This Week’s Extras

Weighing in on last week’s extras a bit late. Stay tuned later today for a separate post on the British royals at the Braemar Games and church this weekend.

On September 1, Princess Märtha Louise donned a fluffy pink organza and net fascinator for Derbyday at Øvrevoll Racecourse.
On August 31, Queen Margrethe wore a white straw hat with kettle brim and lace hatband to unveil a statue of Bernhard Arp Sindberg in Aarhus. The hat is so well paired with her blue and white dress.
Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images

Crown Princess Mary repeated her black straw wide brimmed hat with pleated wave on one side of the brim last Thursday for Danish Flag Day. The hat, by Danish milliner Susanne Juul, had a newly added large black pleated flower on the side.


For Prince Hisahito’s 13th birthday last Friday, the Imperial Household Agency released photos taken on the private leg of his recent visit to Bhutan with his parents that show the young prince and Princess Kiko in informal cotton bucket hats. It’s fun to see the Akishinos looking so informal!
Princess Anne, Timothy Laurence and Mike Tindall in casual hats yesterday at the Burghley Horse Trials to watch Zara compete (she took a fall off her horse but reportedly, both were not injured)
Empress Masako in a white hat with double sky blue hatband and back bow yesterday at the 39th National Sea Enrichment Festival in Akita City.
The following new millinery designs caught my eye last week:
Black straw bumper with trio of large, rolled crin & straw flowers by New Zealand milliner Monika Neuhauser
Mustard yellow felt percher (in such a unique shape!) with bows by British milliner Rachel Trevor Morgan
Two-tone sinamay rolled disc hat with wonderful floral trim (see the back!) by Kenyan milliner Chloe Mitchell

And from Russian milliner Denis Gulyaev, this sculpted fedora in the most stunning shade of dark raspberry felt with a deep purple wrapped hatband.

Empress Emerita Michiko underwent surgery for breast cancer Saturday (Sunday in Japan). I’m sure you all join me in surrounding her with wishes for healing and wellness.
Interesting article in the New York Times about Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi (Princess Beatrice’s boyfriend). Seems he’s much more than a handsome face.
Charming photos shared by the Belgian monarchy of Princess Elisabeth, Prince Gabriel, Prince Emmanuel and Princess Eléonore on their first day of school last week
Several royals came up against interesting doppelgangers last week- King Philippe and Queen Mathilde both faced their likenesses on canvas (the portrait of Queen Mathilde is wonderful!) while the Duchess of Cornwall met herself in this charming work in blackwork needlepoint (a type of embroidery using only black thread).
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Photos from social media as indicated

7 thoughts on “This Week’s Extras

  1. CP Mary, looking elegant as always. I love this hat and am delighted she wore it again.
    The photos of Prince Hisahito and his parents are so charming.
    I love seeing these photos of Empress Masako in that beautiful hat. SBlue is really her color. he looks so happy lately, and it’s wonderful to see.
    The portrait of Queen Mathilde is so beautiful, and I’m gobsmacked at the talent that went into the needlework portrait of the Duchess of Cornwall.

    – What a beautiful picture hat by Rebecca Couture. It would look lovely on the Duchess of Cornwall.
    – I am in love with the red leather percher by Rachel Henry. The color is so luxurious and would look amazing on the Duchess of Cambridge or Princess Eugenie.
    – I love the color tones the Australian milliners are playing with right now. The saffron straw hat by Alana English is a lovely shade that would look wonderful on Princess Beatrice.
    – I agree with HQ that the felt trilbys from British brand J Smith Esquire are very sharp. I like the black one for King Felipe or Prince Carl Phillip, and the grey would look dapper on King Willem-Alexander.
    – The cream straw wide brimmed hat with leopard spots by Stephanie Spencer is pure fun! I think Queen Mathilde would look amazing in this.
    – I love the height of the crin and straw flowers on the black straw bumper by Monika Neuhauser. I think this would look nice on the Duchess of Sussex, but I’d like to see it in a color other than black or navy.
    – Mustard is a hard color to wear, but the Rachel Trevor Morgan felt percher is a wonderful shape and looks so chic next to the magenta dress. I could see Zara Tindall or Autumn Phillips wearing this hat. Paired with magenta or cobalt blue, it would look incredible.

  2. Hooray for Crown Princess Mary for recycling that marvelous hat, and for Empress Masako’s aquamarine outfit. Princess Märtha Louise’s butterflies recalled Princess Grace’s 1977 look—and not in a good way.

    But I loved the maple leaf hat, the lavender pillbox/bandeau, and the two-tone Kenyan hat. Wish I could afford one!!

  3. Princess Märtha Louise’s fascinator is meant to be silly, right?

    Stunning look for CP Mary. Is this the hat that previously had a white flower?

    We recently saw Princess Hisako in a hat with a red maple leaf trim, but I think she needs Mirjam de Rijke‘s bumper for her next visit to Canada.

  4. Jimbo, I agree about Queen Margrethe’s white hat, which seems just right for both her and for the ensemble. She really does look best with brimmed hats.

    I like the Rebecca Couture picture hat, too — is anyone else thinking this would be perfect for The Duchess of Cornwall?

  5. Back on August 4 at the Festival of British Eventing at Gatcombe Park, Autumn Phillips wore this casual textured trilby.

    Embed from Getty Images

  6. Queen Margrethe’s white no-nonsense hat is just perfect for her. Of her 5 hats we’ve seen recently posted, it’s difficult picking the best one. Because of her hair style, I think hats with brims are far more attractive than the brim-less hats such as her red and mint green bumpers. My vote goes to her jaunty navy/white hat from Saturday. The matching band on her hat with the jacket material doesn’t bother me in the least – subjectively speaking, she is coordinated and balanced, and not too matchy. I’ve mentioned before how approachable and friendly Queen Margrethe seems, right down to her slightly more casual dress and shoes, and no one has contradicted it, so it must be true. The Danes are very fortunate (myself included, being 1/4 Danish).

    From the “Caught My Eye” department:
    WIN: Rebecca Couture’s navy picture hat (heads above all the others!)
    PLACE: Alana English’s saffron straw hat (what a fantastic color!)
    SHOW: J. Smith Esquire’s trilby duet (simple, elegant, and very wearable.)

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