queen Elisabeth’s forehead unflattering and it makes me think of the ’50’s rather than the ’00’s.
    The second hat, though the tall crown looks dated now, suits H.M. better. I like the knotted, curled trim and the way the hat elongates her silhouette. But then there is a lot of mauve, with nothing except the brooch to break it up.
    In the third combination the hat and the coat come up (on my screen) as not exactly the same kind of mauve, so that doesn’t improve matters. Looking at these pictures it seems to me that mauve, like green, can be a tricky colour!

    • I agree Wies, this is difficult.

      I think the toque hat works with the first outfit more, as the veil and flowers soften a streamlined look.

      I do not like the way the second jacket cuts off HM, but I do like the subtle polka dots on the jacket. They stop the outfit from being too “matchy matchy.” The second hat works with this outfit more, as the jacket texture breaks up a monotonous look.

      Out of both hats, I prefer #1 on HM, but I like #2 overall. #2 would work better on HM if the crown was shorter.

      So, to answer Jimbo’s question “which combination works best”, I would have to say hat and jacket #1.

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