This Week’s Extras

Here are some of the royal hats we missed during Ascot- we’ll look at the hats worn today for National Day in Luxembourg in a separate post, later tomorrow.

Last Sunday, Queen Margrethe attended a church service in Tallin, Estonia, in the jaunty boater hat with navy textured fabric crown and cream straw brim by Mathilde Thoe Førster she debuted last month. Love the jaunty angle!
On Monday, June 17, Emperor Naruhito and Empress Masako attended the 109th Japan Academy Prize ceremony in Taito. Empress Masako wore a white hat with short brim and wide hatband embellished with the same decorative braid as is on the lapels of her matching jacket. Interestingly, the hatband has been turned upside down since its last outing. The Akishino family joined the emperor and empress to host a tea party at the Imperial Palace for prize winners. Crown Princess Kiko and Princess Mako repeated aqua and white bumper hats while and Princess Kako repeated a blue silk covered bowler with bow on the side

On Wednesday (the day after her spectacular debut at Ascot), Queen Máxima officially opened the renovated Military Hospital in Utrecht. She repeated her raspberry straw picture hat with mushroom brim by Fabienne Delvigne.
Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images
Queen Margrethe in a white floppy sun hat on Wednesday to watch the Danish army’s 2nd brigade in Oksbøl go through exercises before the departing to Iraq.
The Duchess of York in a colorful, feathered Jess Collett bandeau while in Italy this week
Princess Hisako attended the Japanese National Wheelchair Twin Basketball Championship yesterday in a repeated cafe au laid hued straw hat with triple layered, twisted hatband
Queen Elizabeth attended The Royal Windsor Cup Final at Guards Polo Club today in a repeated magenta hat by Angela Kelly, made by Stella McLaren.
Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images
It’s already Monday in Japan- on this day, Emperor Naruhito and Empress Masako attend the Japan Art Academy award ceremony in Tokyo. The Empress is looking so polished these days- today she topped a beautifully tailored ice blue suit with a matching short brimmed hat with multi layered silk organza hatband.
We saw a number rather unattractive and unflattering felt top hats at Royal Ascot this week. Since the silk used to make the gleaming antique top hats we all admire (thanks ChicagoChuck!) is no longer produced, what do you think of Stephen Jones’ summery, sustainable and smartly stylish alternative in straw?! This is a hat that greatly intrigues me.

Photos from Getty and social media as indicated

13 thoughts on “This Week’s Extras

  1. The Akishino princesses attended a tea party, hosted by the emperor and empress at the Imperial Palace, for recipients of the Japan Art Academy award after the ceremony on Monday. Crown Princess Kiko wore a rounded oyster peach silk covered pillbox (see it in better detail here) while Princess Mako wore a pale seafoam green cloche with seamed crown detail and Princess Kako wore a pale peachy-pink bowler variation with bow at the back (see these two hats in better detail here)

  2. That feathered bandeau on Sarah is fabulous! I almost wish she’d worn that at Ascot instead, it would have tied all her colors together a little better. That straw top hat is lovely and it’s slightly glimmery like an antique silk would be. I hope he starts a trend!

  3. I’ll open with three queens and raise the stakes with a question:
    Queen Margrethe: Funny, but I feel the exact opposite of Shannon M. Conley: I’d prefer the brim to be an inch larger. Wow, a slightly larger brim would really add more jauntiness to the slant.
    Queen Max: Here in Minority Camp, (where other campers are due to arrive soon) I think the size of her brim is almost comically too large, and the underside photo (2nd slideshow, 2nd photo) shows shoddy workmanship in the trim work. Maybe I’ll learn more about this here in camp during the crafts hour.
    Queen Elizabeth: Like mcncln stated, HM has many bright pink ensembles like yesterday’s, and it’s a total winner. Notice the interesting “band” around her forehead, shown very well in the 2nd slideshow, 3rd and 5th photos.
    Question: Loving Stephen Jones’s straw topper, is it “legal” in all enclosures of Ascot? The rules are so strict, they remind me of Catholic grade school: paraphernalia goes in the cloakroom, and we are escorted single-file, in dead silence, by Sr. M. Purity to the lavatory. HA, how times have changed!
    I would have loved seeing the top hat below, by Stephen Jones. (2nd photo in the article.)
    Happy Monday, and take a day off Hat Queen. Thanks for such a fun past week.

    • Jimbo, the band you see on the pink hat must be the bottom of the crown. This means the brim is mounted on the crown, instead of the other way around as is usual. The effect is to raise the brim, exactly as with Queen Elisabeth’s Ascot hat of day three, to make her face more visible.

      What in Heaven’s name is Minority Camp? If you want to know how to position a petersham ribbon in the correct manner, I suggest you take a hat course! (I’m not going to comment on the finishing of Mlle Delvigne’s hats anymore, it leaves me perplexed and grumpy.)

      • Wies, Minority Camp is totally tongue-in-cheek! It’s for those of us who probably don’t agree with the opinions of the majority. For example, I’ll bet that most people really like the uber large brims and slice brims on Max’s hats. I don’t. When you have such a lovely face and smile as Max, I wouldn’t want so much as even one stray ostrich feather to block my view of her! Dyed the correct color, I would have preferred your Blossom or Champagne from SS18! I love your work. Gotta go now, the bell just rang, and we’re off to “Diplomatic Commentary Writing 101.” It should be very interesting.

        • Thank you for the compliment. I rather like your undiplomatic comments, though sometimes the windings of your thoughts are hard to follow!

  4. What a great set of “extras”! Thank you so much hat queen for keeping up all the work this week! I love Max’s pink and I really love QMagrethe’s hat! She’s not usually one of my faves hat-wise, but I really like the boater shape for her and especially the slightly smaller-than-usual-for-a-boater brim proportion on this one. She looks great!

  5. HQ, you’ve hardly drawn breath. The hats just keep on coming…
    Empress Masako — looking great in her revamped hat.
    Maxima — repeating her June 2017 exact outfit. This time we see her with the shawl off. Minus the shawl, the dress looks featureless — not a great offset to this powerhouse of a hat. I think it definitely needs the statement dress and jewellery she wore in 2016, to distract the viewer from the fact that this hat is wide enough to double as an umbrella :).
    Sarah of York– looking gorgeous in this headpiece – fabulous colours for her too. (There is a close-up photo of the headpiece on the Jess Collet website) I so wish she had worn this at Ascot. Perhaps its base doesn’t meet the Royal enclosure dress code measurements…
    Queen Elizabeth–she has many hats in this pink colour; but this isn’t one of my favourites. I feel the symmetry of the hat shape needs to be balanced by more asymmetry in the trim, and stronger trim lines.
    Stephen Jones’ straw top hat is impressive – I browsed “straw top hats”, and there are a surprising number, all different — but of course, nothing as refined as this one.

  6. I would love to get my hands on the Jones straw top hat to get a closer look. It looks beautifully made!
    The antique silk covered top hats were strong yet light weight, the modern felt ones are heavier. This fine straw variety could be a very acceptable summer alternative.

    • Wies, you can have the closer look, but I want to wear it! While I’ve seen straw top hats previously online, I’ve only even seen a black one made from panama straw (toquilla palm), and it looks like Stephen Jones used some sort of very high quality sisal perhaps? (I’ll admit straws can be hard to classify, especially when looking at just a smaller photo online.) At any rate, it looks beautiful and would be fabulous alternative (albeit, still expensive) to the traditional top hats if a heat wave was to strike Ascot.

      To answer Jimbo’s question: I think the Jones top hat would qualify for the Royal Enclosure. If I remember the rules correctly (I didn’t double check before commenting, so I could be in trouble haha), men must wear a black or grey top hat with no custom/colorful ribbons/hatbands, but I doubt they specify the material of the hat itself.

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