News of Princess Beatrice’s engagement yesterday brought me hopeful thoughts for a 2020 wedding (with HATS!) and nostalgic admiration for some of her great millinery looks this year. One of my favourites was the sky blue straw boater with tassel trim by Bundle MacLaren she wore to Ascot. This got me thinking, dearest readers… how many other royal hats have been trimmed with tassels? Or long fringe? What do you think of such trimmings?

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42 thoughts on “Tassels?

  1. Just thought of another one with a fringe, clearly designed to go with the coat:

    Embed from Getty Images

  2. 1979 Anne, Toronto, beret with tassel end.
    1977 Anne, London, a “structured headscarf” style hat with fringing!
    1979 Anne, another beret with tassel end. Sorry about the huge link, but I couldn’t leave this tassel out. Is this the heaviest and longest tassel worn outside a ceremonial occasion? It must have been a nuisance to wear. What’s more, the black and white photo makes it look as if the tassel consists of the princess’s hair, threaded through the hat 🙂 –rather unsettling…
    1952 HM, Braemar- cute!
    1979, Princess Alexandra, 6th pic down, in a divinely elegant lilac beret – incidentally, wearing that coat from the previous post “Hat from the Past Sept 26, 2019” – now we know the colour 🙂

    • mcncln, you’ve outdone yourself! Is anyone else getting a Girl With a Pearl Earring vibe from the 1977 London? And are we sure that it isn’t her hair, not a tassel, in the 1979? (I see a lot of running caps with cut-outs for a ponytail.) This is really confirming my impression that Anne loves horses so much that she’s trying to grow a tail!

      The 1952 Braemar is indeed cute. The yellow must have really popped against the grey.

  3. HM and Anne seem to have been prolific tassel-wearers! while looking, I noticed that the later ‘seventies was also awash with hats wrapped in scarves – not just turbans, but different shapes of hat, with the ends of the “scarf” fabric hanging or tied off, scarf-fashion ) – a topic for another post, perhaps HQ?
    1975 HM, Hong Kong. Do these count as tassels?
    Embed from Getty Images
    1970 HM Sydney
    Embed from Getty Images
    1974 HM New Hebrides
    Embed from Getty Images
    1971HM Ascot
    Embed from Getty Images
    1976 HM Maundy service
    Embed from Getty Images

    • Good hunting mcnlcn! I reckon the Hong Kong hat would also do well in the pom-pom section. And HM’s hat with little tassels all over it is, well, interesting. Even Philip looks doubtful! 🙂

  4. Seems like there were loads of tasselled hats after all, back in the 1970’s and ’80’s! I think we just tactfully put them out of our minds! My favourite is the Queen’s emerald green number.

  5. Princess Anne on tour in Gambia for Save the Children Fund in 1984. This hat, when seen with all its adornments, is a bit of a mess really.

    Embed from Getty Images

  6. Princess Anne at the Newbury races 1985 (a fundraiser for Save the Children for which she’s been a long-time patron) in another orange outfit. It almost looks as if there might be two tassels at the back …

    Embed from Getty Images

  7. Princess Anne in Wellington, NZ in 1970. The caption describes the hat as ‘spectacular’ and it ain’t wrong. The whole hat is one big tassel!

    Embed from Getty Images

    • This is like the her pompom hat made of pompoms!

      These ponytail style tassels seem very appropriate for a horse-loving Princess.

    • All of these old photos of Princess Anne make me realize how long it’s been since she has been wearing her hair up all the time. Has anyone ever seen a photo of her with her hair down (outside of possibly when riding a horse) beyond her early teen years?

      • Interesting question Matthew. Here’s an engagement announcement photo from 1973:

        Embed from Getty Images

        An official portrait released the week before their November 1973 wedding:

        Embed from Getty Images

        Heading off on honeymoon:
        Embed from Getty Images

        On tour at the Sydney Opera House, 1974:

        Embed from Getty Images

        Lovely family photo from 1980:

        Embed from Getty Images

        Half-down, half-up for her second marriage in 1992 (which may be the last time her hair has been down in public):

        Embed from Getty Images

  8. Princess Anne, about 1978

    Embed from Getty Images

  9. Besides Princess Anne’s orange hat with fringe (scroll through the comments), the only other fringe on a royal hat I can think of is this one, with fringed hatband. Hat designed by Angela Kelly, made by Stella McLaren
    Embed from Getty Images

    • Would fringe-like edges on brims count? If so, Máxima, Mathilde, Victoria, and Maria Teresa all have worn hats with fringe edged brims (presumably all by Delvigne), although Máxima leads the way in that sense.

  10. Cirencester, 1996:

    Embed from Getty Images

  11. Queen Elizabeth in the Isle of Man, 1989. Hat by Philip Somerville.

    Embed from Getty Images

  12. Here’s a lime green cap with long tassel (a sentence I never thought I’d write here) on Princess Anne in 1971
    Embed from Getty Images

  13. There’s also this one worn when presenting new colours to the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders in 1973 Embed from Getty Images

  14. Another one from a tiyr of Canada in 1976. Another one which we can safely say is of its time Embed from Getty Images

    Despite the fact it hasn’t aged well, it appears to be exquisitely made.

  15. Here’s one from the Silver Jubilee tour if Scotland in 1977:
    Embed from Getty Images
    Great colour on Her Majesty here.

    • Although I’m not keen on the squashy shape, I love the movement the tassel brings to the hat in this photo, taken about 1980 at something horsey:

      Embed from Getty Images

  16. My initial reaction was, “No, it was Eugenie who wore a big-brimmed hat with a tassel,” but looks like they both did. This is from Day 1 of 2018:

    Embed from Getty Images

    Great challenge, HatQueen! And it’s fun to look forward to a royal wedding.

  17. There is a 1938 Sir Cecil Beaton portrait of Princess Marina wearing the traditional Greek national costume which includes “a red felt cap (fez) with enormous golden tassels” described and shown in this article: https://blog.hrp.org.uk/princess-marina-fashion-icon/ (scroll down about halfway). From the photograph, it looks more like the tassels are attached to the dress rather than the hat, and it is unfortunately in black & white, but maybe someone can find some other photos of Marina in Greek dress (i.e. not formal sittings) in color and from different angles and we can decide!

  18. I found this one of Princess Anne in 1979, I love the orange sherbert color of the outfit. What a lovely young lady.

    Embed from Getty Images

    I also found a cool picture of Queen Anne-Marie in a really interesting tasseled hat as part of a Macedonian national costume, but it wasn’t embeddable. Another fun rabbit hole!

  19. Would this amazing headdress Chief Red Crow of the Blackfeet Nation (Princes Charles) wore in Alberta in 1977 count as tassel in the front? It is a knotted material, which is the definition of a tassel. Regardless, this is spectacular.

    Embed from Getty Images

  20. Princess Beatrice, Princess Eugenie and Peter Phillips graduations

    Embed from Getty Images

  21. December 10, 1980: Chatham House (it’s yellow, and I’ll continue finding a color photo.)
    Embed from Getty Images

    April, 1981: Badminton Hore Trials (not the most flattering of designs, to be sure.)
    Embed from Getty Images

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