British Royals Attend Braemar Games

On Saturday, Queen Elizabeth was joined by the Duke and Duchess of Rothesay and Peter and Autumn Philips for what looked like a very enjoyable day at the Braemar Games.

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Queen Elizabeth repeated her royal purple felt hat with square crown, downward facing brim with upfolded kettle edge and dark purple velvet hatband trimmed with stitched purple velvet leaves and silk flowers.

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This outing gives us a good look at this hat’s trim, which was updated for it’s last outing. This change elevates the hat- I adore those stitched velvet leaves)-  and the trim works much better than the white irises that originally adorned it. Fascinatingly, this trim change has made the design look much more in proportion, an optical illusion that works so well here (the hatmaker herself confirmed there were no changes to the hat’s crown height, as we suspected during its last outing) and ties beautifully with the velvet trim on this ensemble’s coat.

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Designer: Angela Kelly made by Stella McLaren
Previously Worn: Mar 11, 2019;  Jan 13, 2019Oct 23, 2018Mar 6, 2018Dec 7, 2017Nov 24, 2016

The Duchess of Rothesay repeated her formed beret in deep cranberry red felt, trimmed with a pair of pheasant feathers.

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This is the first good look we’ve had at this hat in years which is great, because it’s really wonderful on Camilla. She has just two red hats in her wardrobe, such a shame as she wears the colour so well.

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An interesting side note on this hat- worn well past the 10 wears that we’ve discussed recently (thanks to a quote from the late milliner Philip Somerville guessing this as the average number of times most royal hats are worn), the original feathers that appeared on this hat were replaced in 2017 for the larger ones we see on it today. While the change may have been an aesthetic one, it certainly has added to this hat’s longevity!

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At the Palace of Holyroodhouse on May 9, 2012

Designer: Philip Treacy
Previously Worn: August 25, 2019; Sep 30, 2018; Sep 23, 2018; Sep 16, 2018; Sep 24, 2017; Aug 20, 2017; April 16, 2017; Sep 11, 2016; Sep 26, 2015; Sep 5, 2012; Sep 1, 2012; May 9, 2012; Sep 18, 2011; Apr 9, 2006; Apr 10, 2005

Autumn Phillips wore a percher hat with sculpted base in sage green described by the milliner as “hand-blocked peachbloom felt pillbox hat trimmed with an abstract bow, and finished with 2 degrade dyed feathers and a large crystal pearl in subtle tones of the same colour.”

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The scale and movement of this piece is wonderful on her and makes such a great pairing for her slightly lighter green plaid wool coat. I particularly admire the shape and height of the bow and the colour of the feathers. Some might be tempted to pair this coat with burgundy hat to match its velvet trim but I adore that Autumn (or her stylist, Annie Miall) went the less expected route with this design in green. It’s so much more interesting and brings out her green eyes so well.

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Designer: Sally-Ann Provan’s Artani design  It is the Guinea London Knightsbridge coat. 
Previously Worn: This hat is new

Yesterday, Queen Elizabeth attended Suinday service at Crathie Kirk in a repeated cloche variation covered in pale silk crepe. The hat’s contrasting black lower hatband, which shows up as a sharply punctuating pinstripe, and black leaves, nestled behind those exquisite handmade flowers, are an unexpected touch on this hat but one that makes it work so well.

Embed from Getty Images
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Designer: Rachel Trevor Morgan
Previously Worn: Aug 6, 2019; Aug 12, 2018

The Duchess of Rothesay also attended church, repeating her red beret’s taupe twin, also trimmed with pheasant feathers.

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Designer: Philip Treacy
Previously Worn: Aug 11, 2019; Aug 19, 2018; Oct 8, 2017; Sep 10, 2017; Aug 13, 2017; Sep 18, 2016

That’s five hats in Scotland over the weekend. Which ones stood out most to you?

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26 thoughts on “British Royals Attend Braemar Games

  1. I like all of the hats and agree that QEII’s hat looks better with the changes. Autumn is one of my favorites and I’m so glad that you gave us some great photos. Sometimes I have to scan for her in the background, which is a shame because she always looks beautiful and her outfits are interesting while being appropriate (evidently something incredibly difficult to do based on my own observations).

    • Good photos of ‘minor’ royals can often be very difficult to source. This outing was better- I think because Peter and Autumn were part of the Queen’s entourage and it was a small group so easy to include them. But at events where the whole royal family is present (Trooping the Colour, major anniversaries), it seems most of the photographer’s lenses are fixed on the family “stars”. For Trooping the Colour, for example, I have come to rely on amateur photographers who attend on their own every year to capture the Duchess of Gloucester, Duchess of Kent, and Princess Alexandra, for example. I also am STILL on the lookout for a clearly visible photo of Princess Alexandra at the Cambridge’s wedding in 2011!

      • I’m whispering this 😯 … but The Royal Order of Sartorial Splendor has a nice photograph of Princess Alexandra at William and Kate’s wedding … but I don’t know where it came from !!! Though I have to say that she really looked absolutely gorgeous in purple at the Queens party 😀😀 sorry off topic I know !

  2. I adore Autumn’s hat! She never puts a foot wrong. It’s a perfect foil for her eyes too. I’ve always loved Cam in these berets and the new feathers on this one are fab. I like the color pairing too, unexpected but it works. HM’s purple hat works so much better now that it’s been retrimmed. I love the pale blue hat as well.

    • Ditto to everything you say. I liked all five hats, but the top three are Autumn, Camilla in red and HM. All excellent pairings for their ensembles and the occasion.

  3. Like Jimbo, I did sigh a bit on seeing the purple hat out again. I really like it, but we’ve seen it quite a lot. There are some nice tweedy numbers just begging for a rewear (I personally think the black and white houndstooth coat with the white hat is a dead very for this event)

    Love Camilla’s beret, and this outfit has served her well. But I’ve always been bugged by the beret being red and five coat more pink.

    Autumn – fabulous yet again. Her stylist does some excellent work.

  4. Tremendous showing by all Royal ladies. I love the color on Her Majesty. I like Jimbo’s comment about there not being a color on the color wheel that Her Majesty cannot wear. Too true!
    The color and shape on Camilla is wonderful, but the new feathers elevate this hat to one of my all time favorites. As mittenmary said, there is so much more drama, and Camilla can certainly handle it. Just a gorgeous, stunning, beautiful hat!
    Autumn Phillips’ style goes from better to better everytime she goes out. I adore this hat shape and color, and it pairs perfectly with that gorgeous coat. A wonderful outing from her, and she looked like she was having the time of her life with Prince Charles.
    Finally, I have to draw attention to the 4 lovely hats on the ladies sitting in the back row of the Royal Box, seen in photo 2. They look so chic, and I would love to see close ups of (what I think are) fabulous hats.

  5. MrFitzroy’s friend Dan — who has been vacationing in Scotland, was there at the games this weekend, and reported that HM (and the games) did not disappoint in person. MrFitzroy felt very special to be texted photos of the royals arrival before any of the media images were posted!

  6. The size of the new feathers add a lot of drama to Camilla’s beret, and they mirror each other beautifully

    Love the sculptural quality of the bows and feathers on Autumn’s percher. As HQ says, burgundy would have been expected (and lovely), but the sage is perfect for her.

    • Steelhauser, the Prince and Princess of Wales (technically Camilla is Princess of Wales even though she does not use the title) have subordinate Scottish titles that they utilize when they are within Scotland. So Charles and Camilla are styled the Duke and Duchess of Rothesay when they are there.
      William and Kate while usually known as Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, are known as the Earl and Countess of Scotland. It can indeed get confusing when one individual has multiple titles!

  7. Please explain the terms “peachbloom felt pillbox hat trimmed with an abstrct bow, and finished with 2 degrade dyed feathers.” I’m trying to incorporate these terms into my millinery vocabulary!

    • Peachbloom felt refers to a type of felt with a somewhat velvet finish…so it appears a bit like peach fuzz….but peachbloom is the name bestowed.
      ‘Abstrct bow’ is likely a typo referring to an abstract type bow, meaning it is not the traditional type of tied bow.
      MrFitzroy has always assumed ‘degrade feathers’ meant feathers that have been altered from their natural state– but was unable to find a source corroborating that assumption on the internet, perhaps another commenter could expand.

  8. Has it occurred to anyone else that Camilla seems ALWAYS to wear a beret to church in Scotland. Every picture of her (usually a rather obscured one though the car windows) seems to show a beret. Perhaps this is the headgear that goes best with tartan?

  9. Pertaining to HM, today’s two-edged-sword comment is coming from someone who NEVER sees hats worn where he lives, except occasionally at church festivals, (such as this past weekend) where the silly headgear flowed alongside the draft beer, both to extremes!
    Edge 1: Although a color has yet to be found on the color wheel that she can’t wear well, HM can’t possibly look more radiant, royal, and regal than when she wears purple. An outstanding ensemble for chilly Scotland.
    Edge 2: Let’s be honest – how many people, upon seeing this gorgeous purple hat, thought something like “Oh, that one again?” If a new hat is not to be worn at the Braemar Games, then a deeper dig in the Balmoral closet could have brought out a beautiful blast-from-the-past for all to enjoy. I don’t mean to sound picky, but there are just so many beauties that need to be seen again.
    CAMILLA: Fantastic red feathered beret. It never gets old. All her tartan clothes must surely stay up there with the two berets. The church beret didn’t get photographed very well, which is a shame.
    AUTUMN: Possibly my favorite of the three Braemar hats! The sage color is perfect for her name as well as the season.
    QUEEN ELIZABETH CRATHIE KIRK: Again, we just saw this ensemble (albeit, an unquestionably fantastic one!) a month ago upon her official arrival to Balmoral. Angela Kelly might consider dragging a chair over to the hat shelves, and pulling something down from higher up.

  10. My favourites hats seem to be the oldest (Camilla’s red) and the newest (Autumn’s green), but these are all very attractive.
    I agree with Jake that P Charles missed a perfect opportunity for a flat cap!

  11. Gorgeous color for HM, but I’ll just never warm up to this shape.

    So happy to see the beret finally on proper parade for Camilla! It looks great on her and is perfect for the occasion. I also wouldn’t have noticed the feathers were changed if HatQueen hadn’t pointed that out; I suspect the previous ones may have been damaged (they stick out rather far and have that potential) and just replaced with new ones; if it was an aesthetic change, I would think more visibly different feathers would’ve been used.

    Another win for Autumn! Not seeing larger photos previously, it’s amazing how the color of this hat matches so well with her eyes. If it had been me, I would’ve chosen a hat that pulled on one of the colors in the stripes of her coat, but the green is a more unexpected and fantastic choice. Brava!

    Finally . . . *sigh*, another wasted opportunity for hats on royal men. I would put a flat cap on Charles in the sage green of his jacket and waistcoat, and a navy felt fedora on Peter (although a burgundy fedora to go with his tie would be much more daring, probably too daring for Peter’s tastes unfortunately, but not mine haha).

    Love seeing this hat on HM, but that upturned black leaf on the bottom front on the trim is driving me crazy; I can’t imagine it’s supposed to be like that! While I’m certain this grey beret is a nice hat for Camilla, it certainly lacks the punch the red has.

    • I love the fact that Charles and Camilla have their own dress code when they go to Balmoral…. Charles looks so well tailored with his jackets and waistcoat and the kilts are fabulous !.I so.admire his taste in clothes but Jakes right he definitely needs a cap !.😊 Camilla seems to love the tartan too.and I like the fact that she chooses feminine colours those berets are terrific on her – she really looks like the lady of the major doesn’t she ? 😉

  12. All good hats, but Camilla’s pairing of the cranberry beret (swoon!!!!) with the pink coat is phenomenal. Really fabulous!

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