Swedish Royals Attend Opening Of Parliament

The Swedish Royal Family arrived at the Swedish Parliament House in Stockholm this morning to take part in the opening of the new parliamentary session

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The family, led by the king and queen, dressed in the black and white dress code traditionally associated with this event (well, most of them did but we’ll get to that, shortly!). Queen Silvia repeated her white straw calot hat with back bow and net tulle veil. The beehive shaped hat is wrapped in stripes of straw, giving the design texture and dimension in addition to a distinctive shape. It’s not my favourite hat in Silvia’s wardrobe but integrates very well with her hairstyle.

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Designer: Mode Rosa
Previously Worn: Sep 4, 2017; Apr 24, 2016Jun 6, 2014; Sep 8, 2013May 10, 2013; Apr 16, 2013

Crown Princess Victoria wore an interesting headpiece put together from two previously worn separate designs. The white triple ringed bandeau previously had a large white bloom that was removed today and in its place, Victoria’s headpiece of black and white layered butterfly bows.  I’m all for mixing millinery pieces whenever possible but there’s something incongruous about this combination, which, I’m afraid, looks like a bit of a mash-up. I wish the ringed bandeau had been repeated in its original, flower trimmed form.

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Designer of the ringed headpiece: unknown (Philip Treacy made its pink twin)
Previously Worn: April 16, 2015
Designer of the Butterfly bow headpiece: Malinda Damgaard 
Previously Worn: September 13, 2016; October 19, 2015September 15, 2015

Princess Sofia veered away from the black and white dress code with a two-piece headpiece – face framing bandeau and a separate bow worn at the base of her neck- in luxe wine velvet.  As far as bandeaus go, it’s a good one and frames Sofia’s face beautifully. The colour, however, has me scratching my own head here- yes, it’s a beautiful, painterly fall colour that looks fantastic in velvet but… I can’t believe I’m stating the obvious here… it’s not black or white. Is this the start of coloured accessories for this event? I hope so!

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Designer: Headpieces by M (Matthias Lavesson)
Previously Worn: this headpiece is new

This is one of very few annual hatted events in Sweden and leaves me curious, dearest readers- what do you think of this trio of off-the-face millinery designs?

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15 thoughts on “Swedish Royals Attend Opening Of Parliament

  1. There is no dress code, it’s jut a tradition started by Queen Silvia.

    The time line seems to be, from my Swedish friends:
    1. Sweden had an official court dress that was worn to the opening of Parliament – long gown, ermine robe, tiara and veil. All in black and white.

    2. In 1974-1975 the constitution was changed, the King lost most of his power and the opening of Parliament became like it is now. The women changed to daytime dress and hat. No colour restrictions and I’ve seen blue, purple, green… worn to this event.

    3. Queen Silvia decided that a more formal look would be nice and mashed up the two together – daydress and hat BUT in black and white. Since she is Queen the other royal ladies followed her wishes. I’m sure Sofia talked to Silvia about it and it’s fine by her.

  2. Silvia looks elegant, as she usually does, but I would not choose this hat ever again for her. While calots and pillboxes usually flatter her and her hairstyle, this one does not, and therefore doesn’t seem harmonious with the rest of her outfit.

    Victoria, eh, it’s fine. I realize the apparent black & white dress code isn’t worn often otherwise, but it just feels like she repeats the same look over and over again with small variations.

    Sofia looks quite fabulous! I think the large bow frames her face well, although I do with the headband part sat more forward on her head. The wine purple color is great for her as well, and a nice departure from the black & white (who decided that was the be the color scheme/dress code?).

    Sofia was the winner for me, but like I often am with this event, I remain underwhelmed overall.

    • (who decided that was to be the color scheme/dress code?)

      Actually, Queen Silvia did.
      When she married the king in 1976, she became the first modern day Swedish queen and she had to make a lot of changes and make thing up as she went along because there was no precedent.
      I saw a documentary about her and she talked about how there was no office for the queen or her staff, there was actually no queen’s staff when she married. Carl Gustaf was already king when they married and he inherited from his widowed grandfather and his mother had also died years ago.

  3. As a bandeau variation, I think what Sofia is wearing is very attractive (it looks as though the two elements could actually be attached, or have I missed a photo showing they are separate pieces?). It’s such a gorgeous colour. I noted that Silvia’s hat looks much better when she doesn’t have her cape on – I think the cape plus the hat just reduplicates the sort of cosy pyramid shape too much, to the benefit of neither.

  4. there is a dress code, sort of black and white and it looks like the clothes came first and then there was an afterthought, one needs a hat, it feels like a solution, wearing a comfortable headband.
    QSylvia hat I like just not the veil
    Victoria’s headband has spaces on one side and not on the other, making it a confused design. if they stuck to the same material and width as the stripes in the jacket it would have been very nice. Imo a problem with the design of the headband plus her slick hair simply doesn’t frame her face nicely it is more like a bandaid. am I too harsh?
    Sofia is nice but the color leaves me confused

  5. I’m underwhelmed with all 3 head pieces today. If I didn’t dislike bandeaus so much, it wouldn’t be as bad. Yesterday, thanks to Hat Queen, we were treated to five delightful HATS in Scotland. Oooooh Swedish lassies, take the high road, not the low!

    It looks as if there’s a strict dress code for the men also: navy suits and medium blue ties. Of the three men, IMHO, Prince Carl Philip is the only Royal properly built for a double-breasted suit coat, and he’s the only one NOT wearing one! I’ve only had one DB coat in my many years, and I hated it from the moment I stepped foot out the shop door. Not being pencil-thin in stature, I rarely buttoned it, and the extra material flopping around made me feel very self-conscious and downright sloppy. Oh for the day of leisure suits!

  6. I’m afraid I have to agree with HatQueen that CP Victoria’s mashup is not a success. Let’s hope for the restoration of the white ringed headpiece.

    Curious — if the dress code has changed, it seems as though everyone would be in on it. The wine is a gorgeous color for Sofie, but the bow seems out of proportion. I don’t like the way it flares from the back of the head in the front view.

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