Danish Queen Concludes German Visit

Queen Margrethe wrapped up her visit to the Schleswig-Holstein region in northern Germany yesterday, a visit that has been a prelude to next year’s 100 year anniversary of the 1920 plebescite that resulted in Northern Schleswig reunifying with Denmark and central Schleswig voting to remain with Germany. For this final day of engagements, she repeated her navy and cream hat with slightly flared brim and straight-sided, flat crown.

The proportions of this hat are excellent on Margrethe, as is the classic colour scheme. The use of the same fabric on the hat’s crown and the ensemble’s jacket isn’t my favourite touch (I would have preferred plain navy to make it wearable with other outfits) but it works, thanks to all of the neutralizing cream in the rest of the look. What sets the hat apart from others in Queen Margrethe’s wardrobe, however, is the jaunty angle it has been designed to be placed on the head. SO chic!

Designer: Mathilde Thoe Førster
Previously Worn: June 16, 2019

This year, Danish millinery Mathilde Thoe Førster has made a few hats for both Queen Margrethe and Princess Benedikte and it’s great to see them both embracing the work of a new milliner, particularly when it’s as good as this. ​I’d love to see a few other royals expand the milliners they regularly work with.

Photos from social media as indicated 

7 thoughts on “Danish Queen Concludes German Visit

  1. This is a great hat for her. I agree with HQ that a solid navy band would have been better, and more versatile. Look at the faces of the two young girls in the first picture. They clearly love their queen.

    • Margarethe is in Schleswig-Holstein (Germany) so is not their Queen (but is Queen of very nearby Denmark). I suspect she’s just makes people smile wherever she goes, she seems to have that sort of endearing personality. And how many little girls get that close to a real Queen? No wonder they’re smiling.

      • I don’t speak Danish, but as far as I can make out from the (rather approximative) traduction of the text on the Instagram post, Queen Margarethe is pictured visiting a bi-lingual school for children of the Danish minority in Schleswig-Holstein. So she is their queen, in fact, and it must have been a very special occasion for the children.

        And this hat looks surprisingly good on her! I say surprisingly, because with it’s small brim it might have looked unflattering or old fashioned on someone else, but with the crisp contrast between navy and cream, it is a great look for her!

  2. I so agree with your last comment. I do understand that when you find a style that suits you, you are tempted to repeat it in different colours forever, but it does get so predictable!

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