This Week’s Extras

Last Sunday, Queen Elizabeth repeated her cornflower blue hat with black trim and spiky grey feather flower to attend Sunday morning service at Crathie Kirk. The Duchess of Cornwall repeated her tan beret with pheasant feather trim.

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Princess Hisako attended the Japan Sports Masters Tournament (for athletes over age 35) on Monday and Tuesday. Monday, she repeated a white hat with pork pie crown and wide brim edged in a black stripe with floral trim on the side. Tuesday, she wore a black straw hat with trilby-style raised back brim and wide, ecru-striped hatband. On Thursday, she repeated her ivory small brimmed, lace-covered hat with side bow for the 130th anniversary of the Japanese Red Cross Society in Gifu.. Yesterday, she wore this brimmed design to attend the Regional Traditional Performing Arts National Convention in Nara.

The Imperial emperor and empress attended the 74th National Sports Festival’s opening ceremony in Hitachinaka yesterday. Empress Masako repeated a white brimmed hat with wide royal blue silk hatband.

Queen Elizabeth was joined for church this morning in Scotland by the Snowdon family. The Queen repeated an angular lime straw cloche with navy stripe around the brim and a mass of straw leaves in the two colours on the side. The Countess of Snowdon wore a sculpted beret in a fantastic shade of saffron felt, trimmed with a gold brooch while Lady Margarita Armstrong-Jones donned a chic dark denim blue felt fedora with navy hatband.
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A new book by Angela Kelly was released today that will undoubtedly, be filled with many great looks at her designs (and hats made by Stella McLaren, the in-house milliner on Kelly’s design team). I now know what’s on the top of my Christmas wish list!

The following new millinery designs caught my eye this week:
Alpaca gives a cruelty-free and sustainable option for fur hats and this teal one from Peruvian Connection is wonderful
Red felt calot with wide ruffle and bling-y brooch trim from British brand Rebecca Couture Millinery
Very fun blue patterned pillbox hat with retro proportions by Australian milliner Karen Bailey
Loden green silk ribbon bandeau with veil from British milliner Rachel Trevor Morgan
Love unexpected coral and burgundy scheme of this straw brimmed design by Dutch milliner Myra van de Korput
Ivory felt sculpted hat with crown of folded swirls trimmed with crystals by Israeli milliner Orit Aviezer
From Stephen Jones’ new spring 2020 collection, this gravity-defying black hat with crisp white stripes

And these two green beauties from British milliners- first, from  Dorothy Morant, a hand blocked cloche in printed felt with extended brim and stunning pleated velvet ribbon trim (clearly, the Downton Abbey movie is on my mind) and second, from Carrie Jenkinson, this emerald felt saucer percher with amazing half pinwheel of statement twists.

It was so lovely to become better acquainted with this new, very sweet royal face this week
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Prince Harry took a poignant walk in Angola down the same path his mother walked, 22 years ago.

We end the week with the Dutch king, clearly enjoying his visit today to the Motocross of Nations at the TT Assen
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Photos from social media as indicated

14 thoughts on “This Week’s Extras

  1. I’m at least 95% certain Margarita Armstrong-Jones repeated her Borsalino fedora ( Both HM’s and Serena’s hats deserve better photos because they both look fantastic!

    While the Dorothy Morant cloche is very Downton, I can see Lady Mary rocking that fabulous Carrie Jenkinson percher. It’s stunning!

    P.S. how can one meet Princess Hisako? This blog introduced me to her, and she seems like she would be a fantastic person to hang out with, especially with all her great hats!

    • Great catch, Jake. Lady Margarita’s hat is definitely that same blue Borsalino.

      Princess Hisako does seem particularly great. Some quiet Friday, we should play “Royal Dream Dinner Party”.

  2. Princess Hisako visited Iwate Prefecture September 21-22

  3. Princess Alexandra as Royal Colonel of the Third Battalion The Rifles visited the regiment at Dreghorn Barracks in Edinburgh on September 24:

  4. HQ, thanks for yet another great round-up from the “Caught My Eye” Department. My favorite is the 2-tone boater variation(?) from the Dutch milliner Myra van de Korput. Put me on the list also to purchase the Dorothy Morant “Downton Abby” hat, even though temperatures here are still (and will stay) higher than 90F ALL WEEK! We’re planning on seeing the movie DA this coming weekend.

  5. Yesterday, Princess Akiko wore a navy cloche variation with square crown for visits to Ibaraki Prefectural University of Medicine and hospital in Ami. She’s in the region for a 2 day visit planned around the 74th National Sports Festival.

  6. – Lovely hat on Queen Margarethe.
    – I really love the white wide brimmed hat edged in a black stripe worn by Princess Hisako. She looks fantastic in it, and the photos of her and the children are pure joy! She is a delight!
    – Empress Masako looks beautiful in blue. Just a wonderful outfit and hat on her.
    – I really love the vibrancy of the Countess of Snowden’s hat. The sleek style looks wonderful on her. Lady Margarita’s fedora is very chic. I wish we could see more of it.
    – Great photos of the Sussex family. Master Archie looks a lot like Prince Harry, but he has his mother’s eyes. Very cute!
    – Fun photo of King Willem-Alexander! I love it! Glad he’s keeping the beard!

    – I agree HQ about the “fascinating hues and airy lightness” on the Jane Taylor. Lady Kitty Spencer would look incredible in this.
    – I really love the Clothilde Toussaint black felt sculpted bumper. Princess Marie of Denmark or Princess Madeleine of Sweden would look lovely in this.
    – Fabulous yellow casque from Jill Humphries. It is a glorious color and design! I could see Princess Haya wearing this.
    – The blue patterned pillbox hat by Karen Bailey is fun and would look great on Princess Charlene. I like the angle of the hat on the mannequin. Very unique!
    – I can see Lady Margarita wearing the green silk ribbon bandeau from Rachel Trevor Morgan.
    – Great swirl design on the ivory felt sculpted hat by Orit Aviezer. I think HM The Queen would look lovely in this style and color.
    – Love! Love! Love! the Dorothy Morant cloche. I agree that the Downton Abbey movie is on my mind for this hat! I can see Princess Beatrice wearing this. It’s so beautiful!
    – Dynamite color on the emerald felt saucer percher by Carrie Jenkinson. The color would look amazing on the Duchess of Cambridge.

    • Love your suggestion of the ivory Orit Aviezer for HM! It’s so regal, and it would be a lovely change of pace for her. I could also imagine Queen Mathilde wearing it well.

      • Definitely Queen Mathilde, or, come to think of it, Queen Silvia. I think your comment of the hat being so regal is spot on!

  7. That Dorothy Marant hat is TDF! It may end up being the third of your “extras” that I have purchased. You are enabling me in the best possible way.

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