This Week’s Extras

Back on September 21, Princess Akiko of Mikasa, as Honorary President of the Japan Rugby Association, attended a match between Australia and Fiji in an ivory cloche with slim burgundy hatband. Last Sunday,  wore a smart white hat with pistchio green hatband and side bow for National Sports Festival in Kasama.
On Monday,  Princess Yoko wore a pale pink oversize cloche hat for a visit to the Shimodate Museum of Art in Chikusei. On Wednesday, she was in in Mito where she took in a took in a rugby football match at the National Sports Festival  in a black bowler hat with jade bow trim. 
On Tuesday in Tokyo, Empress Masako repeated a pumpkin silk hat with upturned brim and bow at the side for the 60th Anniversary Convention Of Nikkei And Japanese Abroad.
On Tuesday, Crown Princess Victoria wore a burgundy bandeau headpiece with ribbon roses and veil to attend the opening of a church in Uppsala with her father.
The Takamado Princesses were also busy this week around Japan for the 74th National Sports Festival. On Monday, Princess Hisako wore a wide brimmed black hat to watch events and on Wednesday, she arrived at the field hockey competition in Tokai in a natural straw hat with kettle brim and bright green hatband. On Friday, Princess Tsuguko watched softball in Kasama City, repeating her wonderful cream and black hat with slim black hatband and scalloped point on the side. On Saturday, she wore a pale blue bowler hat with wide silk hatband to watch the handball competition in Jōsō. 
On Friday, the Duchess of Cornwall repeated her brown tweed ruched crown hat with faux fur brim for a visit to Dunnottar Castle with the Prince of Wales.
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Today, Queen Elizabeth headed to Sunday service at Crathie Kirk in her pale grey straw cloche hat with square crown. The hat, which has only been worn in Scotland (this was its fourth outing) is trimmed with a hatband and brim binding in the same black and grey  bouclé tweed as Her Majesty’s suit, and spiky dahlia bloom of trimmed black, grey and bronze feathers. The Duchess of Cornwall repeated her red Philip Treacy formed felt beret with pheasant feather trim.
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The following new millinery designs caught my eye this week:

Such an interesting, modern take on a cloche in grey felt with upturned brim by Japanese milliner Nokku Boushi
Emerald and black jinsin stripes split disc hat with mass of feathers by Australian milliner Catherine Allen
Dusky pink rough-edged silk tulle and shell button headpiece by New York brand Suzanne Couture Millinery
Sleek midnight blue teardrop percher with two-toned silk ruffles by British milliner Bee Smith
Very handsome charcoal felt men’s hat with vintage bias striped tie hatband from US milliner Cassie MacGregor
Black sequin covered perchers with firey pink, red and orange draped trim from Dutch milliner Wies Mauduit
Wide brimmed statement pyramid with layered aqua ombre feathers by Australian milliner Cynthia Jones-Bryson
Eggplant purple felt cloche with fantastic black maze lace trim by British brand Atelier Millinery
From British brand Mind Your Bonce and embroiderer Heather Everitt, this tweed percher with exquisite moth trim

And from Australian millinery Renae Kohle who works under the Neigh Millinery label, this pale blue brimmed design with hydrangea and rose petals sandwiched within layers of the sinamay straw, trimmed with pearls.

Fascinating story about one of Queen Elizabeth’s former designers
Compelling advertisement scheduled to launch tomorrow in the UK, narrated by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Duke and Duchess of Sussex
Royal follower and regular commenter here, James Taylor, was recently interviewed on “Eye Up Notts” TV programme about this year’s exhibitions on Queen Victoria for the 200th anniversary of her birth (this 2-minute segment starts at 14:15)
We end the week (or, rather, start this new one!) with this moment of unadulterated joy- something that’s in short supply in many of our lives. Have a great week, everyone.

Photos from social media as indicated

12 thoughts on “This Week’s Extras

  1. I’m with you about the Nokku Boushi cloche for one of the younger Japanese princesses. Cloches seem to be their go-to shape, and this one has a lovely updated look.

    I was a little confused by the white spine on top of the Cynthia Jones-Bryson — a handle for carrying it? You are so right about the D of Co. Remember her pink feathered disc?

    Tweed for a percher is so unusual. What about for Camilla or Princess Anne at the Braemar games?

  2. Fascinating story about Ian Thomas. He seemed absolutely devoted to the Royal family. Also interesting to hear James (Taylor) speak about the Victorian era. Would have liked a longer interview on the subject.

    I really love the pale blue boater from Neigh Millinery with the silk leaves inserted. And thank you for featuring my Hatwalk Ladies!

  3. Great post today HQ. The article about Ian Thomas is very interesting, and the “Caught My Eye” Department is fantastic as always.
    Is HM’s hat a replacement for the following hat? The suit looks to be the same one, but I’m not sure. Apologies if this has been discussed in the past – I just don’t remember.

    September 7, 2008: Crathie Kirk
    Embed from Getty Images

      • Wies, the hat I posted was actually altered, THEN replaced by the one she wore yesterday. Apparently, the hat was worn out in the rain, and the brim shrank! Another example of something only seen in Scotland. The suit material looks very itchy – is it lined?

        September 2, 2012: Crathie Kirk (again)
        Embed from Getty Images

    • I have a sneaking suspicion that that these are two different off-white suits. Although it’s not particularly clear above, I believe the suit from September 2008 has dark buttons; the suit worn this week has light buttons.
      If you find pictures of off-white suits from the past 10 years, check the buttons, and check the collar. The suit this Sunday definitely has proper squared lapels, like a man’s suit. The material on the hat matches the suit exactly. The jacket from 2008 is slightly more rounded, I believe, and may have colored flecks, although I’m not 100% positive of anything I’m writing.

      • This is rather confusing! Different but similar suits, from (almost?) the same material, shrinking and altered hats! Anyhow, in answer to Jimbo, I think ALL Queen Elisabeth’s clothes are lined. Her hats may be too.

  4. What a remarkable article and photographs on Queen Elizabeth;s dressmaker, Ian Thomas. I love the gown worn by Princess Alexandra, and the framed embroidery on the Queen’s gown is exquisite.

    I love the video of Prince George watching football! He is a delight!

     – The Felicity Northeast charcoal textured straw percher would look lovely on Autumn Phillips.
     – I can see Princess Akiko or Princess Yoko in the grey felt cloche by Nokku Boushi. The color is lovely.
     – Fabulous design and color on the emerald and black jinsin stripes split disc hat by Catherine Allen. My first thought was that this style was something that Princess Marina, Duchess of Kent would wear, so I could see Zenouska Mowatt in it.
     – The Cassie MacGregor felt men’s hat would look great on Mike Tindall.
     – Love the black sequin covered perchers with firey draped trim by Wies Mauduit. I would love to see Princess Catharina-Amalia in the orange and pink one (second photo, middle hat).
     – Please let the Duchess of Cornwall find this outstanding wide brimmed statement pyramid hat with aqua ombre feathers by Cynthia Jones-Bryson! It is so light and airy!
     – Beautiful group of hats by Atelier Millinery. I think Lady Margarita or Lady Louise would look great in any of these.
     – I think Princess Isabella of Denmark would look lovely in the tweed percher with moth trim by Mind Your Bonce.

  5. Very interesting content and good reading as always, HQ.
    I was very happy to see HM in her silver-grey hat again, and also Princess Tsuguko in that wonderfully creative black-and-cream hat.
    I must admit that seeing the extraordinary new millinery designs you select every week is getting me excited for my country’s foremost racing event, the 4-day Melbourne Cup Carnival — which is on in 4 weeks’ time. 4 whole days of new millinery, including the national final of the Fashions in The Field competition! Pure bliss. No royals, alas. Although, we have had a smattering of royal visitors over the decades – (I believe Duchesses Camilla and Sarah, and Elizabeth Duchess of York have attended) — would that subject be worth a post, HQ? Here is Diana at the Melbourne Cup in 1985 (probably on Derby Day, when the dress code is black-and-white).
    Embed from Getty Images

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