Danish Queen Concludes Sailing Season

Queen Margrethe arrived back from Germany yesterday at Copenhagen’s waterfront ‘Nordre Toldbod’ aboard the royal yacht Dannebrog. Before disembarking, she thanked each person on the 57-member crew for this sailing season- the 90th year the 78-meter long ship has been in the water. For this year’s sailing farewell, Queen Margrethe repeated a brightly patterned red hat.

The design features a flat crown and generous brim with gentle curve that frames Margrethe’s face really well and gives a jauntily lighthearted feel to the design. Shape, however, is not what is immediately noticed about this hat- it’s all about the red and white print! We see so few printed royal hats I find myself embracing this one. Yes, its repeat on Margrethe’s high-necked blouse is a bit much but her navy suit firmly grounds the ensemble and makes it work. The minute she takes that jacket off, however, it will be print overkill.

Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: 1994

I adore that after 7 years of looking closely at royal hats here, there are still unexpected surprises, such as this design, that come our way! What do you think of Queen Margrethe’s new red and white hat?

Photos from Getty as indicated 

5 thoughts on “Danish Queen Concludes Sailing Season

  1. It’s not a new hat. I’m a real fan of Queen Margrethe and have a large collection of memorabilia and books about her and I was convinced I’d seen it before. I’ve been searching through the annuals that are produced every year about the Danish Royal family and the earliest I can find her wearing it is 1994! (with the same blouse). She obviously hasn’t worn it for quite a while but she has some lovely hats in her back catalogue (some of them have very much come back into style now) so it would be nice if she found some others from the back of the wardrobe. As someone said in another post she has someone who looks after her hats extremely well. I’m not certain re copyright rules and whether it would be ok for me to scan a photo from the book.

  2. An interesting new addition to Margrethe’s hat collection. The fire engine red color is wonderful for her and pairs greatly with her navy coat; but I do fear the day we see this hat and outfit sans coat (as is likely to happen)! As Elizabeth and Shanon have pointed out, something seems a bit off about the way the fabric is draped on the hat, but I will reserve full judgment until closer up photos emerge.

  3. At first glance, I really like this hat. The print is fabulous and pairs well with the navy jacket. The shape looks wonderful on Queen Margrethe, and, overall, she looks very smart.
    But, when I look closely at the underside of the brim, it does look like a scarf was wrapped around. You can see the tucks as Elizabeth mentions.

  4. This hat to me looks as if there was a matching scarf with the blouse, HM needed a hat, so she wrapped the scarf over a non-matching hat, tucking the edges under the brim. Alternatively, she hasn’t unwrapped her new gift hat!
    I like the colour, but not this design.

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