Princess Beatrix Commemorates Putten Raid

On Wednesday, Princess Beatrix  attended the 75th commemoration of Putten Raid at Putten City Hall. Putten Raid occurred October 1, 1944 when Nazis deported almost all of the men of the village to concentration camps- of 602 taken, just 48 survived. For this memorial, Princess Beatrix wore a black straw hat with boater-style crown and a wide, kettle-edged brim with gentle sidesweep. The hat is trimmed with a hatband/cuff of black patent leather.

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From a distance, the brim binding plays with multiple layers of straw that forms a darker stripe (where layers are attached and overlap) and gossamer light edge. It’s an interesting design feature that we’ll just look at from a distance (closeup, it’s not as neat as it could be), appreciating the way it gives movement to the otherwise monochrome design The patent leather hatband offers the same and, I think, the hat is better for it.

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Designer: likely Susanne Moulijn
Previously Worn: unknown

Despite several searches through my archives, I’m not able to find a previous outing for this hat, making me suspect it’s a revised iteration of either this similar design, or this one.

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9 thoughts on “Princess Beatrix Commemorates Putten Raid

  1. Overall I really like the look of this hat and prefer it to the previous ones as it is more balanced with the shape. At first glance I thought the dark ring on the brim was a strip of patent leather, which I would like better than the actual execution of two layers of sinamay. Like others have said, usually the quality on Beatrix’s hats is very good, but this one is lacking a bit.

  2. I think the first variation given us (May 23, 2015) is the same hat, with the patent-leather tweaked a bit. The brims of both outings appear exact (the princess’s right side is flatter than the slightly up-turned left side), and the crowns seem the same. Not having an eye for balance as all of you out there, would the entire design be an improvement if the patent-leather band was halved? Its present wideness weighs down the whole affair, IMO. I agree with mcncln that its pairing with the cobalt ensemble is very pleasant to the eye.

  3. Not keen on the patent leather – a grosgrain ribbon would have provided a cleaner look that still shifted the texture and play of light.
    Typo alert – the Putten raid was in 1944, not 1922.

  4. I love this hat. The patent leather combined with the see-through straw gives an unusual but beautiful effect.
    I also like the earlier versions too, though today’s form is my preferred one, because it’s a nice change to see the Princess in a crown that isn’t extra wide.
    I do think that the high shine of patent leather en bloc, when worn on one’s head, is quite dramatic and can distract from the face — therefore it doesn’t easily combine with a plain black outfit. I feel more shine or strong colour is needed elsewhere in any outfit worn with this hat, for balance and to spread the focus. A shiny necklace and earrings would be a better choice with today’s ensemble– e.g. the pearl necklace and pearl earrings worn with the first earlier version of this hat style,on June 13, 2012.
    For a non-memorial service occasion, the pom-pom shawl worn with the second earlier version of this hat, on Feb 12, 2014 provides a terrific dramatic counterpoint, as does the cobalt dress worn on May 23, 2015.

  5. Maybe I just need to get used to it, but I’m just not taking a shine (pardon the pun) to that patent leather band. I do, however, like the “gossamer look” of the straw. And in looking at the other patent leather banded hats, I must say that I like them better than this one with all its bumps and knots. The beauty of patent leather is its smooth, shiny surface. *sigh* I just don’t think that belongs on one’s head!

    • I’m entirely in agreement. I’m not keen on the patent leather, but prefer the earlier hats to this one, which is definitely not well executed from up close.
      Always good to see Beatrix out and about, however.

  6. Strange — her hats are usually so tidy. But the black patent leather trim goes a long way in lightening the all-black ensemble.

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