While doing some research for an upcoming post, I came across the Duchess of Cornwall’s wedding hat and was taken by it’s exquisite beauty. Looking at the trim, I wondered why we don’t see more royal hats trimmed in lace, especially as it is such a commonly used trim on fashion. So was born this week’s discussion question, dearest readers- what royal hats trimmed with lace can you recall?

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  1. Crown Princess Mette Marit wore a lace headpiece to the 2011 Nobel Peace Prize Award, made in Oslo.

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  2. There may be lace on this hat of Queen Sonja’s. It seems like the lace from her sleeves has been used on the hat also (and I might be confusing applique with lace). Hard to tell. State visit to Italy, 2001.

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  3. I don’t know if this counts … but years ago before she was Queen – Letezia wore a beautiful black lace mantilla with a high comb when she went to the Vatican … she looked beautiful and so.very Spanish !

  4. The first hat I thought of was Princess Caroline in the navy felt hat with lace hatband. It was a lovely hat, but didn’t seem to match the outfit too well. I think it was on National Day in the last couple years.

  5. Duchess of Cambridge at a palace garden party

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  6. Some of you might also remember that Camilla wore a pale blue twin of her wedding hat for the 60th anniversary of the coronation on June 04, 2013.
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  7. 2017 Ladies’ Day

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    The scattered placement of the lace flowers looks odd to me, but most of the commenters on this site loved this one.

  8. Here is the lilac lace hat Nonie remembered Zara Phillips wearing for Ascot in 2001. I forgot about this one, Nonie, but it’s great!
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  9. More interesting on the coat than on the hat, perhaps, but presumably it’s Irish lace since this outfit was debuted in Dublin:
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    • Diplomatic lace then! Here’s a closer view at the trim

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    • It makes a change from the usual flowers or feathers, although the colors are rather blah.

      How about Mrs. May in the zazzy coat and boots!

  10. Another, after its remodel:
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  11. October 27, 2011: Playing Australian football down under.
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  12. The Wedgewood hat can’t be beat.
    Here’s another:

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  13. Lace veil on the queen’s visit to the vatican in 2000

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    And I love the queen in this lace trimmed boater. Such a great and slightly unusual silhouette for her.

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    • I love this hat, too. The colour is wonderful and the shape is just different enough from her other hats, but still such a classic, that it just works. And, the wide lace used as a hatband is brilliant.

  14. And how about lace, feathers AND flowers?

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  15. Another great off-season topic, HQ! Glad you started off the discussion with the DoCo’s wedding hat. Her cream hats all look alike to me, but the details make this one stand out.

    A pretty one, more lace than hat, fin Queen Silvia: Embed from Getty Images

  16. Nonie, here is your suggestion – I agree with you, very nice!

    June 26-27, 2012: Northern Ireland
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    • yes the Wedgwood blue hat is quite lovely

      the green hat in itself is nice enough, but with the matchy matchy jacket AND detailed dress is just too much for me

    • The green NI hat has a special place in my heart as I lived in NI for a semester in university and know what a historical moment that meeting with Martin McGuinness was.

  17. and the do cambridge – i thought she looked sensational in this outfit, but didnt quite get the lace – on top or underneath???

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    • Both. on top, it’s wrapped around the central crown, the triangular pattern visible in the first photo. Underneath, you can see it peeking out just below the raised side of the hat.

  18. i thought camilla looked wonderful in both of her wedding outfits, but must admit i really hadnt noticed the detail on her civil ceremony hat – the detail is just lovely.

    i think my favourite hm the queen lace (or at least lace-effect) hat is this striking blue and white one. although one of my least favourite of hm’s hats is the very similar black/grey number – as they are similar i dont really understand why i dislike the latter so much – maybe the colour, the additional flower, or the mix with the busy outfit???

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  19. I have 2 favourites … the Queen and her Wedgwood hat – the Guipure lace still has the ability to take my breath away ! .. and also Zara in the lilac lace her first adult Ascot hat 😊

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