Catching Up With The Danish Royals

Queen Margrethe took in the races on Saturday at Klampenborg Racecourse. For this outing, which saw her present The Queen’s Honorary Award, she repeated a hat we’ve not seen in several years. In royal purple felt, the design features a diagonally placed brim and bow trim on one side. A piece first worn for her Ruby Jubilee in 2012, it’s nice to see this vibrant hat trotted out again.

Designer: Likely Per Falk Hansen
Previously Worn: Jan 15, 2012; Oct 2, 2012; Oct 20, 2012; Jan 20, 2013; Apr 1, 2013;

Also on Saturday, Crown Princess Mary officially opened a namesake bridge connecting West and North Zealand across Roskilde Fjord. For the event, she wore a new saucer hat in navy fur felt with sharply angled brim (upturned on one side, downturned on the other) trimmed with a felt bow and large silk flower.

The shape is a departure for Mary and while I don’t like the sharp angles of this design on her as much as some of her other, more classic, softer shapes, it’s great to see some variation in her millinery wardrobe. It also stood up admirably to some intense wind! As usual, the ensemble was beautifully styled, with a pop colour from her red dress.

Designer: Jane Taylor. It is the “Jujube” design from AW 2017
Previously Worn: This hat is new

On Sunday, the new M3 Cityringen metro line in Copenhagen was officially opened by its first, very royal passenger. For this inaugural ride, Queen Margrethe repeated her charcoal grey felt trilby with pompom flower trim. It’s a very chic hat (this is one of a very few royal pompoms that works!) that Margrethe wears very well.

Photo from Getty as indicated

7 thoughts on “Catching Up With The Danish Royals

  1. My favourite of this very nice selection is the Queen’s brown trilby – such a cheerful and flattering little thing.
    Second love is her wonderful saturated purple hat – very lovely, though, as I often do, I wish there were a few tendrils of hair escaping onto the Queen’s brow to soften the line.
    I just don’t care for QP Mary’s navy rose hat. . The rose is too big, maybe? Something about the proportions just doesn’t look harmonious to me.
    We’re already in October; where the heck did this year go??

  2. CP Mary tends to less dramatic hats for her working appearances and save pieces like this for special occasions, so this is quite a departure. I agree with HatQueen about the sharp angles, but overall, this is a great look for her.

    Two excellent repeats for the Queen, both very Daisy looking. She looks splendid in the larger hat, and the purple is beautiful with the coat. She also wear the trilby well, and the whimsical pompom balances out the sleek style.

  3. 3 terrific hats. I love the color of Queen Margarethe’s blue hat against the white coat. It’s so lovely.
    I really enjoyed watching the videos of CP Mary. Terrific outfit and her hat is lovely. It reminds me of my favorite hat of all time that she wears. The tan upswept one with the flower on top. The style is very becoming and she’s always so elegantly dressed.
    Queen Margarethe is rocking that trilby. I love it! Beautiful color and it suits her very nicely.

  4. Is there anything more awkward than the wind blowing off your hat while you’re trying to look dignified? 😳 But CP Mary manages it. I think her hat is super. In fact, all of these hats are “wins” in my book!

  5. Queen Margarethe looks wonderful she can wear hats in all kind of shape and designs, seeing these lovely hats I wish the Danish has a splash more creativity with their hats

  6. How has Margrethe not worn this hat since 2013? I had forgotten about this one, and it’s great to see it back out of the hatbox. I especially like pairing it with the cream coat for a little variety.

    I agree this wouldn’t be my favorite hat for Mary, but it’s a good addition to the rotation and is something different from the shapes she’s favored in recent years, especially for her fall/winter collection.

    More queens in hats on metros! Definitely a chic trilby, a perfect choice for this outing.

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